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****EPISODE 4****


The drive home at half past eight was not smooth sailing, Jide was very angry and irritable all through, he cursed and yelled at any motorist who was unfortunate enough to make a reasonable mistake, or those that were not in line with Jide’s ‘driving rules’. He shouted at hawkers who came to sell their wares at his window and screamed abusive words at motorcyclist who flooded the road.


‘Does it look like I need bread or anything?’ he yelled at one of the hawkers who displayed bread on his window during the ‘hold-up’ ‘Okay make I call the guy wey dey sell champagne’ the bread seller replied innocently.


The guy had noticed that he was speaking to newly wed’s, even though all



the decorations on the car were gone and the ‘Just wedded’ insignia that was pasted at the number plate of the car, had been ripped off by Jide and tore into uncountable pieces.


‘You must be very Stupid’ Jide shouted hitting his hands on the wheel


‘Abeg oga take am easy, no be marry, you just marry’ the seller replied angrily. Jide wanted to come down and beat the lights out of the guy if not that


the traffic jam they were in just cleared and the car in front of him had moved on, while those at his back started their impatient horn.


‘God saved you’ he screamed at the guy through his window before driving off.


‘I don’t know why this riff rats are allowed to stay on the roads to become such nuisance’ he muttered angrily under his breath.


Daisy was calmly seated at the other side, she would have loved the bread, at the mention of which her stomach churned, she had only eaten a hurried breakfast before the church service, and then there was that cake that almost choked her and a little wine she drank after the toast. That was all the meal she had eaten today.


But she dared not mention it to Jide ears else he would turn her into white bread either verbally or physically.


One thing she had learned about her husband was that he had a very bad temper which can make him irrational and impulsive, whether he regretted his actions later was one fact she didn’t know or wish to know.


She wondered what kind of newly wed’s drove home by this time, but then, her wedding wasn’t the conventional type, it was fraught with scandals and dramas, everybody in the Olukoya’s family were angry, all except her offcourse, she was now part of the family indeed, this thought made her smile briefly, she caught herself and cast a side glance at the man who was now her husband, even now, she reasoned, he looked devilish and handsome- if ever a combination like that existed, that lips which had attracted and seduced her in the picture were now curved in a frown, she concluded that he had obviously eaten for him to have all the will power to stay angry.




Her stomach was seriously rioting, none of the assorted meals that were cooked at the wedding tasted her lips.


She just hoped she could find something to eat at the new home which


awaits her. A home she was visiting for the first time.




Daisy woke up with a start, how long she had been sleeping she couldn’t tell, she had slept off in between all her musing, she looked out of the window to discover that they were no longer on the busy road, they were on a street with identical houses on both sides, the houses were predominantly bungalows with few scattered one-storey buildings, they were patterned the same nevertheless, must be an estate she thought and stole a glance at Jide.


He was driving slowly now and his face didn’t hold so much scowl and anger it had some while ago. Whatever calmed him down she thought. Unknown to her, while she was sleeping, her gown had tumbled around her in disarray and her hair carelessly strewn around her face, the pins that held them up had fallen since, Jide had gazed at her, she looked


prettier to him when she was asleep, all traces of sadness gone from her face. A sadness he knew he contributed in, even caused. The neckline of her gown had shifted a bit exposing her cleavage, they were lovely, just the size he liked, something in between big and small. Immediately he caught himself, not liking the path his thoughts were taking. He felt guilt for admiring a woman whom he had plainly shown he hated, ‘well, she’s supposed to be my wife’ he defended, but deep down he knew that he didn’t really hate her, he was angry over the fact that she allowed herself to be manipulated by his family, he should be justified for the anger he felt at everyone-his family and even his wife…what was her name again…Daisy. And so he forced himself to concentrate on the road. Not long after, Daisy had woken up.


The car stopped in front of a black gate, Jide horned severally, no response, he was getting impatient and his temper was ascending. Daisy felt like cursing whoever it was that didn’t open the gate.


To be continued………..





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