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****EPISODE 24****


It would have been appropriate were the


circumstances different, like


maybe she was in a beach at the States or at one somewhere in Lagos. But right now, it was a ‘No no’. These were Jide’s friends, friends whom she was meeting for the first time. And what was it they say about first impression?


Daisy sighed and wished Jide would get the inkling to lead them out of the


compound to anywhere, but the impression she got with the way they


relaxed on the tennis table sipping their juice as if that was their only care in the


world! She knew to wish otherwise.



She couldn’t possibly wait it up for She was tired of swimming and the morning sun was turning harsh already.


‘Phew!’ Daisy finally said and braved up for the passage.




‘What is it you say Jide?’ one of the guy named Dave asked, feigning annoyance. He was fair with a huge in stature but wasn’t any older or


taller than his other friends.


‘Yeah dude, you stood us up yesterday just to rush home and do what?’ another chipped in, he was named Dele, dark complexioned and lesser in body build of the three friends but wasn’t shorter or older nonetheless.


‘Guys relax, I just didn’t feel like clubbing, that’s all’ Jide replied. He wasn’t in the mood to argue. Theirs was a relationship that had flourished and became stronger months after his wedding. He wasn’t one to keep close friends, but these guyz were exceptional, that was offcourse, if you ruled out annoying and pain in the a.rse Ade, he was exceptional at irritating him. But even he had some worth in his life being his first ever friend anyways, Jide concluded.


‘…Are you even listening to us?’ Dele asked, he’d noticed Jide distant look ‘Lets just settle this with few rounds of basketball’ Jide offered. ‘Count me out man’ Ade said without looking up from his phone.


‘Basketball or whatever! you missed! the club was hotter than fire yesterday!’ Dele continued, he was the more chatty of the friends.


‘Yeah, and that girl you hit on last week asked of you’ Dave put in.


‘Fuck! these foolish girls don’t know what a night stand meant’ Jide said irritated.


‘Grace sure gave her a run for her money too’ Dele replied.


‘Grace was there?’ Jide asked.


‘Question’ Ade cut in irritated.


Grace and he had kicked off their relationship a month after his


wedding, getting more intense after that night he’d sent Daisy out of his study. Although he had let her know that he couldn’t offer more, she’d hanged on with the hope that she would eventually reclaim her position, when he divorced Daisy, she’d


been sure it would happen.


Even if he had believed it would definitely happen then, he didn’t anymore. Not with the way he was getting these days.


‘Now we know why he stood us up!’ Ade exclaimed suddenly.



Daisy was passing through then, draped in a pink scarf that hardly hid the blue bikini she was wearing underneath. Every eyes followed Ade’s as


it travelled and rested on Daisy.


‘Hi’ Daisy waved shyly and walked faster into the house. She had hoped that they would be engrossed in their discussion to notice her. Obviously not.


Silence followed her departure and no one had replied her greeting. ‘Man! that chick is hot!’ Ade exclaimed breaking the silence. ‘And in that chick, you mean Jide’s wife?’ Dave asked


‘Yes, one and only…uhm..Daisy, yes Daisy! Gosh I had almost forgotten about her!’ Ade answered.


‘But then, Jide hardly spoke about her’ Dele quipped in ‘…that we so forgot that he was even a married man!…’ he continued.


Jide didn’t join in the discussion, he wasn’t even listening, he was


angry at Daisy for daring to appear clad shabbily while his friends were


around, did she think this was America? He’d had no idea that she had been


swimming, maybe he’d have tried to distract them somehow. He was also angry at


his friends. They had immediately switched topics, no more discussing about his


absence at the club, but now discussing Daisy like she was why they came. And


Ade who had seemed nonchalant minutes ago, was now an oracle of information,


supplying details about the marriage to the other guys.


They had not attended the wedding, they probably didn’t get the information then.


‘I will go for her to see…’ Ade was saying.


‘Go for who?’ Jide cut in.


Everyone fell silent. Mischievous expression on their faces, Ade was even gloating.


Jide wished then that he had paid attention to what they’d been saying. ‘Well, Ade was filling us on how the marriage…’ Dele offered ‘I didn’t employ you to discuss my life or…’ Jide cut in angrily.

‘Oh man, please relax, its no big deal…’ Ade said and shrugged.


‘It’s not your f**king business!’ Jide replied angrily.


’Tis mine big time’ Ade replied ‘…and don’t come up acting like some jealous husband, cos we both know that


you don’t even care’. Ade replied, He always enjoyed making Jide angry. ‘What do you even know about me?’ Jide was fast losing his temper


‘I know enough to know that nobody can even guess you’re married, so just chilax okay!’ Ade retorted.


‘Am gonna hit…’


‘Relax Jide, no need to hit someone here. And Ade you shouldn’t push further, its really none of your business’ Dave intercepted. The word exchange was threatening to blow up.


‘Whatever man’ Ade replied unrepentant and moved away from the group.


‘Your offer’s still up?’ Dave asked.


‘Basketball you mean’ Jide replied trying to calm his temper ‘No way that is happening, we ain’t clay, the sun…’ Ade cut in ‘Just f**king shut up else I hit you good this time…’Jide said


angrily walking towards Ade now, But Dave restrained him. Ade put the phone he’d been pressing into his pocket, and waited for the showdown. ‘Can you guyz get a hold of yourself, we ain’t chicks for crying out loud!’ Dave said angrily.


Dele Laughed all of a sudden. All attention turned to him.


‘Sorry guyz, I quite find everything funny’ Dele said another bout of laughter threatening to escape any moment.


They ignored him, it was a thing with him, silly things amused him and he never even tried to control himself.


Jide shrugged off Dave’s retraining hand and walked towards the house. He would one day show Ade that this irritating attitude of his, would get him beaten, and he wouldn’t let go without drawing a blood or two from his annoying lips. Why was the guy always on his skin anyways? He cursed bitterly.


Dave and Dele followed him, Ade trotting behind.




The guys sat in the parlour, their attention focused on a football match showing on Supersports, a glass of wine sat on each side tool.


Their faces didn’t hold any trace of the previous brawl, instead, anticipation etched on their faces as their body moved in line with every shot, players in the match took.


The fragrant of a perfume caught Jide’s attention, turning around, he saw Daisy at the Dining, she was picking up something. Her phone probably. He’d seen it there earlier and had….it didn’t matter anyways.


Soon, all their attention were on her as she walked towards them. The clock showed the time to be past eleven.



Daisy was casually dressed in a blue body fitted top and black jean. She also hung a matching bag, evidence that she was unmistakenly going out. Jide thought she looked breathtaking.


Daisy stopped midway and smiled shyly. She was nervous and prayed that her stutterring didn’t betray her now.


‘Uhm hi… I unavoidably need to be somewhere…so I’d be seeing you guyz another time?’ she asked and smiled very unsure.


Without waiting for their response, she headed out, without as much as a glance towards Jide.


As before, they momentarily fell silence. A shout by the commentator, jolted them out of their inertia, Dave and Dele returned their attention to the match but Jide couldn’t. He was boiling with a rage he couldn’t understand.


Ade stood up then, smiled and rushed out of the parlour. Eyes trailed his exit then settled back on the match.


Minutes later, Ade returned, he smiled mischievously and settled contentedly on the settee. Curious eyes turned to him again.


‘So?’ Dele asked impatiently when Ade didn’t seem forthcoming.


Ade grinned. ‘what else man, I got her number’ He said and returned his gaze to the match. He didn’t notice the angry look plastered on Jide’s face nor the amusement etched on the face of Dave and Dele.


‘And what do you intend to do with it?’ Jide asked angrily.


‘Oh chilax dude, I plan on taking up your offer, remember?’ Ade replied nonchalantly, his eyes fixed on the tele.


‘You are gonna get it one day’ Jide retorted angrily, hauling his fist at Ade ‘Whatever man’ Ade replied, hardly paying Jide a glance.


silence fell on the group once more, as everyone relaxed, each man to his thoughts.


They focused their attention to the football match. The Saturday was sadly turning


into ruins for the four friends.





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