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When Anne came home the next morning, Deville was the only one in the living room,he stared at her accusingly as she closed the door behind her,she walked past him,

“Where are you coming from?” She froze,the fear was back and this time Charles isn’t here to hold hands with her,she turned and he walked closer to her,

“Where are you coming from Anne?” This time his voice was sterner and angrier, he came closer and noticed the hickeys on her neck and that sent him mad and furious,

“You slept with him?” It was more of a statement than a question, she fidgeted and it got him angry when she didn’t answer him,so be dragged her with him and she cried,

“Deville, please listen to me,it isn’t what you’re thinking.” He didn’t pay attention to her pleas,she tried freeing Ber hands but his vril was tight and stern.She knew what was in for Ber and this time she’s guilty,he opened his room and pushed her inside then he closed the door behind them.Anne pleas woke the rest of the family up from their sleep,Mrs Phina and Cheryl were downstairs while Pearl was upstairs crying,she rushed to Deville’s door and knocked hard,

“Daddy!please open the door,don’t beat my mommy.” She knocked harder and harder but the door didn’t open,so she ran downstairs to meet her Grandma,

“Grandma,mommy is crying,she and daddy are fighting again.” Mrs Phina hugged the crying child while Cheryl came forward and held the child,

“Pearl,don’t worry nothing will happen to your mom and your dad loves her a lot to hurt her.” She carried the girl to her room,

“Why don’t you stay with Ace while your Granny and I handles everything.” She lay the girl on the bed,close to Ace who was sleeping and she closed the door on them.

“What happened?” Cheryl asked the older woman as she came out, Anne voice could still be heard but now it wasn’t as loud as it was earlier,

“I don’t know what going on with those two,” she sighed and shook her head,

“I overhead him asking her when she went to,but she didn’t reply then the next thing was him asking her whether she slept with him,still no reply and then this.” She spread her arms to indicate the this,Cheryl was shocked,

“I don’t think Anne would do something like that,she isn’t that loosed,Cheryl defended her best friend,

“I don’t know what to believe anymore.” Mrs Phina said,she was lost looking upstairs,

“What do you think he’ll do to her?” Cheryl asked,Anne’s voice has subsided,

“I don’t know,maybe he won’t hurt her,he as done that mistake once and won’t want to try it again.”

“I hope so.” Cheryl said.

Back in Deville’s room,he didn’t hit Anne or worst rape her like before,rather he asked her to undress in front of him,when she refused, he charged towards her and pulled her room the bed roughly,

“Deville please,don’t do this.” She cried,he dragged her to the bathroom and forcefully took off her clothes,leaving her stark naked,

“Deville it isn’t what you’re thinking,please don’t do this.” She pleaded,be stopped right in front of the bathtub,

“Then what is it if it isn’t what I’m thinking, tell me Anne!” She said nothing,only tears streaming down her eyes,he shook her vigorously,

“Tell me Anne!” She was still crying,

“Deville, I’m sorry.” He pushed her into the tub and put on the water,she was still crying but it fell on deaf ears.He got out of his clothes and got into the tub,it was a jacuzzi, so it took the both of them.

“Shush Anne,shush.” He wiped the tears from her cheek,he cupped her face with his big hands,

“I’ve made a vow to myself that I will never Burt you or do anything that will hurt you,” He said to her,

“I just want the truth alone,only the truth.Did you sleep with him?” He asked calmly, she nodded with a remorseful face,he gritted his teeth,clenched his feet and unclenched them,

“Why Anne? Why did you do it?”

“Deville, I’m sorry.” That was the only word she managed to say.He stretched his hand to the soap tray and brought one,he gave it to her,she took it from him looking at him confusedly,

“I want to watch him off your body.” He began,

“Anne,I love you a lot,even though you can’t see that side of me,you might see me as a monster but I’m really in love with you,you’ve made me realize what love really is.All those years you left me,I’ve done nothing more than to keep hoping that you’ll come back to me and I relived every moment by holding on to Pearl,she was what kept me going.I don’t want to lose you again,not to him and not to anyone else,please give me this one chance to prove how much I do love you,let me watch him off your body.” She nodded with a teary eyes and gave him the soap,he massaged her stark naked body with the soap,he came to her br**st and touched,as soft as it ever was,he brought his head between them and she closed her eyes and inhaled deeply,

“Deville, please stop.” She said in a whisper,he raised his head up and stared at her,

“Did he hurt you?” She shook her head,he got up and went to the other side of the tub,

“Why did you let him do it? Why did you allow him touch you?”

“Deville, I’m sorry.” She whispered to him.They stayed in the tub for awhile not talking,Anne’s continuous sniffling was the only sound that was heard, Deville stood up and came out of the bathtub,

“Let’s go.” He helped her out and carried her to his room,both of them stark naked.He lay her on the bed,got on it and covered themselves with the duvet,they were both naked but he didn’t touch her even though he was aching inside him,he didn’t want to force himself on her,he wants her to give herself to him readily. She slept off amidst the spooning and her constant sniffling but Deville didn’t sleep,he was awake thinking,

He’s going to pay for touching and and I’ll make sure to that,he’ll pay that I vow.

When he was sure that she was fast asleep,he went to his closet and got dressed,he left the room without making much noise.


“Deville.” His mom turned and he walked to her,she and Cheryl were the only ones in the living room,

“Son,what’s happening?” She asked him,quite confused at what going on between him and Anne,

“I need to finish up some issues at the office,I’ll tell you everything when I get home.” He hurried out leaving them confused,

“Mom,Anne is sleeping upstairs, no one should disturb her and tell Millie to serve her her food in bed.” He came back ,gave the instructions and left again.

“Should we go and see her?” Mrs Phina asked Cheryl,

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,let’s wait till she comes down.”

Deville drove to the hotel in great anger,he didn’t bother to stop at the reception, he went straight to Charles room and knocked,

“Who’s there?” Charles booming voice could be heard inside,he opened the door and Deville greeted him with a punch that sent him staggering back,

“Deville stop.” He shut him up with another punch which was followed by a slap,Charles’s nose and his lips bled,

“How dare you touch my Anne,how dare you.” He gave Charles another punch,pushed him to the floor and fed him with blows and slaps.Charles pushed Deville off him and sat up,Deville kicked him on his chest and pulled him up,

“Don’t you ever lay your hands on Anne again.” Charles pushed him,

“All this is because of Anne uh? Well sorry,I won’t leave even a piece of her for you,I would never leave Anne for a monster like you Deville, never!” Deville coiled and gave him one last slap which sent him on the floor,

“That would be at the expense of you damn life you bastard.” He walked out of the room.Charles stood up immediately Deville left,he sat on the chair and dialled hotel service,

“This is room 105,I need a first aid box now.” He kept the phone and clean his bleeding nose and lip with a tissue before the first aid box gets here.

Deville came out of the elevator, he didn’t even pay attention to the receptionist who was greeting him,he walked to his car and drove off to his office.When he got there,he wasn’t at ease,so be called his secretary Dianne,

“Dianne,to my office now.” Not long,she came running to him,

“Reschedule all my meeting to tomorrow, I’m going home now. He ordered,

“Sir,the manager from Howells are to meet with you today for the NBA project by two pm,should I reschedule that one too?” She asked him,he shook his head,he had almost forgotten about that one.

“And the distributors from Suppliers from West Indies are coming today,should I?”

“Set up a meeting with them tomorrow by….”

“Tomorrow is Saturday, sir.” She reminded him slightly amused at his recent forgetfulness,

“Yeah,” he rested on his seat but that didn’t give him comfort,

“Set them up at the Là Grande Hotel,we’ll meet there tomorrow by twelve noon.”

“Okay sir.

“How long will the meeting with Howells last?” He asked her,

“It will last for maybe three hours or thereabout sir.” He nodded,

“Okay,you can go.” She turned and left the office while Deville as irritated as he was already, he went into the mini room in his office and lay on the bed there.

After the meeting,Deville didn’t wait for another minute in his office,be got into his car and drove home straight. When be came home,Ace was in the living room, Cheryl and Mrs Phina were in the kitchen with Millie preparing dinner.Ace rushed to him,as tired as he was,he carried the little boy,

“How are you doing,liftle man?” He was laughing,always love it when Deville calls him that,

“Mommie and grannie are in the kitchen with Minnie and Aunty Anne isn’t at home.” Devi gasped,

Where had she gone to?

He kept the little boy on the seat and rushed upstairs to her room,she wasn’t there and there was no one in Pearl’s room,so be went to his room,there she was.She was lying down on the bed and Pearls was sleeping beside her,he heaved a sigh of relief,

“How are you?” He asked her,she sat up,stared at him for awhile before nodding,

“What’s the problem?” He asked her sitting beside her and cupping her face,

“Why did you hurt Charles?” She said to him not loud enough so Pearl won’t wake up.He went behind her and sat down,spreading his leg so she’ll be between him,

“I hurt him because he touched you.” She turned to him,bring her face an inch from his,

“But….” He closed the gap between them and brought his face to her neckline,

“Don’t say anything Anne.” He whispered and kissed her sleek collar bone,his kiss was electrifying,

“Anne give me this one chance to prove to you how much I love you.” He brought his head to her upper br**st and kissed her,

“I promise I won’t hurt you.” He slid the hand of her lingerie and kissed her bare br**st,she moaned slowly then Pearl stirred and he stopped,

“Deville,Pearl is going to wake up soon.” She warned in a whisper,he smiled mischievously,

“Shhhhhh.” He carried her up from the bed and entered the bathroom,

“Let’s shower together.” Her face dissolved into a smile,they stepped into the tub with him and they had efficient s£x in the tub.

When Pearl woke up,she couldn’t find her mom,she searched the room but Anne wasn’t there and was about going outside when she heard low giggles from the bathroom, she went to the bathroom door and knocked,

“Mommy,are you in there?” She asked,

“Deville,Pearl’s awake now,I’ve to go to her or else she’ll get worried.” Anne said to him,he had in arms around her and his legs enterwined with hers,

“Sunshine,stay there,mommy will be out soon.” He said,so Pearl would hear,Anne hits him playfully on his broad chest,

“Stop talking.” She frowned while Deville couldn’t help but play with her cheeks as she frowned,

“Why? You don’t want her to know you’re in here with me uh?” She struggled free and stood up to get dressed,Deville kissed her butt as she walk past him,

“Naughty dad.” She said to him,wore her lingerie and left him,wrapping his towel around her wet hair.Pearl wasn’t in the room when she came out,so she lay on the bed but wasn’t sleeping.Awhile later,she felt a tickle on her left feet,then the right one,she sat up and saw Deville smiling impishly, he was putting on anything,

“Deville, why are you still naked?” She asked him almost laughing at his silliness, he jumped on the bed and got under the duvet with her,

“If you hadn’t carried my towel,I would have had something to wrap myself with.” He took the towel from her hair but didn’t wrap himself up,he threw on the floor and cuddled her,just then the door opened and someone walked in.

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