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Season 2 Episode 1


[Kelvin’s side of the story continues from the last episode of season 1]


Due to protest by onlookers, the policemen were forced to free the innocent guests they unlawfully rounded up and at the end of the whole fracas I found myself sitting in the midst of five policemen who guarded me as if I was a very dangerous criminal. I just couldn’t say a word. The whole thing looked like magic to me. I just was hopelessly speechless.


The surprise of seeing Cynthia hale and hearty, the shame of being embarrassed at my wedding, the fear of what was to come and the pain of being treated in such manner before my parents were much more than enough to leave me speechless.


There wasn’t any doubt I was going down. I just felt like committing suicide that moment. I just felt like instantly ending it all. Oh, I was so ashamed of myself. So ashamed of my life..


As the police truck I was thrown into was about to move out with me, my dad quickly held on to the frame, insisting on going with me. I never knew my old man loved me that much because he was always hard on me but seeing him in that difficult moment, fighting to be at my side without even bothering to know if I was



guilty or not totally changed my mind-set about him. Tears quickly dropped from my eyes. I never knew a time would come when my poor father would be struggling to ride at the back of a police truck with me.


After much argument, my dad was let into the truck which speedily headed straight to the fire service police department at the other end of the town. I couldn’t look dad in the face all through the short trip to the police station. I couldn’t even say a word to him.




On getting to the police station, I was quickly thrown at the back of the police counter by officers who brought me in as they awaited further instructions. I simply kept calm while dad kept staring at me, waiting for me to explain things to him. But what was there to explain?. How do I tell him the truth?. The bitter story on how I unwillingly partook in a murder attempt. Oh no, some words are better not said, some confessions are better left in the heart.



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Cynthia and her police friends soon walked in, looking very serious and mean.


‘’Cynthia’’ I managed to breathe painfully. She stopped for a while, stared at me, threw a quick look at my dad and shook her head. Somehow I felt she was pained to see me in that condition. Somehow I felt she was still in love with me. But what’s the gain in being in love with a man who aided another lady in disposing you?.


I couldn’t help but wonder what happened to Jessica. She was yet to show up at the station and I felt perhaps she was taken to a hospital after fainting earlier. However I never waited long before seeing her walk in with three well dressed gentlemen. They all looked like lawyers.


‘’I swear I’m going to bring this station down for ruining my wedding ceremony. How on earth would you guys act on a mere hearsay?. Did she present any evidence to prove that I tried to kill her before you guys decided to stop my wedding?. The inspector general of police will be petitioned. This police



department will be sued. You don’t know who you are dealing with’’ she shouted while the police officers present looked on, unable to say anything to her. Somehow it appeared as if they were intimidated by her demeanor. Of course who wouldn’t be, seeing an angry bride in white threatening the whole police force with a team of lawyers?


Jessica’s lawyers soon went into an office to speak with the officer in charge of the station. It equally was the same office Cynthia and her police friends went into when they showed up. About fifteen minutes later, Jessica’s lawyers showed up with smiles on their faces.


‘’we are going home’’ they said, nodding at me.


And just like that, I was free to go but unfortunately the harm has been done. My wedding ceremony never happened and Jessica was yet to fully be my wife in the eyes of the state.


To be continued below.



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