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There was no denying that I was very confused over Kelvin’s issue. A great part of me wanted to be with him while another part of me felt it was very wrong getting into another relationship with him. Kelvin wasn’t equally helping matters with his



renewed effort to have me. Somehow I felt he desperately wanted me back because he had no other choice, because he had no one else but me. I really had to hold tight my emotions and be hard on him but no matter how hard and strong I tried to be my emotions always had a way of letting me down.


The day we got back to his house from the police station, I had this urge to spend the rest of the day with him but I just couldn’t because I had my dignity to protect. I wasn’t going to appear too cheap to him again.


But then seeing him on my doorsteps with the request that I should accompany him to his village to see his family was something I wasn’t really prepared for. I couldn’t say no to him, I equally couldn’t say yes without looking too cheap.


‘’come on, I’m not leaving here till you go with me. I’m very serious ‘’ he pushed on. I just didn’t know how to act or even what to say to him. Kelvin had always been mine but then the memory of what he did to me with Jessica was a scar that would probably never heal.


‘’I don’t know Kelvin. I can’t’’ I stammered, looking down. He softly drew close and felt my pulse while I somehow trembled under his touch.


‘’just this once please. It’s very important to me’’ he pushed on. I silently looked up to meet his gaze.




[Kelvin’s side of the story continues]


I couldn’t help but notice the doubt on Cynthia’s face as I begged her to accompany me to see my family. Her reaction was quite understandable. She was a lady I wronged so much in the past and I was very determined to make things right once and for all.


The previous year she was the last person I would have wanted to be the mother of my kids but I was now seeing things differently, moreover I was now more experienced and older.



It isn’t all about education or sophistication that makes a woman marketable. A woman’s’ quality should be judged by her character and sacrifices she’s willing to make for her partner.


‘’ I promise you will never regret it, just trust me on this’’ I pushed on strongly.


‘’alright you will have to wait for few minutes while I get ready’’ she finally accepted.




10am, Ibeme village.


My parents were very surprised to see me show up with another lady other than Jessica. I wasted no time in telling them my story and all I had passed through. They couldn’t believe their ears. In fact my dad couldn’t even say a word when I was done.


‘’so what next?’’ mum asked curiously.


‘’tomorrow I will be going to Jessica’s hometown with the police to see if she’s hiding there. I will also use the opportunity to formally inform her family that I’m no longer interested in marrying their daughter anymore’’ I answered softly while dad shrugged.


‘’so how about the beautiful lady with you?, any other thing we need to know about her?’’ he asked curiously. I smiled, nodded and faced Cynthia who instantly blushed.


‘’yes dad, I want her to be the mother of my kids’’ I breathed, drawing out a big gasp from everyone. I instantly knelt before Cynthia and quickly pulled out the engagement ring I bought the previous day from my pocket.


‘’I want to ask you this question before my family. For you to know how serious and important you are now to me. I know we are yet to settle things between us but just push everything aside and answer me. Please will you marry me?’’ I proposed



nervously while she colored up and trembled, throwing a quick look at my parents


who silently watched on.




‘’’haaaaaaa Kelvin why are you doing this?. You know we are yet to’’ Cynthia stammered but I quickly hushed her.


‘’do you still feel anything for me?, please will you marry me?’’ I asked once again while tears dropped from her eyes as she struggled to give an answer.


‘’why now Kelvin ?’’


‘’yes I will marry you”” she finally breathed.








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