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’’Beauty I still don’t get you. I’m so confused’’ I breathed softly, standing up at the same time as I took another glance at my watch. I was supposed to be on my way



to the hospital with Tracy that very moment and I just couldn’t get myself to walk out on her even though I strongly had the urge to do so.


‘’Later in the evening we will talk. I don’t feel like talking anymore’’ she added coldly, giving me the opportunity I needed to leave the room. I gave her one last look, shrugged and headed to Tracy’s room to meet her already dressed up and waiting for me.


‘’I’m sorry, Beauty kind of delayed me. She is behaving very weird. I don’t know what’s wrong with her’’ I apologized to Tracy who shrugged and scoffed.


‘’what?’’ I asked curiously.


‘’nothing, what do you want me to say huh?’’ she fired back with a slightly raised voice.


‘’the girl is acting strange. She said she doesn’t want us to be friends anymore and that I’m a play boy. I don’t know her reason for using such words on me. I have never made any funny moves on her, though i noticed she became very withdrawn ever since we starting getting along again’’’ I explained, expecting a positive reply from Tracy but instead she said nothing, leaving me a bit annoyed with her silence.


‘’you can’t even say anything?’’ I complained.


‘’what’s there to say huh?. Maybe I should go tell her that I haven’t accepted you back, that she should keep her hopes up’’ she muttered and scoffed again.


‘’keep her up hopes up?, what do you mean by that?’’ I asked while she sighed and frowned.


‘’you ask too many questions Jude. Are we still going to the hospital or not?’’ she asked, leaving me with no choice than to abandon the conversation and head out of the hostel with her.


In no time we got to the hospital, to meet Cynthia and a female officer patiently waiting for the officers handling Kelvin’s case to show up.


[Cynthia’s side of the story continues]


[10am, federal medical center Owerri]


I stared at my watch for the umpteenth time, wondering what could be delaying the officers who were to formally question Emmanuella. Lydia had insisted on waiting for them before we speak to the sick girl again, saying that it was in Kelvin’s interest. But then the more I waited, the more impatient I grew.


I threw a quick look at Emmanuella’s sister who was busy at the other side of the hall talking with some of her family members who showed up moments ago. She pointed at me as she talked to them and I pretended not to notice.


‘’so what’s going on?, we have been here for almost an hour yet I can’t understand what’s going on or what we are waiting for?’’ Jude suddenly asked, breaking into my thoughts and gaining my attention.


‘’here are the officers. I told you guys to be patient. It’s better they question Emmanuella on their own and draw their conclusions without any pressure’’ Lydia quickly chipped in while we all followed the direction of her gaze to see about five policemen coming towards us. Lydia went forward to greet them while I stood and watched as they talked before coming towards me.


‘’we can now go and listen to what Emmanuella has to say’’ Lydia said to me with a smile. I smiled back at her, nodded at Jude and together we all went inside the unit where Emmanuella’s family members equally joined us to witness everything.


Emmanuella was sitting up on the bed when we all walked in to see her. The room just went dead quiet as the ASP in charge of the case drew closer to her and smiled. I swallowed hard as i watched the whole drama. Yes Emmanuella looked weak but stronger than the last time we saw her. Her health was of course no longer in danger.


‘’madam we are here for a very serious issue and we are also in a whole lot of pressure to get things right. That’s why we are here to question you instead of waiting for you to fully recover. We need your full cooperation and your statement will help us nail the person who shot you and probably help us in another murder case that just came to our table. Are you strong enough to talk?’’ the officer asked Emmanuella who nodded softly.



‘’are we free to record your statement?’’ he pushed on and Emmaunella nodded again. The officer instantly reached for a small recorder which her switched on.


‘’please tell us who shot you and how it happened?’’ he asked with an encouraging smile.


‘’my friend Jessica shot me because she found out that I was seeing her fiancée Kelvin and feared that I leaked the secret of how she murdered his uncle to him. She ran into us on Thursday evening and shot me without any fear. Jessica shot me, not Kelvin’’ she breathed softly while I heaved a sigh of relief. Her voice wasn’t very loud but audible enough for everyone to hear.


‘’and you are sure you told us nothing but the truth?’’ the officer asked. She nodded.


‘’good we will go get Miss Jessica right away. Thanks for helping out’’ the officer muttered professionally, nodded at his men and headed out while Lydia and I followed them.


‘’so what’s the plan now?’’ Lydia asked with a smile.


‘’we are going over to Kelvin’s house to arrest his fiancée’’ the officer replied.


Lydia shrugged and shook her head.


‘’I doubt if you guys will be able to get her. She’s probably out of the city by now but well at least Kelvin has been vindicated’’ she muttered while I held my breath.











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