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Chapter 2✓✓



Zeemah writes







“Mr Padgett,start saying your last prayer already” I smiled and slide my feet into a stop-him-dead-in-his-tracks gladiator sandals before walking out of my room.


I got to the living room and met everyone of them seated.


They turned and let out a little gasp as they saw me.


“Who’s this? Is this Mia?” Robbie asked and i laughed.


The rest smiled .. except Carla and boss.


Boss is known for rarely smiling but Carla,i don’t know what the hell is wrong with her.


“I’m done boss” I bowed and he stood up.


“You have to use a silencer, Mr Padgett has some bodyguards who might barge into the room the moment they hear the gunshot. I know you’re capable of killing them all even if they barge into the room but then…we gotta be on a safe side” He said.


“Okay boss” I said, ignoring Joel’s piercing look.


“You can leave now and drive fast,you gotta be there before the real slut arrives.


Make use of the red car,Robbie has loaded it with everything you’ll need” He said


and threw the car key to me.


I caught it immediately.


“Okay boss” I said and headed to the door.


I opened the door and smiled before stepping out.


I get excited when I’m about to go kill.


I walked towards the neat looking red car.


I unlocked it and got behind the wheels.


The gate opened automatically and i drove out…


I drove past three estates before finally getting on the road… Our house is so hidden and very difficult to locate and i love it that way. It makes us feel safe.


I increased the car speed and in minutes i’ve gotten halfway.


“D.A hotel” I muttered and glanced at the silencer.


I should just get there already..




I parked a street before the hotel,i tucked the silencer inside my waist band before getting down from the car.


I locked it and threw the key in my purse.


I walked farther before boarding a cab.


“D.A hotel” I said and closed the cab door.


The cabman looked surprised.


“Ma’am,the hotel is just a street away” He said.


“Like I’m not gonna pay you your money” I shot him a glare.


“Ohh..” He smiled and turned on the ignition and started driving away.


I sighed…if only this man know he’s in the cab with the infamous New York assassin,i bet he’s just gonna jump out.


I rested my head and breathed in.


The silencer felt cold against my stomach.


“We’re there already ma’am” The cab man said stopping in front of D.A hotel.


I glanced up and noticed how big the hotel is,it’s more beautiful than in pictures.


I opened my purse and dropped some dollar bills on the backseat before alighting from the cab.


“Thanks ma’am” The cabman said happily before driving away.


I adjusted my mini gown and held my purse tightly.


Dusk is setting in.


I walked towards the large steel gate,the gatekeepers paved way for me to go in and i did.


I took my time in surveying the building,i might want to escape through one of the windows.


I got to the reception.


“Hi” I said to the young ladies behind the desk.


“Hello,you’re welcome to D.A Hotel and Suite ” They chorused.


“Thank you” I let out a fake sweet smile.


“Do you want a room?”


“Nah,I’m Allysia Scott.” I said, that’s actually the name of the expected prostitute. “Ohh..Allysia Scott,the lady Mr Padgett is expecting?” “Yeah” I smiled.


“Okay,hold on. I have to tell him you’re here” She said and punched some numbers into the landline.


I continued my survey as i watched her make the call.


“He said you can come in,but i guess he was surprised you came earlier than the


time you both agreed” She said.


“Ohh..Yeah” I smiled.


“Suite 58”


“Okay thanks” I said and started walking towards the lift.


“You look beautiful though” They chorused after me.


“Thank youu” i said.




I walked out of the lift and started approaching suite 58 when i saw ten bodyguards standing by the door.




They look mean though but they didn’t scare as much as a hair on my head.


I can deal with everyone of them in minutes.


I walked towards the door…


“Hi,I’m Allysia Scott” I said to them.


“Your ID card” one of them asked.


Wow! They really mean business.


“You expect me to bring my ID card here,am i gonna use my ID card to f**k! Mr Padgett?” I asked slowly.


“I’m sorry but we’ll have to search you and also your purse” One of them said. “You mean,you’re gonna search me? You’re gonna touch my body? I can’t allow that” I said.


“Of course, we will not be the one to search you. Susan” He called and a lady appeared, she’s clad in a black suit, looking huge like most of the bodyguards,i can tell she’s a bit pretty even tho she was putting on shades. Her blonde hair is packed in a ponytail.


“Search her” a bodyguard said to her and she nodded.


“Really?” I asked,my anger brewing.


I was starting to think on how to deal with everyone of them when a deep voice stopped me.


“Let her in” Mr Padgett said from the room.



The bodyguards paved way immediately and i walked in after sending each of them a glare.


I closed the door behind me and smiled seductively at the Man who was half naked on the nice looking bed holding a glass cup of wine.


I glanced round the suite and it was extraordinarily beautiful.


“Oh..I never knew Allysia Scott will be this beautiful” He smiled and sat up.


He picked the remote control and switched off the TV.


“Hi Mr Padgett” I said, walking closer to him.


“Allysia,i can’t wait to have you” He licked his lips.


Ew! so disgusting.


I dropped my purse and sat beside him.


“Shift closer to me baby girl” He said and i did.


He carresed my face and I had to use a smile to cover my irritated face.


“The picture that was sent to me was totally different from what I’m seeing” He said about to touch my boobs.




I cleared my throat and shifted away in the process.


“The picture that was sent to you was when i was younger” I said.


“I thought as much” He said.


“Why would your bodyguards treat me that way? Aren’t they aware of my coming?” I asked, faking an angry face.


“I’m so sorry dear” He pleaded, drawing me closer again.


I inhaled a sharp breath when his palm finally landed on my left boob.


I didn’t shift away this time.


“You should call one of them and tell him he must allow me leave without questioning” I said.


“Okay. Matthew” He called.


“Yes boss” Matthew rushed in.



“Must you search everyone that come looking for me. Weren’t you aware that i was expecting her. This is Allysia Scott” Mr Padgett,a bit of anger in his voice.


I smiled inwardly.


“I’m sorry sir” He bowed.


“Good,you mustn’t let that happen when she’s leaving okay?”


“Okay Sir” He said.


“You can leave” He said and the so called Matthew left.


“I wasn’t expecting you this early,i should have told them to allow you in without questioning. I was surprised when i was called that you’ve arrived” Mr Padgett said and i smiled.


“I couldn’t wait to get down with you” I licked my lips and stood up.


“I hope the CCTV in here has been blocked” I said,even though i know Robbie has hacked all the CCTV in this hotel before i came in.


“Of course,i personally ordered them to block this suite’s”


“Good” I muttered.


I unzipped my gown and slowly pulled it down to my waist.


“” He gasped. ” let me see more baby” He smiled.


If i should pull this gown further,then I’m gonna reveal the silencer.


“You know what?” I asked.




“Keep your eyes close and open it when i tell you to” I said.


“Okay” He grinned and foolishly closed his eyes.


I brought out the gun and pointed it at him.


“So sad, you’ll be closing your eyes to hell” i said.


“Huh!” He exclaimed, about opening his eyes when i pulled the trigger.


I shot him thrice in the chest,his eyes snapped opened and he stared at me in agony, blood gushed out from his chest and his open eyes didn’t last a minute before closing itself,he stopped breathing and then i knew he was gone.



I laughed and tucked the gun back in my waist band,i pulled on my gown and zipped it.


I glanced at the wall clock and decided to wait for some minutes.


I sat beside Mr Padgett still body,grabbed the remote control and switched on the






“Time to leave” I muttered and stood up from the bed.


I grabbed my purse and buckled my sandals tightly before walking to the door. I turned back and glanced at Mr Padgett’s body


‘Rest in pieces’ I said inwardly before opening the door.


I stepped out and met the bodyguards there.


“Mr Padgett said he doesn’t want to be disturbed for now,none of you should go in” I said before walking away.


“Goodbye Allysia” the ladies said to me when i got to the reception.


“Bye” I waved before walking out of the hotel and into the compound.


It’s getting dark though..


I was almost at the gate when i saw the real Allysia Scott approaching.




I better get out of here fast.


She spared me some glances as she walked past me.


The security guard opened the gate and i stepped out.


I quickly raced to the next street where my car is parked.


I brought out the car key from my purse and unlocked the car.


I got in, closed the door a and removed the silencer from my waist band.


I turned on the ignition and started driving away.


I took a shorter route.


Another mission accomplished…




I stepped down from the car and smiled.


I removed my wig as i started walking into the house.


The door already opened before i could open it myself.


Joel appeared and ushered me in. I returned his smiled.


He closed the door behind us and i walked to the living room, everyone was present, obviously waiting for me.


I bowed before boss who raised up his head from the bullets he was arranging. “Mia,i don’t need to ask you how it went,you always accomplish your mission” He said and i smiled.


“Mr Padgett is already long gone” I said.


“Good job Mia” He said.


“Thanks boss” I bowed a little.


“I’ve restored the hotel’s CCTV” Robbie said,operating his computer.


Boss nodded.


“Good job Mia” Anne and Joel chorused as i sat down.


“Thanks” I smiled.


“When will i be sent on a mission boss?” Carla asked.


“Soon, but you have to promise you won’t miss the target again this time” Boss said.


“I won’t boss,i promise” Carla said happily.


Carla missed the target on two different missions and boss has refused to allow her go on any other mission since then. I just hope she won’t blow up this upcoming mission too.


“I already prepared dinner,others have eaten but i was waiting for you” Joel whispered to me.


“Ohh,I’ll just go freshen up then” I said and was about standing.


“The news is out already” Robbie said and turned his laptop to us.






So soon…


His picture was displayed below and i didn’t even feel sorry a bit.


“You did a good job Mia, you’ve always done a good job” Boss said and i smiled.


“Thanks boss, I’m going in to freshen up” I said and stood up.


I picked my purse and then walked to my room.














Not again.


This is actually getting out of hand.


I picked up the remote control and switched it off.


I sat up and drew the blanket up to my chest.


I just finished the chicken casserole Katy brought for me for dinner.


I was happy I’ll be leaving here tomorrow but this news just darkened my mood.


I kept wondering who this assassin is.


She has killed up to 100 people,she has been killing for years, taking innocent lives yet no one is doing anything.


I picked my phone when i heard it beep.



Have you watched the news?



I feel like killing that assassin right now ” I read Katy’s message and laughed.


The door suddenly opened and i saw Katy walked in.


i was surprised to see her cleavage popping out in the skimpy gown she was putting on.










The beautiful killer


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