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****EPISODE 21****


If Jide had felt remorse after how he treated Daisy, he didn’t show it neither did Daisy see it. Infact it became a catalyst to a side of him,


Daisy had never seen. He started keeping late nights, he hardly ate the food Daisy kept for him and reduced the amount of money he dropped for house upkeep on Saturdays.


Daisy, already a shadow of her cheerful self, didn’t seem to notice the reduction in money, while the late nights were a blessing to her. They meant she could be free from his tortuous presence for a little while. She would gladly return the untouched meal to the kitchen and replace with another on the morrow, So far he kept his distance. She had withdrawn into an impenetrable shell, frightened stiff of Jide, his anger and temper.


She would prepare his breakfast earlier than usual and resign into her room, coming out only when she was sure he had left for work.


And at night, she would retire to her room after she had placed his food on the dining, resurfacing again when she was sure he had retired to his room. Anything she could, just to blot out the pain and trauma of that faithful night.


She couldn’t face him anymore, she would always cringe in pain and shame


whenever their paths accidentally met. Jide, on his part would make sure she saw


him gloating. So she made it a


business to avoid him at all cost.


The saying that ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ didn’t pertain to her, what Daisy craved was a haven where she could nurse her scorn, not vent her fury.


Every scales that had previously clouded her eyes, were falling down now in painful places. She lived only to eat, watch whatever programme the cable stations dished, make her weekly trips to


Aguda market, for she loved to hear the market women call her ‘Iyawo America’ because of her slight American accent, she would light up a smile or two then. Daisy had no friend in the neighbourhood, she carefully avoided making friends with the women who called out to her or tried to start a conversation whenever she decided to take a stroll round the estate, she


just didn’t want their pity or companionship. Their lives were rosy as it was, they didn’t need to rub it in.


Sometimes, she found herself wishing Brenda was in the country, even Peter her ex too. For they where pretty close nevertheless their failed


relationship. The distant correspondence through calls didn’t satiate her longing to once more be in the company of those who loved and cherished her. She missed Mama too, but sometimes, she felt anger


towards her. She reasoned that mama had also contributed to her present plight. At times, Jumoke, Jide’s sister would come calling, Daisy appreciated


her visits but it didn’t change much, the two women seemed worlds apart, one was 22, the other 26.


Daisy had once considered working at any hospital to atleast change environment, but she didn’t know how to go about the job search, so it eventually remained at the thought and wish level.


These traced the mundane existence of Daisy after that night’s event, it was like an eye opener that demoralized her for quite a while. **********************


Okon had also noticed how withdrawn Daisy seemed these days, but reserved his comment. Even though he liked his cheerful and hospitable Madam, he couldn’t help but wonder where she appeared from. The only girlfriend of Jide he knew and had met occasionally was Grace. Then when



did the love affair of Daisy and Jide bloom to the extent they ended up married? he wondered.


He guessed it was an arranged marriage or something reasonably close. Judging by the fact that the couples lived apart, there was no other reason he could fathom. The little he had learnt about her from the few conversations they had revealed that she had lived in America and was a nurse before she came down to get married. He pitted her, she was too pretty and nice (for he always got a meal after every clean up) to have accepted a marriage that was only making her sad. But since pity and worrying wasn’t part of his job description, he let it slide.


To be continued…..


By Oden Green






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