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#Chapter 6✓✓



Zeemah writes







“Darrel Holden is to be transferred from California to New York to hunt you. Mia” He said and for the first time,my heart skipped a beat.


“What!” Joel exclaimed.


“This man is a top notch pro” Robbie said.


“He won’t be easy to kill” he added and sighed.


“No one is difficult for me to kill” I said.


“I know Mia. I trust you” Boss said.


“So should i assassinate him once he arrives?” I asked boss.


“Nah,i want us to test his strength” He said.


“Okay boss” I said.


“I’ll get back to you guys” Boss said before walking out of the dark room.


Anne quickly rushed to Robbie,she peered into the computer and gasped.


“What?” Carla asked.


“He’s damn cute” She said, almost drooling.


“Really?” Carla beamed with smiles and she also went to peer into the computer.


“OMG!” She exclaimed loudly.


Is he that cute?


Joel remained standing by my side.


“I trust you to bring him down” He whispered to me and i nodded.


“I need to have him before Mia assassinates him” Carla licked her lips and


everyone sent her a





“Mia come check him out” Robbie said and i slowly walked to the computer with Joel beside me.


I peered at it and all i saw was a freaking handsome guy who could easily pass for




I’m not easily moved by guys but this one gat me.


His hair,nose, lips, cheekbones… everything was so perfect and his eyes…OMG.


“He’s handsome” I found myself saying out loud.


“Wow! You rarely compliment guys” Robbie said and i shrugged.


“You mean he’s handsome?” Joel asked and i nodded.


“He is” I said.


“Robbie can you please help me dig out his contact?” Carla pleaded and Robbie laughed.


“I’m here for you Carla. I’m cuter than this guy” Robbie said and everyone bursted


into laughter, except Joel,i noticed.


“Com’on Robbie. Please” Carla pleaded.


“I can’t” Robbie said.


“You can,i know that” Carla said.


“Boss is gonna kill me” He said and Carla sighed.




Joel started walking out of the dark room.


“Joel” I called and he turned,he was not looking okay as earlier.


“Where to?” I asked.


“My room” He said and walked out.


“What’s wrong with him?” Anne asked.


“I guess he needs some time alone” I said and drew a chair close to Robbie.


“Let’s dig out more about Darrel Holden” I said.




“Joel…is anything wrong?” I asked over lunch.


We were all seated round the dining except boss though. He’s not around.


“I’m fine” He mumbled.


He was sitting opposite me and i was able to detect his sullen mood.



“Just tell him,he look more cute today” Robbie whispered to me.


“Huh?” I whispered back and he nodded.


“Why?” I asked.


“Just do it” He said.


“Will that make him fine?” I asked in a whisper.


“Of course”


“Well…Joel,you look more cute today” I smiled.


“Really?” His face brightened up.


“Yeah…i wanted to tell you that earlier but didn’t got the chance to” I said.


“Thank you” He smiled.


“It worked” I whispered to Robbie.


“I told ya” He grinned.


“Lover boy” Carla cleared her throat before scooping some rice into her mouth.


“Stop calling me lover boy okay?”Joel hissed.


“Are you not!” Carla said.


They both glared at each other while i stifled my laughter.


“Lover boy? Do you love someone?” Anne asked.


“,Carla just love spitting gibberish” Joel said.


“Ohh!” Anne sighed and continued her meal.


A little crush doesn’t mean he loves me.


Just a crush!!!


I’m kinda bothered about this new CIA agent.


It’s unusual of me though…i don’t worry about CIA agents but this particular one from California gat me worrying.


Well…I’m gonna know the type of strength he possess once we test him.


I can’t wait to kill him though…he seems like a threat.


And I’ve never seen a CIA agent looking so handsome,his father is wealthy,he should have gone for something else than being a CIA. Now his life will be wasted.



I picked my glass cup of water and gulped it down my throat.


“Do you want more?” Joel asked.


“Nah,I’m filled up already” I said and dropped my glass cup on the table.


“Why do i feel like sleeping” Robbie yawned.


“Then go ahead” Carla said.


“I want you to sleep with me” He smiled.


“Then,i bet you won’t wake up forever” Carla said.


“You’re so mean”


“Yeah…i am”


We watched the both of them exchange words.


Carla is surely a mean being.


“Stop looking at me…we’re not mates!” Carla yelled at Anne who nodded and looked away.


“Do you have to always yell at her ” I said.


“Shut that crap” She said to me..


“Shut yours instead” I said.




“I’m not in for exchange of words right now” I said and stood up.


I need to go clear my head at the pool.






“He’ll be flying to New York on Tuesday” Boss said.


We were all gathered in the dark room,boss just arrived from his outing.


“An accommodation has been made available for him in JUST estate,phase 3”


Boss said.


“Okay boss”


“Mia, you have a Mission on Wednesday to assassinate Jasper Smythe,the famous blogger. I’ll fill you in later on the necessary information” “Okay boss” I smiled.


“Robbie” Boss called.


“Yes boss”


“You’ll send a mail to Darrel Holden,and inform him of the time and location Mia


is to assassinate Jasper Smythe”


“Wow!” We exclaimed.


“ test his strength. Mia, you’ll have to battle with him after assassinating Jasper,i wanna know how capable he is” Boss said. “Okay Boss” I bowed.




“Anne should go with you but she’s gonna slow down the operation cause she’s still a novice in the game. You’ll take her along some other time”


“I can go with her boss” Carla said and boss didn’t even spare her a glance before turning to me.


Robbie bursted into laughter and the rest of us tried to hold ours.


“Mia,there’s no time to waste,start training” Boss said before walking out.


“Why can’t he just consider me for once” Carla cried.


“I can’t believe you’re crying just because you wanna see Darrel Holden. I’m here


for you” Robbie said.


“Shut the hell up” She said.


“Okay Mrs Holden” Robbie said sarcastically and we laughed.


Well…i better start training..


Darrel or whatever your name is..get ready for me!





I finally got to convince him” I said happily to Eric.



I was in the cab,on my way to my house the next morning,i spent the night at dad’s place.


Really? I bet it was difficult.



It was,i nearly died trying to convince him. It took me the whole night.



He laughed.. Your dad is one funny man.



Of course he is, i was able to convince him by bringing Mum into it. You know mum has always wanted me to be what i am today.


Yeah.. you’re not coming to work today right?



Yeah…yunno I’ll be leaving tomorrow, Boss told me to spend today at home.



Are you taking the morning flight tomorrow?



Nah, afternoon.



Okay..we’ll come see you off then.



Alright,my greetings to Katy. I have to go, I’ve gotten to my house already..



Bye buddy.





The cab parked in front of my house and i opened the door and alighted.


I paid him already…i walked to the gate holding a paper bag that was filled with different meals. Tiana helped me pack them.


I knocked on the gate and the gatekeeper opened it immediately.


“Good morning Darrel” He greeted.


“Morning Harris,how are you?” I asked.


“I’m fine” He said and i walked into the compound while he locked the gate.


My car is the only one left,most of my neighbors car are gone already, they’ve all left for work.


Not that i talk to any of them though.



I walked to my front door and brought out my key..i inserted it into the lock and the door gave way.


I walked in and smiled…just one night and i missed my house already.


I closed the door behind me and walked straight to the kitchen.


I stuck the meals inside the freezer and then thrashed the paper bag.


I already showered at Dad’s place.


What should i do?? I’m not used to staying at home doing nothing.


I walked to my room and opened the door.


I yawned and suddenly started feeling sleepy when i saw my soft-looking bed.


I exhausted my night in convincing dad, having some sleep now won’t be bad.


I pulled off my shoes before jumping on the bed,i drew my pillow closer.






I felt so good after waking up…the sleep helped me strengthen some bones.


I glanced at the wall clock.”2pm”




It’s afternoon already.


I sat up on the bed and heard my stomach rumble.


My stomach loves food a lot.


It rumbles every time like a monster.


I stood up and slid my feet into my footwear before walking out of my room.


My stomach directed me first to the kitchen and i found myself there in seconds.




The power of hunger…


I opened the freezer and brought out home made meatballs,one of the meals Tiana packed for me.


I took a glass cup and a pack of juice while microwaving the meal.






I walked to my room after washing the dishes i used for lunch.


I need to start packing…


I opened my wardrobe and started un-hanging my clothes,throwing them on the bed.


Anonymous assassin,get ready for me! I’ll be the one to put an end to your deeds.








The beautiful killer


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