Wed. May 29th, 2024

Episode 4



‘’listen Kelvin, we have to stick with each other all through this embarrassing moment. You have nothing to fear about Cynthia’s reappearance. I have things under control’’ Jessica confidently whispered to me as we headed out of the police station that fateful day. I said nothing to her.



I simply was nothing but a drowning man. It was as if I was already seeing my end before me. But to Jessica everything appeared well and settled, I couldn’t help but wish to have the kind of confidence she had.


On getting back to my house, I met my mum and few people from my community waiting anxiously for me. My eyes melted with tears once again as I approached them. I couldn’t help but wonder how my parents were feeling that moment. The shame and embarrassment I caused them. Yes dad gave me his support by sticking his neck for me but then I equally knew he was totally displeased with me even though he was yet to voice out his thoughts.


‘’my God’’ mum breathed with relief as she drew forward and hugged me. She quickly broke away from me and equally hugged my dad.


‘’I’m sorry for everything. I will be at the village tomorrow to explain everything. I will find someone that will take you guys home’’ I managed to mutter while Jessica softly grabbed my hand.


‘’don’t worry dear; I have someone that will take them home. Let me go and call the guy’’ she offered softly, disappearing afterwards. She returned minutes later with one of her cousins’.


‘’Michael will take you guys to the village’’ she said to my parents who were probably too weak to argue or ask questions.


‘’mum, I’m sorry for everything. I have to first sort out some things here this evening. First thing tomorrow, I will be at the village to explain everything’’ I stammered, throwing a pleading look at my dad who shrugged. Seriously I wished I had the power to turn back the hands of time that moment. The embarrassment was simply too much to bear.




By 9pm, Jessica joined me in my room, wearing only a big shirt and nothing underneath. I stared at her silently, unable to say a word even though I had a thousand and one words in my head waiting to be said.


Seriously the shock of seeing Cynthia well and alive, the insult I got from the police, the difficulty I had in facing my friends waiting at the reception and the



cost of cancelling my wedding ceremony, after paying for the hall, decorations and everything were enough to make a man commit suicide. I just was like a man carrying thirty bags of cement on his chest.


Yet my problems were far from being over. I still had to deal with Cynthia and whatever she had planned for me. The d–n girl simply chose the right time to show up. I couldn’t help but imagine what my kinsmen and family members were thinking and saying about me.


‘’what are you thinking my love?’’ Jessica asked, placing her head on my chest.


‘’we made a very huge mistake with Cynthia and we paid for it in a very humiliating way but that shouldn’t get you down’’ she muttered softly. I swallowed hard, unable to say anything to her.


‘’when you saw her today, what did you feel?’’ she slowly asked.


‘’I felt surprised. I felt shocked. Oh God’’ I breathed.


‘’let’s just make love and forget about today. Tomorrow we can start making new plans’’ she breathed, reaching down to play with my joys.tick.




Early the next day, I headed to Joe’s gym to see him and apologize. Surprisingly or should I say luckily, I met all my friends that were present at my wedding there at his gym. It was as if they were there for a meeting. I apologized to everyone and as guys they simply joked about it, mocking me and making it impossible for me to really know how they felt about everything. Joe was the only one that was a bit honest with me.


’listen Kelvin, I really don’t know how things played out between you and Cynthia but with what that girl did yesterday you have to start watching your back. I think you should try as much as possible to settle things with her because these days one can’t be sure of anything’’ he advised as he escorted me to my car but unfortunately he never knew the true situation of things.



How on earth would I walk up to Cynthia and apologize for trying to get rid of her with Jessica. Of course some sins are unforgivable. Sins like what Jessica and I did to her. Moreover she was pregnant back then. Yes and that’s true, what exactly happened to the pregnancy or is she now with a child?. My child?. I wondered.


There was only one way to know and that’s paying a visit to her.


To be continued



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