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After that night with Naomi, I had a goodnight sleep and the next morning, I woke up again for my early morning run, and after that I took my bath and got ready for school.


Evans my driver to me to school and getting to school the familiarity swallowed me immediately and it’s suddenly seems like I’ve been a student of this school for years.


I cat-walked to class and some people start to stare and talk about me, I don’t know what they’re talking about me but I know they’re talking about how awesome I am. As I walked through the hallway with my head held high, someone suddenly bumped into me causing me to stumble back a little, but thank god, I didn’t fall. “what the hell??” I said to the person and raised my head up to see Esther.


“oh my goodness, Samantha, I am so sorry.. I was in a hurry, the principal needs me like immediately, I guess I didn’t see you even though you’re literally glowing” she complimented and I smiled.


“it’s okay. You didn’t do it intentionally” I tell her and she smiled.


“thanks for understanding” she said before walking away.


my head was High again and this time I walked back to class without anyone bumping into me and I walked to my seat.



“Samantha!!!” I heard my beautiful name from behind and turned swiftly, to see Tracey waving happily at me. I smiled a bit at her and turned back to the board,


the first teacher to walk in was our math teacher Mr ian who came here yesterday and after teaching he gave us all a test and I know I did perfectly well in the test.. After that we had biology, aggressive English and literature before they rang the bell for lunch break. I expected Tracey to come to my table to meet me like yesterday but I was wrong when a girl walked in and walked up to Tracey’s seat and another girl from our class walked to her seat too and with smiley faces they all start to walk out of the class, I watched them leave with a tint of jealously in me. Just as the three of them got to the door Tracey stopped them and walked up to me, “hey sam” she said and rested her hands on my table. “those two over there are my friends, best friends actually and I’ll like it if you’d join us for lunch today, I couldn’t hang out with them yesterday cause I was your guide but today I’m not, so are you coming or not?” she asked with a smile. I would have prefer only Tracey and I but well I can’t let my stomach starve any longer. “okay lead the way,” I said to her standing up ..


She walked up to her friends and I trailed behind her.


“guys this is my new friend.. Samantha, Samantha this is Molly and Victoria, Toria or Tori for short..” Tracey said and I scanned her friends, Victoria’s pretty while Molly’s less pretty. Victoria had full brown hair, dark green eyes and a pitiful face, while molly had short red hair that looks like she’s from the 90’s.. And freckles under her eyes. With hazel eyes.


“hi” I smiled at them..a faux smile actually.


“you’re the new girl right?” Victoria asked and I nod. “I didn’t come to school yesterday and when I came today I was actually surprised seeing a new girl in Class, anyway welcomed to alvery academy” she smiled and I thanked her. Molly said nothing and I was glad she didn’t say anything cause, truthfully I don’t like talking to ugly looking people.


The four of us walked to the cafeteria, and Victoria kept talking about the place


she went yesterday and I was actually enjoying her company and words but she


had to stop when Tracey told her to shut it that she’s not interested in her


conversation, that she’s really hungry.




We got to the cafeteria and we all sat at the table, Tracey and I sat down yesterday,.. I sat down with Tracey opposite me and Victoria bedside me while molly was sitting opposite Victoria.


“so have you guys heard?” victoria asked .



“heard what?” Tracey and I said in unison and glanced at each other and she smiled at me before turning back to Victoria.


“Tiana told me the drama teacher is going to make us put on a show for the whole school at the end of this semester” Victoria explained and Tracey gasped. “really? That’s totally non of my business cause I’m not interested” Tracey said sarcastically and rolled her eyes.


“just because you acted as a servant in one of our last play doesn’t mean you have to be all whiny when a school play is mentioned” Victoria said and I giggled “you acted as a servant?” I laughed and she rolled her eyes


“if you were chosen as a servant what was molly chosen as?” I asked and Molly suddenly glared at me.


“Molly’s in music class” Tracey tells me. “well that explains it” I said, so she sings.. Good for her.


“and I had no choice but to be a servant at our last play cause all the characters were taken and I had to be a servant or else I won’t pass drama class” Tracey explained and I nod. “and Victoria what did you act as? What was your role in the play?” I asked.


“I was the King’s daughter, which is the princess” Victoria said, her head high and Tracey rolled her eyes and mimicked the way she said **i was the King’s daughter, which is the princess** and I laughed, I glanced at molly and she was glaring at me. I don’t know what I did to her but I don’t need those ugly eyes looking at me so I ignored her glare.


“well if there’s going to be a school play this semester, I’ll make sure I’m the lead role.. The main character so when I get on stage everyone’s going to love me, adore me and admire me” I said smiling and Victoria laughed. “actually the drama teacher always love the main character to be Esther Lopez, he just loves her when she acts” Tracey explained slowly .


“well that’s gonna change while I’m here and surely no– James smile caught my eyes, he was with Kaden and I couldn’t help but smile, I hated the way James rested his arm on Kaden’s shoulder, but nothing can happen they’re both guys. I smiled and watched as he rushed his spaghetti in his mouth and the spaghetti sauce stained his cheek making his friends burst into laughter. He’s so adorable. “earth to Sam!!!” victoria said in my ear and I flinched.


“don’t talk in my ear it’s gross” I snapped at her.


“sorry, you were busy looking at those guys while I was talking to you so I had to do that” Victoria said calmly and I sighed.


“okay.. What were you trying to tell me?” I ask her.



“well it’s not that important but..” she glanced at me then at James “but?” I leaned my head toward her.


“James? What?.. I mean why were staring at James like that?” Victoria asked.


Squeezing her face.


“isn’t it obvious, I like James” I primped and moved my hair back.


“James?.. You like James?” she asked and I nod.


“don’t you know?” victoria asked looking at me. And Tracey immediately looked


at her. “know what?” I turned to her.


“that James–


“shut up Tori” Tracey quickly said to Victoria and she kept quiet immediately. “she knows” Tracey tell her.


“really?” Tori asked and Tracey nodded


“know what, what do I know?” I asked looking back and forth at the two of them. “don’t worry it’s nothing.. And by the way I forgot to tell you how beautiful you look today” Tracey said and I smiled. “I am indeed a beauty queen”. “I think I’m gonna go!” molly said standing up.


“why?” Tracey asked.


“well I don’t think I’m needed here since you guys are having a conversation that doesn’t have anything to do with me or concerns me, I don’t think I’m needed here” molly said and this time she grabbed her tray of food. “molly wai–


“just let her go, she insisted on leaving herself” I said and Tracey sighed.


Just then we heard the bell and Tracey gasped, “what?? I haven’t even touched my food”. Tracey said and start to rush her food while Victoria and I laughed.


The three of us head back to class and I was glad Molly’s not in our class, an ugly girl like her deserves nowhere near me. I went to my seat while Tracey and Victoria stood by the door talking about something and I had this feeling it was about me cause Victoria glanced at me but quickly looked away when I caught her. I shook my head negatively and turned my head elsewhere to James.


He immediately spot me and I waved at him and as he slowly waved back Kaden brought his hand down while I eyed him, stupid Kaden, Tracey said I should be nice to him, how can I be nice to him when he’s being a totally douchebaggery. Tracey and Victoria finished their “small talk” and went back to their seats and immediately our history teacher walked in, Mr Valentine, who looks so wicked but when he started to speak you’ll know ‘him looking wicked’ is just an understatement.



“okay welcome back student to my class, and today we’re not having any class thank you stars” he said and I could feel happy murmurs coming from the class. “I’m feeling a little bit under the weather so I’ll just give you all the project for this semester.” he said and everyone groaned, why are they all groaning when it comes to project, I love projects cause I always get A(plus) ..


“and you all are not having the projects individually but in groups” Mr Valentine said and blinked at the quiet class. He spotted Tiana, the class president’ and beckoned for her to come out of her seat.


“I thought you sit here” he said referring to my seat. “I thought so too” Tiana said and gave me a small glare


“anyway here!” he said and shoved a sheet of paper in her hand.


“now this here.. He pointed to the paper on Tiana’s hand.. “is a sheet of paper containing your names now Tina here is..


“uh sir my name’s Tiana as in Christiana” Tiana said and Mr Valentine gave her a look while she giggled which made me rolled my eyes.


“anyway TIANA here is going call out your names in alphabetical order and when you hear your name and the other person’s name then just know you’re partners” Mr Valentine explained and beckoned Tiana to call out the names.


“Amos Billy, Anderson Victoria” Tiana called the first name and I glanced at victoria who held on a strong face. Too bad she doesn’t like her partner. *


“Billy Nigel, Clinton Kaden” Tiana called the fourth name and I sighed, it’s going to be long way till my name is called, it’s a good thing Kaden’s name is called I won’t be paired with him.


I waited and waited for my name but still it wasn’t called, my patience boost up when Tiana got to letter β€œJ” cause my surname’s start from the letter K.


“Hopper Christiana, Jim Tracey” Tiana called and glanced at Tracey while Tracey smiled at her. At least they’re happy they’re paired up, Tiana called the name after that and the name after that while I just kept sighing.


“kress Samantha, Kuith Janice, I mean.. James.. Kuith James” Tiana said and I suddenly gasped hearing that, James! James and I are paired up, I glance at James and he glance at me too, I smiled at him and he smiled back.. Kaden glared at me and I rolled my eyes at him. What’s his problem.


I couldn’t think of anything more than having a project with someone I admire. I was so happy I smiled unit Tiana called all the names.


“okay so guys you know your partners and now I’m going tell you about your projects, it’s about this book, which we’re reading for the when semester” Mr



Valentine explained and brought out a big, a very huge book. “it’s the story of a man and space.. I want you to read this book, create the nine planets with balls or anything you can make it with and tell the class what you think of Mr Nevin, who is the main character of this book, you’re going to submit this project next two weeks, my job here is done no question asked and goodbye” Mr Valentine said and Tiana tried to ask him something, but he ignored her and walked out of the class. Everyone starts to talk amongst themselves and I stood up to go meet James when he walked up to me and I bumped into him. “James” I smiled.


“so surprisingly we’re partners and we’ve got two weeks to read the book and create the nine planets out of balls or paper, and we need to ace this” James said and I nod.


“don’t worry, I’m smarter than a computer we’re totally gonna come first” I said and he laughed. “you don’t need make it perfect just do your best” I said and I shook my head negatively.


“don’t you know, perfect’s my middle name” I primped and he raised his eyebrows.


“well do what you need to do” he said.


“you know it’s a group work right? We have to do it together, so why don’t we just meet up this weekend and talk about it” I asked and he nods. “fine by me.. Where do you think we can meet up?” he asked.


We can’t meet at my place My parents would flip if they see me with a boy even if


we’re talking about school stuff.


“how about your place” I asked.


“uh… I.. I.. Uhm.. Well.. I guess we could manage my place” he said and I smiled.




He walked away and I smiled feeling like I’m on top of the world, finally James and I can be alone.. Without that stupid Kaden bothering us. .








(Being perfect)







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