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****EPISODE 8****


…… ……


‘It’s gone now, am okay. Twas because I missed my nightly dose of juice’ she said in truth, maybe all of Mama’s rant had somehow paid off afterall. ‘Juice? but there was more than enough at the wedding and You should have told Jide to get you some…’


‘Yeah right’ Daisy snorted cutting into Mama speech. she wont be surprise if she got acid instead.


Mama was still looking her over, she’s like a mother then when it concerns Daisy’. ‘Mo wa pa!’ (I am gallant) Daisy exclaimed in a funny Yoruba accent and hugged Mama.


‘You should worry about the clothes I will wear when I take my bath, all my…’ ‘Oh, that has been taken care of, Jumoke is with it in the parlor, just get prepared’ ‘Okay’ Daisy said, blew Mama a kiss and bounded off into the bathroom.



Mama smiled inspite of her initial anger, this was another reason why she so loved






Down in the parlour, Jide hadn’t found it easier either.


A loud knock on his door earlier had jolted him from his slumber, opening it, he was surprised to see his dad, grandmother, Yemi, his immediate younger brother and Jumoke, his sister at the door.


He had totally forgotten that it was Sunday and his supposed thanksgiving service. But then what’s there to thank God about, he thought drily.


His family were not smiling one bit, well, so wasn’t he.


Shaking his head and with a disgusted look he said:


‘Hail the pack of trouble’ and walked away to go lie back on the settee. ‘Is that supposed to be a greeting or what?’ his father asked ‘Or what?’ he muttered


‘Omo de yi ti baje tan’ (this boy has become a spoilt brat) put in mama almost


shouting. She was also


clapping her hands.


Yemi and Jumoke left the bickering ‘grown ups’ to go sit down.


‘Really Mama, keep your voice down, you don’t wanna wake the whole d–n neighbourhood’ Jide said angrily, mother and son were at it again. He thought ‘What kind of lazy neighbours sleep till this time and on a Sunday too? Mama retorted. no more clapping.


‘My friend, just quietly go inside, take your bath and prepare, time is not on our side’ his father said, he was sitting now. ‘Prepare for what?’ came Jide’s curt reply


‘Its your wedding thanksgiving service for God’s sake!’ his father replied, his voice high.


Jide laughed briefly, this family of his were really something. He’d be darned if he moved an inch or dance to their tune, not this time around. Thanksgiving Ko, praisegiving ni.


‘What am I going to thank God for? For a wedding that was forced on me? Or for a family that is driving me insane?’ his voice had risen.


‘I don’t have your time, Nibo ni Daisy wa na?’ (Where is Daisy now?) mama had said angrily and


walked off to go find Daisy.



‘Kilonshe gbogbo awon omode yi?’ (What is wrong with these kids?) his dad thundered.


‘Look Dad, am a grown man, you don’t just come to my house to tell me what to do, haven’t you done enough already?’ he asked, really pissed. ‘Yemi give him his cloth, look at the time, we are supposed to have been in church by now, in an hour time, the service would end, will they wait for us specially?’ Jide’s dad said, as if Jide had not spoken. He was middle aged, bulky and almost as tall as Jide who stood on 5’7.


‘Its okay! if you think you can order me around like a child, we shall see where it ends!’ Jide said shouting.


Yemi tossed the bag he had been holding at Jide, he really didn’t envy Jide now with their father at his back, they were both stubborn and he wondered whose turf would hold.


Jide, out of curiosity, opened the bag that was tossed at him. Soon His face held a deriding smile, inside was a cloth exactly the same material with that which his family were wearing, he guessed Daisy would wear just the same Ankara material, he never doubted that she would gladly without resistance adorn it, well that was her business, his was making sure he was not caught dead on this uniformed cloth with his annoying family trotting like an idiot in front of a large congregation to go thank God for nothing spectacular he could name. No sir, he won’t! ‘You guys got all the bloody nerves’ he said rather calmly and tossed the bag back to Yemi.


‘Did you actually expect me to wear that? Jide, wear the Ankara with…’ He stopped midway, it was really not worth the trouble to keep the word exchange, he would just stay and watch who was gonna force the cloth on him and he would show that person a piece of his mind.


His mind set, he picked up his remote to switch on his television. Noone pushed further, even his dad rested resignedly on the chair while jumoke rose to go meet Daisy and Mama in the room. The guys could tear themselves up for all she cared.


To be continued……..


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