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****EPISODE 13****


‘Hello!’ the voice at the other end


screamed, Daisy pushed the phone away from her ear to curtail the noise. She definitely knew who it was.


‘Jeez Bren, you don’t wanna bust my ear drums now, do you?’ Daisy replied smiling while she sat down on one of the dining chairs.


‘Spare me that Bullshit! ‘ave been searching your number for days now’ came the reply.


‘And who let the cat out of the bag?’


‘It was quite a search, I had to call Mama’s house and the housekeeper gave me her Nigeria number and then I called there, then she gave me your number, Jeez Dee, why didn’t you call me since you left?’


‘Maybe because it was pissed at you’ Daisy replied.


‘Oh Dee, you know I wouldn’t miss your wedding for anything in the world, but my exams…’


‘Got you!’ Daisy screamed ‘how I love every chance I get to make you whine like a dog’


‘Oh you! You know I would squeeze your neck for this if I get you’ the other said playfully.


‘You gotta catch me first then’ Daisy giggled. She really loved. Brenda,they were the very best of friends infact they were ‘BFFs’. It


was indeed her Master exams which coincidentally fell on her wedding day that stopped her from coming, she understood.


‘So how was the wedding?’ Brenda asked.


‘So and so’ Daisy replied, that question changed her countenance.


‘And what’s that supposed to mean?’


‘Lets just say it would have been bearable if you had been there with me’ Daisy said, her tone laced with sadness, her eyes instinctively travelled to the album on the chair.


‘Oh Dee, like I knew that dude ain’t worth the sacrifice, but you were so bent on your shortsighted perspective of love and affection, it beats me to know how…’


‘Really Brenda, I don’t think you called to tell lash and ‘I told you so’ did you?’ Daisy cut in angrily


‘Chilax girlfriend, I don’t wanna fight with you over the phone, I missed you that’s why I called’


‘Well okay, forgive me, I missed you too’.


Silence on both sides.


‘That reminds me I saw Peter the other day…’ Brenda was saying. ‘Am a married chick now!’ Daisy cut in. Peter was her Ex-boyfriend ‘Oh puleaseee, spare me’ Brenda replied stressing the ‘please’ They both laughed.


‘Talking about marriages, have you and your hubby done the deal, you know what I mean’ Brenda said


‘Yeah right’ she scoffed ‘that dude would rather beat me into a pulp than make sweet love to…’


‘Oh no he didn’t!’ cut in Brenda with an alarmed tone.


‘Jeez sister, I was trying to make an expression here’ Daisy replied exasperated.



‘That better be, cos I know that man ain’t tripping if he don’t want me to be all over his face’


This made Daisy smile, she knew Brenda was capable of all that drama, she was, as Mama referred to her ‘agaracha Ibo’, she could really cos a drama when she set her mind to it unlike the calm and docile Daisy.


‘He wouldn’t dare’ Daisy said ‘not when you are there’ They both laughed.


‘I really miss Boston, you, the Hospital… everything …even Peter’ Daisy was sober now.


‘I know, you don’t know how I feel too, you are married now and can’t come back…’


‘Don’t be too sure about that’


‘It still won’t feel the same, you know, am thinking of coming back finally to


Nigeria, mother Africa calls’


‘Not you too!’


‘America holds no more splendor for me, I wanna be close to my friend and family’


‘I can’t wait for you then, it will be just like old times’ ‘Keep your fingers crossed girlfriend’


‘They are most definitely’ Daisy said. The two friends were really nostalgic. Daisy heard a knock just then. She cursed silently, when would this people stop springing up on her?


‘A knock Bren, I’d just go get it then…’


‘Oh no, I gotta go too, will call you tomorrow’.


‘Okay Bren, don’t forget to. I’ll Miss you’.


‘I’ll miss you too, byeee’ Brenda said and cut the call.


Daisy felt so alone now and wasn’t curious to know who was knocking, the drama of today was overwhelming and she didn’t need more.


She slowly stood up to go see who it was that was knocking louder now. ****************


Daisy walked unsteadily towards Jide’s study, it had taken all the strength she could, to actually make this move. The photographer had to


be paid, he would be coming on Saturday; there was practically nothing in the house to eat and She couldn’t possibly starve!


Her resolution firmer, she got to the door but hesitated some seconds before knocking softly, like the door would bite if she knocked any louder.


No response from inside.


She was about knocking again when she heard Jide’s voice.


She opened the door gently and stepped in standing an inch from door, she however made no move to go further.


Jide had been writing when he heard the knock, he was surprised ‘cos he knew there was only one person in the house who would be knocking & he was curious to know what she wanted.


Now she was standing at the door and didn’t seem to want to come any further, she was holding something like a parcel, he wasn’t sure what it


was, she didn’t say anything either, she just stood lost in thought and glancing round his room.


He considered the woman that stood before him, she was pretty, though not any prettier than his girlfriend. Grace qualified now as an ex, he thought drily, they should be of the same height he guessed, she was 26, he remembered his grandmother had said when he had inquired of her age, then he had accused her of wanting to get him hooked with an immature girl, but now as he examined her in that shirt of his she had annoyingly


decided to turn into her nightwear, she wasn’t immatured in any way,


she had the curves at the right places with that bossom of hers that was guaranteed to drive him mad if he ever let his guards down, she was all feminine and any man would appreciate that she was their wife, but that


man wasn’t him, she wasn’t his hand picked choice, she was forced on him through treachery and manipulation of his family and that grandmother of his whom he had loved dearly but obviously not anymore,


she had betrayed his love and trust in the most unforgivable way.


Jide anger rose automatically when he considered all this, he turned now to the document on his table, if Daisy was going to stand there forever, he would gladly watch her do so.


Daisy stood lost in her perusal of the study now turned Jide’s bedroom. It didn’t look homely to her, it had a bed jammed to the wall at one side and a shelf stacked with books at the other, jide was perched on a chair and an adjoining desk, writing ‘who knows what’. Daisy wondered


why a warm blooded handsome hunk would decide to camp in this unromantic crib, when a s£xy willing damsel waited with open arms just a room away, eager to fulfill his fantasies. She smiled at her silly thoughts



and caught herself, realizing only then that she had been standing at the door without uttering a word. She looked at Jide now, he had


continued writing and the expression on his face made all her earlier thought and strength shrivel and in place was an unexplainable fright.


‘Hi’ she said softly.


Jide continued writing, without a glance on her way.


His coldness got to her and she looked down at the picture album she was holding. (Join Group) Another painful silence.


‘Daisy, what do you f**king want?’ Jide asked angrily, he wasn’t sure he could ignore her forever again, her presence was making him uncomfortable to his chagrin and he just wanted her miles away, if he didn’t want to lose concentration or let his guards fall!


Daisy flinched at his tone and her face became all sober and sulky like she would break down in tears the next minute.


Jide noticed her facial expression and even though he wasn’t sure if it was real or faked, it affected his anger, he found it melting down that he couldn’t keep it up, this scared him more and now he really wanted her to be off and done with.


‘I don’t think you set out to come showcase yourself to me this evening, so say what you want and be off from my presence’ he said, his tone however held not the trace of anger it had before. Daisy, finding strength in his renewed tone spoke:


‘Uhm, sorry to disturb, but I uhm…the wedding photographer came today and he…uhm, you know he wanted…uhm, money for the pictures he brought in today and I don’t…’ she was stammering, her face down all the


while, she did so whenever she was nervous.


Jide was amused by the way she was speaking, it showed she wasn’t all that strong and resilient as she had shown, he resolved to make it harder for her.


‘Don’t you feel silly, standing there and talking to me about pictures of a wedding you know I don’t care about?’


Daisy stared at him now ‘I…I…well…the man said on Saturday…I told him..uhm…promised him that his money…but my bank…’



Jide was trying hard to stifle a laugh, that was surprising. Daisy was amusing him silly with all her stammering, he didn’t remember her to have speech problems, and he thought that the faster she was gone, the better for him.




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