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Episode 12




Author’s POV


They all looked towards the door and saw Selena looking like a pig as she a deep cut on her head and several scars on her hand and face…


Mom!!”. Felicia called with tears


I asked a question bitch,what are you doing with a f**king gun?”. She yelled looking more ugly..


To kill your precious daughter of course”. Melissa answered with so much boldness.


Mom I thought Selena was the offender why will you kill Felicia “.. Dorothy rapped.


Shut up, can’t you see ?, She ruined my perfect life with my husband ….




Episode 12


Alex POV


I checked the time and it’s almost 4:00am…


I stood up and made my way out of the club.


“Wait a minute , why am I not drunk?”. I asked myself as I entered my car and hit the road..


I thought about what happened earlier and sighed


Maybe I over reacted and said so many things to her, I will apologise immediately I get home , I pray she does not throw me out..


I remembered when I kissed her the way my body respond to her touch , the time I snapped her when she was naked and many more , I love her and wont plan to hurt her not now and not in the years to come…


Suddenly my mind went to her tattoo, I remembered dad telling me about my betrothed having a tattoo and also a twin but I am not sure if she is the one because she does not have a twin or.. I pray she has.


I drove home thinking and entered the mansion,I hop out of my car and went straight to the door but paused when I heard people talking and crying and especially dorothy…


I became scared and went to my car to pick a pistol with a silencer on it… I walked back to the door and pushed it which made everyone gasp.. Immediately I saw her , and the second person am gonna blow off her head shouting at each other…


Melissa”. I called


Alex”. She called and hugged me .


Mom is he also your son ?”. Brayn asked making me confused


Lissa wats happening and..”. I stopped talking when I saw her


Selena I never knew I would kill you so easily” I said and saw her countance change but who cares I took my gun and point it towards her


Alex what did she do?, Pls leave her alone “.. Dorothy said making me annoyed..


Dorothy are you so stupid to see this people are evil??”. I asked


You guys must be wondering how I know Melissa and selena…


Well Melissa is the mother of my betrothed whom her husband partnered with my


dad for business and in order to grow the business again, he betrothed me to his


daughter but everything changed when Selena came into the picture , I was 7 at


that time




Pls don’t kill my dad”.. I begged selena..


Haaaaa, if I don’t kill him how would I have the companies for myself “.. she said and cocked the gun ..



I will leave the company to you plsss”.. I cried and looked at my dad whose mouth was taped and legs,hand tied..


Say your last word mister”.. she said and pulled the trigger directly to my dad, I pretended to faint when I saw her pointing the gun at me..


Immediately she left I crawled towards my dad and removed his taped mouth..


Dad stay with me pls”.. I said in tears..


S..o…n, you know I am going t..o m..eet your mother, take …c..a. ..r..e ..of yourself and pls avenge my death, you k..n..o..w.. Melissa right??… He said coughing out blood..


Yes dad”.. I said still crying…


She is the mother of your betrothed, your betrothed have a tattoo on her lap


an…d”.. his breathing became high and unstable..


Dad plsss”… I cried m..e, that y..ou will avenge my death..”.. he said breathing hard..


Dad you won’t die I promise you “.. I said and died the emergency number.


Pr…o…… Me son”. He said and started breathing real fast


I promise”.. I said and he reached for my hands


I love you”… He said and breathed his last..


Daaaaaaadddd, you can’t just leave me, get up and let’s go upstairs, dad get up and help me with my assignment”.. I said and shook him vigorously..


Daad, heeelllp , mom left me and you did the same , dad I know you are just playing a prank on me, the doctors will be here to treat your wound , get up now dad or I won’t play with you!!!, Somebody helpppp!!!!”.. I yelled and cried profuesely


Alex what happened to him ??”.. Melissa said rushing in the same time as the ambulance..


Dad”… Was I could say as I cried my eyes out on her shoulder..


Now promise you will avenge your dad the same I will avenge my husband death”… Melissa said with tears rolling down her eyes…


I promise”.. I said and cried more as she consoled me..


~~~~back to present~~~~


Now you are all saying I should let go !!!”. I said still pointing the gun at her ..


Hell no”.. I will make sure I kill you and your useless family”.. I said as they all weep..


Alex pls try to forgive …” … Dorothy was saying


Dorothy get out of my sight before I do anything stupid to you”.. I said as tears roll down my cheek .


” You mean I should get out ?”.. she asked with tears in her eyes ..


I ignored her and looked at Felicia who was motionless and Bryan was having a ” I don’t understand look”.


Alex you remember your dad telling you about your betrothed?, Do you know the reason ?, It’s because the tattoo I drew on my daughter’s leg is the key to a safe Selena killed you father for …


Where is your daughter?”. I asked


Here, I gave birth to a set of twin and they are ” BRYAN AND DOROTHY”.


I blinked fast and laughed as I found it funny , but then I remembered my dad saying am betrothed to Melissa’s daughter and she had a twin, tattoo ,, now I understand..


I turned to Dorothy and she had a confused look also..


Mom alex is my sister betrothed and Felicia my step sister ?”. Bryan asked


Yes am sorry if I came a little too late “.. she said as brayn sat on the floor ..


I know I did everything out of selfishness, but I was afraid Felix won’t share any of his property with me because I don’t have a baby for him “.. Selena said which made me extra annoyed ..


And how does that concern my dad?”.. I asked in a deadly time making her flinch


He wouldn’t hand over the documents to me “… She replied


Mom who is my father ??”. Felicia asked with a gun in her hand


Easy darling , I adopted you from the motherless home just to gain people trust that I have a child for Felix..” she said


How dare you?”… Felicia said thesame time gave her a heavy slap..


So you made me believe Melissa killed Felix , you made me believe you are my


f**king mother , why did Hayden not blow off your , so I am not related to anyone here and “.. she ran out of words and point the gun at her ..


You killed Felix and who knows maybe you would have killed the mayor also if Hayden didn’t do this to you, you killed Alex father, so you are an assassin”. She said and laughed out with tears..


I will end your miserable life now”.. she said but Selena was quick to kick the gun away from her , I rushed their and tried collecting the gun and mistakenly she shot the Gun …


Everywhere became silent as everyone stared at me


Why are you all staring at me like a fool?”. I asked and noticed Dorothy run


towards Selena with a , I tried running after her when I felt something cold run down my shirt, I look down and saw blood



Selena shot me , I looked again and saw bryan and Melissa holding Dorothy from killing Selena , Felicia held Selena down , but somehow my vision became blurry and I heard Dorothy scream..


” Aleeeeexxxx!!!”.. someone screamed as I blacked out ….








Hmmmn my Alex..


Selena is a murderer


Felicia is not Selena daughter ..


Some episode to go…
































(Stay safe honey)



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