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Episode 8



‘’what the hell is wrong with you Jude?. Do you want to kill her?’’ Uncle Tony asked with anger as he dutifully helped Pamela up. I couldn’t say a word to him. In fact I had nothing to say because he really took me by surprise with his presence. I never noticed him walk in, perhaps in my fury I failed to notice him as I pounced on Pamela.


‘’are you alright?’’ he carefully asked Pamela who was still shaking with fright.


‘’I don’t know. I feel somehow’’ she breathed heavily.


‘’do you want me to take you to your doctor?’’ he pushed on while I looked silently.


‘’no I’m okay’’ she stammered.


‘’maybe I should take you to my wife then. She’s a nurse’’ he added seriously, leaving Pamela with no choice than to accept.


‘’wait for me here. I will be right back’’ he said to me with a strong voice. I looked down, saying nothing. I couldn’t help but wonder what was going through his mind that moment. I had to think out a good excuse and explanation for my action as quickly as possible.




Uncle Tony returned a minute later, looking very serious and curious.


‘’tell me, who is she?. Don’t you know you can easily go to jail for hitting a woman in this country?’’ he asked seriously. I shrugged, finding it difficult to say anything.


‘’young man you have to start talking to me’’ he barked.


‘’she’s my friend’’ I stammered.


‘’your friend as in girlfriend?’’ he asked. I nodded.


‘’and she’s pregnant for you?’’ he pushed on, I nodded.



‘’how is that possible?, tell me the truth, when was the last time you were in this country?”’ he asked with disbelief.


‘’actually she just left Nigeria months ago’’ I stammered.


‘’oh I see’’ he breathed, looking down.


‘’so what’s your plan with her and why did you hit her?’’ he asked.


‘’it was just a little misunderstanding and I lost my temper. I’m sorry uncle, it won’t happen again. As for plans I really have no plans for her. She has a home and family that will take care of her’’ I managed to mutter. He shrugged silently. His countenance really showed that he was having a hard time believing my explanation.


‘’seriously I’m a bit disappointed in you but what can I say?. You are now a man and it’s your cross but don’t ever try to hit her again. I was here for something else but I think that should wait for now’’ he muttered and left with a drawn face. I couldn’t help but wonder what his reaction would have been supposing I told him that Pamela was equally another man’s wife. Of course I shot myself on the leg by getting involved with her in the first place.


About an hour later, I went back to Uncle Tony’s house to fetch Pamela. It was something I forced myself to do in order to change the bad impression my earlier behavior gave out to my benefactor. I just had to show genuine remorse as if all was now well.


Pamela was at the sitting room, quietly watching a TV program with uncle Tony’s wife when I walked in. she instantly sat up on seeing me while I smiled softly, approaching her like a gentleman.


‘’I’m very sorry for hitting you. I promise it won’t happen again. Let’s go home’’ I begged, squatting before her, looking very innocent and remorseful. She stared at me hesitantly, before throwing a quick look at Uncle Tony’s wife who nodded in agreement.



Yes of course Pamela was such a great actor. She looked so innocent, weak and vulnerable like an abused lady. She just took my mistake to her advantage and cashed in big time with it. No one would have imagined that she was the architect of my frustration.


‘’let’s go home dear’’ I breathed once again. She nodded and offered her hand. I dutifully helped her up.


‘’I’m also sorry for getting on your nerves’’ she softly apologized to me as if she meant every word.


‘’I’m sorry Jude. I really do love you’’ she breathed softly with her eyes all over me.




[Kelvin’s side of the story continues]


I returned to my house later in the day to see Jessica anxiously waiting for me. The look of relief on her face as she saw me walk in was totally revealing.


‘’where went you and why haven’t you been answering my calls?. You left me totally worried my love’’ she asked breathlessly. I smiled and shrugged.


‘’I went to see my friends and take care of few things. You know I promised my parents that I would be home today. I think I have to make the journey now’’ I muttered quickly. She drew forward and held me.


‘’no my love, just leave the journey for tomorrow. We have to go together and use the opportunity to spend Christmas with them. It’s better that way. Spending Christmas with your family is what we need to get out of this setback’’ she suggested, leaving a smile on my face as her words appeared pleasant to me.


‘’one other thing my love’’ she added, holding me tightly.


‘’I plan selling my house and moving in with you. I have already contacted an agent for the sale. By January I believe the house will be sold, making us richer. I



will also speak with the priest and get a new date for our wedding but this time it will be a private affair. What do you think?’’ she asked, leaving me speechless as a thousand and one questions sprang up in my head at the same time.


‘’why is she rushing to sell off the house??’’ hmmmmm


To be continued

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