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****EPISODE 20****


Daisy gently opened the door to Jide’s study, she simply couldn’t take it anymore.


All her insides were on fire and she desperately needed liberation.


She felt like one in need of water after 3 months of thirst in the


Sahara desert! The only rational thought in her head right now, was to take another desperate chance with Jide. At the state she was in, she could go at any length to



quench this flame that threatened to consume her, even if it meant her crawling on her knees.


Three painful months had passed, where Daisy had indeed lived in a


fiercer desert than Sahara. If she had ever imagined that she would be strong enough to remain celibate till Jide came around, she was highly mistaken. For now, Daisy’s desire was finally ruling her senses, while


her once proud and irresolute feet were leading her to another dare


game, she was going to try her luck with Jide, even if it meant a ‘one night stand’.


The door gave in easily as if it urging her on. Jide raised his head


where it had bowed under his hands and stared at the intruder with disbelief and anger. Not you now! he thought angrily.


He had been arguing with Mama on the phone over a discrepancy in the last shipment, formally it wouldn’t have called for raised voices. But for the fact that the two were still nursing hurt & anger over the wedding incidence, temper had risen and smokes had puffed out of the heated argument they had had.


So much so that Jide hadn’t heard Daisy soft knocks.


Daisy stood transfixed, that angry look of his always had a way of


turning her paralytic everytime. She felt ashamed immediately, more by the skimpy nightwear she adorned than with the knowledge of what she had come for.


It was the ‘wrongest’ time for Daisy to hatch her week long plan.


‘Daisy what do you want?’ Jide almost barked at the inappropriately clad woman who was so not unconnected with the heated argument of minutes ago. ‘I…I…I…came for you…you. .to .know…’Daisy had relapsed to her


nervous stuttering. She felt like crying.


‘Really now, am not in the mood to hear you stammer like some crazy person, say what you want and be out of my goddam face!’ Jide cut in. He was at boiling point. ‘Am sorry’ Daisy simply said in a teary tone. Where was his anger coming from again? she’d thought it was fast fading away after 3 months. Even though they weren’t normal couples that conversed in conjugal companionship, they weren’t exactly enemies too. So what had happened?


‘Sorry! is that what you came here dressed like some cheap girl to tell me!’ Jide shouted angrily.


The voice had frightened Daisy and in panic she screamed ‘no!’


‘For jeez sake tell me what it is then!’ Jide screamed again, his temper totally lost.



‘I came to ask if you could spend the night with me’ Daisy replied shaken, her heads bowed.


Jide’s wicked laugh stunned Daisy who looked up at him, hot Tears burned at her eyes.


‘Not only are you pathetic, you are also d–n shameless!’ Jide replied with all the venom he could muster.


So this was how God had chosen to comfort him for the way the wicked plotters had snatched his life away from him! Their very docile puppet was standing right there, craving a night with him! He would definitely make the most of it. Now was the time to bite off a sizable chunk of flesh, an opportunity to hit back at Mama and his father. He wouldn’t fail to drain dry the cup of opportunity.


‘Please’ the highly shamed and hurt Daisy cooed softly.


Jide snorted, so now she’d resorted to begging? Grim luck it was.


‘Kindly take your pitiable and cheap self outta my sight while you still


have an iota of dignity left’ he retorted, the venom very well still in his voice.


‘Please Jide’ Daisy cried softly.


Jide gave a wicked smile.


‘Obviously, my manipulative and overbearing grandmother forgot to tell you about this part, did she? Neither did your narrow and shallow mind imagined it would come to this. This here is reality sting Daisy! I cannot bear to lay my hands on an irrational forced filth like you. This is not some African magic shit, you know, so get it into your


foolish and over the cloud brain that you weren’t my choice for a wife, not then, not now, not ever! Okay! He finally shouted.


‘Please’ Daisy cried again. This time however, She wasn’t pleading to be laid again, she was pleading for help, for comfort, for love from anyone out there.


‘You obviously enjoy it the hard way then, don’t you?’ Jide replied


without a trace of pity, stood up, held Daisy by the arm and pushed her out of his study.


‘Go please yourself out there!’ he shouted and banged the door, making sure she held the sound of his door, lock.


He was feeling really satisfied for she definitely shared in the plot and scheming and this was her own dose. Anyone who cared, could call it



transfered aggression or nemesis, it just didn’t matter. What mattered was the fact that he hadn’t felt any better than he did tonight.


‘You most definitely reap what you sow’ he said happily to himself and strolled back to his seat.


Out in the hallway, Daisy dragged her pitiable self slowly to her room. She


couldn’t control her tears. None had ever treated her this way in all her miserable existence, not even her parents who had abandoned her when she needed them the most.


‘Oh, my poor poor miserable life!’ she cried.


On her bed later on, the foolishness of her very earlier decision hit her like a tornado. Marriage wasnt like what you see in the movies, nor read in harlequin romance series, it was deeper than that, love and


friendship should be topmost, the exact items that were so lacking in theirs.


This realization left her torn and heartbroken.







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