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****EPISODE 6****


Jide didn’t reply immediately, he just


stretched forth his hand to pick up the remote where it sat. After which he started pressing its buttons, midway in the act he spoke:


‘Mrs Olukoya’ he drawled sarcastically ‘the kitchen is over there through the dining and the bedroom is in the hallway behind that curtain’ he continued pressing the buttons of the remote without as much as a glance towards Daisy.


‘Besides…’ he continued ‘since this is technically now your home, I expect you do the maths yourself and explore it the way you explored the exterior’ he completed, then placed the remote by his side, and stretched himself on the chair, a sign that she was dismissed.


Daisy said nothing, so he had noticed? This was the longest he had ever spoken to her since this issue started a month ago, but then again, they hardly knew eachother well before the whole marriage ish began.


she quietly bent down, picked up her shoes and walked out of his presence to go start her ‘exploration’


Jide still didn’t move, he felt his temper rising and was fighting hard to control it. What was it about her that angered him so? He couldn’t



fathom, It wasn’t worth the trouble now, he mused waving his hands mentally.


Daisy feet took her first to the kitchen, she was really hungry and any


food she saw now would be jackpot. But she was disappointed, the kitchen


was sparkling clean, but no food was in sight. She only saw an unopened


bag of rice, but didn’t see any accompanying ingredient, but then she couldn’t


possibly cook now! Considering the time and the dress she was still wearing. Just


then another issue hit her, what was she going to wear after she bathed? All her


clothes were over at the family house in Victoria Island. This is gonna be a long


night, she said to herself.


Thinking about this, she walked out into the dining, there she saw some beverages


on the table, immediately then she wished she had braved up to tell Jide to buy that


bread back then on the road. Oh well, she should be grateful for this atleast. She


made herself a cold cup of tea after which she walked down to go explore the






The hallway was dimly lit, they were four doors, two on both sides, Daisy wondered which, was the supposed bedroom, well explore he had said, and explore she would.


She went over to the door at her left, it was locked, ‘can’t be this’ she said, then over to the right door opposite she went, the door gave in without a sound, she peeped inside, it was the bedroom. ‘quick luck’ she said as she walked in.


The room was sparsely decorated, the walls were painted white, a huge bed loomed in front of her, a large dressing mirror was close by and few steps away was the wardrobe. The room was neat, like every other part of the house, he must be a neatness freak she concluded.


Few minutes later, Daisy came out of the adjoining bathroom, draped in a towel that hardly covered her, it was all she could find. The problem


of what to wear resurfaced. She looked at the disgusting pile of her wedding gown.


‘Ain’t gonna be that’ she muttered and marched to the wardrobe for more exploration.


Few minutes later she was on Jide’s T.shirt and walking down the hallway to the parlor. Shontelle’s ‘Nothing but your T.shirt on’ song was


playing in her mind. She found herself humming the song, Inspite of her


situation, well it described her perfectly she thought. She was totally


Unclad under this huge shirt of Jide’s and oddly, she felt good about it,


his perfume, though faint, exuding from the shirt did wonders to her


nerves and she found herself thinking that everything might just be fine


afterall. Maybe she was feeling a little s£xy too. This made her smile.


Daisy was a huge suckker for music, she didn’t just love the rhythm, she


paid attention to the lyrics even learnt it. Every song, she had


reasoned address every life’s experience, you just had to know when to


apply them and let the song massage and soothe your nerves. Her love for


music was so great that her mum her teased about it wondering why she


wanted to read nursing instead of music. That was long ago before she


passed away.


Daisy was now in the parlor, the light were switched off. Though light from the windows illuminated it lightly. Jide was now sleeping and snoring away though not loudly, he had moved to the bigger chair and, television was off.


‘So he even snores’ she said to herself ‘behind all those handsomeness’ she giggled walking to the kitchen.


In the kitchen, she stood, momentarily lost on why on why she had come.


Then it hit her. Juice! She came searching for juice. She walked to the fridge and opened it quickly.


Nothing! Just a few can of Star beer. She looked around, soon she was at the cupboard that hung up, even as she searched vigorously she knew it was futile. Whoever kept juice in cupboard she thought resignedly.


She was a bundle of nerves now, So much for feeling s£xy and good a while ago. The night couldn’t get any worse!


Daisy leaned upon the cooking platform, she felt a tear drop, this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. How was she going to survive this Night when the cravings began, ‘juice craziness’ her mum had referred to it.


Whatever it was, she never skipped it, the consequences were grave. But now she would, on her wedding night of all nights! She pitied herself and hated the love which so clouded her senses.


Minutes later when she walked past the sleeping Jide towards the hallway leading to the bedroom, she wished that none of her friends or family would ever dare gamble with love and take the chance her foolish self did.



To be continued……….


By Oden Green





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