Sat. May 11th, 2024

****EPISODE 19****


Jide drove in his Blue Sedan car into the family house of the Olukoya’s situated in Victoria Island, Tuface’s ‘For instance’ track reverberated in his car. He was feeling really high.


Jide horned loudly when he finally settled his car in the garage. As he


came out, the music wafted out disturbing the tranquility of the compound.


Jide didn’t seem to care, he threw some steps as he sang along the


music. In this bright Saturday morning, what could possibly go wrong? He




After some minutes of musical ‘performance’, he went back into the car, switched off the music and started for the house. ‘Let get this over and done with’ he said to himself.


‘Iwo omode yi (you this child), what is wrong with you?’ his father ‘greeted’ angrily as he set foot into the parlour. The noise of Jide’s entrance had distracted him, and now the newspaper he had been reading lay carelessly on the table. ‘Morning dad’ Jide simply replied and went to sit on one of the settee. ‘O ni da mi lo hun ni!’ (won’t you answer me?) his father pressed.


‘Really dad, the time is 10 in the morning and I don’t wanna bicker with you, simply tell me why you asked to see me, then I take my annoying butt, outta this house. Simple as that!’ he replied.


‘Its early as you say, yet you disturbed the peace of this house with ur music and all…’



‘If that’s the contention here, please accept my apologises and lets move on, I haven’t got all day you know’ Jide cut in.


‘Exactly the issue, you haven’t got all day and yet we won’t see you at the company…’


‘My apologises again! But I’ve been in touch with my department, Joyce tells me if anything comes up that requires my attention, and since


Tuesday she didn’t call me, so I supposed…’


‘Hear yourself Jide! Just hear yourself, you relegated your


responsibility while you frolic around Lagos doing God knows what’ his father shouted.


‘Oh well, I knew we can never come to an understanding, since I didn’t come here to be shouted at, I’ll just kindly leave’ Jide said


resignedly, stood up and made for the exit.


‘Jide come back here, mo ni ko pada wa! His father shouted again.


Jide stopped in his track, stood for some seconds and retreated back to his seat. This overbearing attitude of his father was definitely gonna


make him give the old man a piece of his mind, he thought angrily. ‘We are not done here…’


‘Oh, gush! Jide exclaimed angrily ‘why don’t you get on with it then?’


‘Ma kigbe fun mi, sho gbo (Don’t you dare shout at me, you hear?)’ his father shouted back.


Jide sat quietly. He wasn’t in the mood for his father, shouting back


wouldn’t solve any matter, the time was fast moving, today was Saturday, there was so much fun to catch, why is this man trying so hard to get on his nerve! He seethed.


Silence. As no one spoke to the other.


‘Well, your irresponsible behaviour these days is a cause of concern for your grandmother and I, and we cannot seat back and watch you destroy your life, so…’


Jide wasn’t listening, his irresponsible Behaviour? Grandma! He just


couldn’t wait to be out of here, just because he personally decided to


skip work since Tuesday and relax his aching bones, Groove the town with


Grace and his hommies for a while longer than the two days he got


weekly, didn’t mean he was going bad or anything. The next time he stood


to leave, he would walk out for good! He thought shaking his head.



‘Did you hear what I just said’ his father asked. He had expected a fierce reaction, not this calm distant look on Jide’s face.


‘I heard and I agree. I’d love to be on my way now’ Jide lied and stood up.


His father was confused, he doubted Jide had heard him. There was no way, this son of his would calmly receive the news he had just dished.


‘Dad don’t sweat it, i heard you, so see you later’ Jide added and started walking away.


Mr Olukoya was really confused.


‘So you would marry her then?’ he asked, just to be sure.


Jide stopped, glanced back at his father, he wasn’t sure he heard well. ‘Marry…I don’t understand’


‘Daisy, that mama’s nurse in Boston’


‘Yeah, what happened to her?’ he asked.


‘Have you been listening to me? Your grandma and I have decided she is the right bride for you’


‘I still don’t understand, I never knew therr was a marriage somewhere…’


‘Oh, Jide, you weren’t listening then. It’s your marriage, Daisy is the choice. Try listen to discussions’. His father said with finality and made to pick his newspaper. Jide laughter halted him. He knew now that it had hit home and he braced up for the aftermath.


‘Like dad, could you recap or something?’ Jide asked.


His father said nothing. He Just concentrated on the newspaper.


‘Like Dad, don’t f.ucking keep quiet, am talking to you! He screamed.


‘Yes, and I spoke English. Your granny and I decided to get you settled, tame your wildness and we have the perfect bride for you’ his father replied without a glance his way.


Jide smiled bitterly, this father of his was d–n joking, maybe a little crazy. It wasn’t even April fools day, so if it wasn’t a prank, maybe a…whatever, he was definitely leaving here for good.


‘Ya all must be kidding me’ Jide simply said and thundered out of the house, got to his car and zoomed off.


His father hadn’t tried to stop him.


Jide might not have taken the matter seriously initially, he most


definitely did when Mama landed into the country the next Saturday with a mission to conquer and subdue.



Jide ears was troubled with ‘you must Marry Daisy!’ everywhere he went, it had been as if the whole world was against him. Threats of ‘I will disown you!’ ‘I will Bankrupt you!’ ‘I will kill you myself!’ were shooting from various directions, before he could say ‘Jack Robinson’, Daisy flew in and preparations started earnestly, Yemi represented him at the introductions in Daisy’s father house, even though that side had met obstacle, nobody had paid attention.


Jide couldn’t understand why Mama whom he loved and trusted for she had been a mother to him and his siblings when their mum passed away while they were still young, would be the leader of the pack, she even came up with threats of ‘Killing herself!’ if he didn’t oblige.


Then, Like a flash of lightning he had found himself, Jide, 32 years of age, Matured and sane enough! walking down the aisle with a girl he barely knew, or had ever spoken to. Worst of all was the fact that the


silly girl hadn’t relented or objected even in the face of opposition from her father.


‘Crazy shit that was’ Jide said after what seemed like hours. He had stood, relaxing his weight on the reading desk and ruminating over the marriage craziness. Just a careless impulsive action of his had gone this overboard. If he had known, he would just have remained straight up and not skip work that eventful week. Months after, he wasn’t sure how he felt, funny enough, he wasn’t that angry anymore, it would be a waste of emotion to stay angry, he thought. He just had to stick through the marriage and wait patiently for the time when Daisy would be fed up, pack her bags and quietly leave. He was going to make certain that happened. His mind set, he staggered slightly to his bed and let the sweet embrace of sleep soothe his angry nerves.





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