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‘’are you the friend she’s talking about?’’ Emmanuella’s sister asked again, leaving her eyes on me. I Just couldn’t say anything. The surprise and shock the question came with was just too much.


‘’please you guys should let her be for now. She needs time to recover. Just have patience, she will soon be strong to talk, for now you have to leave’’ one of the nurses annoyingly chipped in, interrupting us. I just felt a bit relieved and annoyed at the same time.


‘’ can’t you give us little more time to understand what she’s trying to tell us?’’ Lydia quickly pleaded, but the nurse wasn’t ready to compromise her stand anymore.


‘’do you want her to choke?, please we can’t allow that. We already have done our best. Moreover she’s recovering, so just give her few days to be strong. We can’t allow you guys to continue questioning her for now’’ the nurse insisted, leaving us with no choice than to reluctantly leave the unit.


‘’I will try to get an officer to watch over her throughout this weekend. Hopefully by Monday she will be strong enough to talk’’ Lydia said with a smile while I shrugged in resignation.


‘’I really pray so. My heart won’t be at peace until she makes a clear statement seriously’’ I breathed. Lydia scoffed and held my hand.


‘’tell me, why are you making these sacrifices for that good for nothing guy?. I really don’t understand you’’ she asked curiously. I shrugged.


‘’honestly I don’t understand myself either but my conscience just can’t allow me to sit and watch him pay for something he didn’t do. Yes he wronged me in the past but I just don’t know’’ I poured out solemnly.


‘’I don’t know why bad guys keep having good women falling for them while good guys end up with the worst kind of women. Anyway I respect your decision and I will help you to the best of my ability. On Monday morning, I will be here with the officers in charge of the case and see if we could get Emmanuella to talk. She alone can save Kelvin for now’’ she added with a smile.



‘’I’m just scared of what Jessica could be planning. I know she won’t just relax and wait for Emmanuella to talk. Can’t you guys detain her or keep surveillance on her?’’ I asked desperately.


‘’that’s not in my position to do. Just go home and relax, Jessica won’t be stupid to try something funny in this hospital. She must have left town by now. That’s the only option I feel she could take’’ Lydia muttered intelligently.


‘’okay, I have to go check on Kelvin then’’ I breathed weakly.




[3pm, state police headquarters Owerri]


(Cynthia and Kelvin are seen seriously discussing)


‘’so that’s the situation of things for now, Emmanuella is fast recovering and I believe she’s will soon get strong enough to say the truth but unfortunately you will be staying here till Monday, at least till Emmanuella talks’’ I softly informed Kelvin who listened very attentively. He looked so weak, so humble and scared. Of course he was a shadow of himself and I couldn’t help but imagine what was going through his mind. There wasn’t any doubt that his misfortunes had turned him into a different young man.


‘’you mean I will be staying here till Monday?. Gawd’’ he breathed sorrowfully.


‘’yes that’s if Emmanuella talks on Monday. Just be strong. It will soon be over’’ I assured him seriously.


‘’have you seen my parents?’’ he asked weakly.


‘’no, I haven’t gotten the chance to leave the city. I just told you how things have been for me since morning. Your issue really took all my time yesterday and now today’’ I answered and yawned.


‘’I just pray things works out in my favor. Thank you for everything Cynthia. I hope you will take me back when I’m out?, remember you promised’’ he suddenly asked, shocking me with the question. I forced out a smile.



‘’no Kelvin, all you have to do when you are freed is to start a new life. I won’t accept you back because I don’t think I will be able to live with you after all you have done’’ I muttered a bit coldly, avoiding his gaze. He swallowed hard, saying nothing.


I couldn’t help but notice how despaired he instantly looked.


Yes I still loved him but I wasn’t helping him for another relationship with him..


[Monday morning]


[Jude’s side of the story continues]


I walked into beauty’s room with a happy smile on my face. I was well dressed up;


ready to head to the hospital to witness all Emmanuella had to say. Of course


everyone, including Emmauella’s family, the police and Cynthia were all going to


be there. It was like a judgment day for Kelvin and I couldn’t imagine missing out


the show.


The smile on my face however quickly disappeared the moment I stared at Beauty’s face. She looked very dull, like someone angry over something. I dutifully sat on her bed and studied her curiously.


‘’what’s up?, you don’t look bright?, are you sick or what?, I thought you planned going to the market early this morning before going for lectures?’’ I asked quietly but she said nothing to me. It was my first time of seeing her so depressed.


‘’what’s wrong dear?, is anything the matter?’’ I asked once again.


‘’nothing, I just want to be on my own’’ she breathed coldly, surprising me with her cold reply.


‘’can’t you tell me the reason you are like this?, what are friends for?’’ I asked desperately, taking a quick glance at my watch at the same time.


‘’listen Jude, I don’t want to be your friend anymore, its better we remain hostel mates and nothing more. So please I just want to be alone’’ she muttered , leaving



me totally stunned as I wondered what could have caused her to say those words to me.


Of course we had been very close to each other ever since I returned to the lodge after breaking up with Tracy and she had been extremely helpful. But I also noticed that she became a bit withdrawn and a bit distant ever since Tracy and I started getting along again, but I never took it as something serious since she had once tried to help me get back with Tracy or was I missing something?.


‘’we have done many things together since we became close friends and I cherished every moment, so why now are you pushing me away?’’ I asked breathlessly.


‘’you are a playboy Jude. You can’t play with my feelings anymore. Just go back to your Tracy and continue from where you guys stopped. From now onwards just forget about my company, my food and every other thing we used to share. I took this decision last night to protect myself and that’s it.’’ She muttered seriously, leaving me as stunned as ever as I stared at her with disbelief.


What could be wrong with her?


To be continued..

















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