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Episode 38



Early Friday morning as I was preparing for lectures, I got a call from an unknown number. Curiously I answered the call, wondering who it could be by that hour.


‘’hey bro, it’s me Kelvin. Meet me at the state police headquarters as soon as you can. Call this number when you get there’’ I heard my cousin mutter with a very weak voice, leaving me totally frightened. Before I could even get myself to breathe out a reply, he hung up, leaving me wondering the kind of trouble he was into this time around.


Nervously I left all I was doing and headed to the state police headquarters. You can’t imagine how loud my heart pounded that moment. Of course I really wasn’t myself and supposing I had any other option, i would have stayed back.




It wasn’t hard to find my cousin at the state police headquarters, looking so weak, frustrated and scared like a Christmas goat. He was really looking like someone already condemned to death when I walked up to him at the office he was being detained. The smile on his face the moment he saw me, showed how happy he was to see me.


‘’listen bro. I don’t have much time but you have to listen carefully because everything is now in your hands. Jessica killed your father. I just discovered the whole truth but unfortunately she caught up with me, tried to kill the only witness and equally set me up. Now listen to all I have to tell you’’ he nervously breathed, shocking me with the words that came out of his mouth.


Quickly he narrated everything to me, starting from his relationship with Cynthia and how Jessica manipulated him into getting rid of the girl. He minced no word in telling me everything, stopping briefly at the point where Jessica shot Emmanuella. His hands shook as he narrated the ugly scene.


‘’I never knew a woman could be so cold and vicious. I never knew I was living with a she devil all these while. Look at me now; it’s her word against mine. No



one will believe me except you. Please just find a way to monitor Emmanuella. If she survives, Jessica might make another move to finish her up. I don’t know when I will be leaving this place. Please just help me talk to Cynthia as well. Tell her everything, here is her phone numbers and address. I need all the help’’ he added as he passed over a piece of paper to me which had Cynthia’s contacts.


I just didn’t know what to say or do. The story I just heard was way too much for me. The story of how my dad was killed equally left a big hole in my heart. All I wanted was vengeance. I had great urge to pay Jessica a visit and finish her up but I lacked the courage to do so. The only way out was to help my cousin and in the process wait for Jessica to misfire and then bring her down.


First and foremost I had to find Cynthia and convince her to help us out.




[Kelvin’s side of the story continues]


I stared at my little cousin as he struggled with the story I just told him. It never was my intention to involve him in that kind of messy situation but I had no choice. He was the only one who could be my eyes and soul out there. Of course I knew I was never going to leave the police station at least until Emmauella recovers to talk which really was going to need a miracle to happen. Everything was already going badly for me.


The look the policemen gave me after searching my house and questioning Jessica was enough to tell me that my fate was sealed. Jessica’s alibi was pretty strong and I just couldn’t help but imagine how she was able to be at two places at the same time, turning everyone against me.


Not only was I looking like a murderer, I was equally looking like a cheat who instead of taking responsibility for his action was accusing his fiancée who bailed him out of a smaller mess the previous week. I really was lucky I was yet to be thrown in the cell.


‘’don’t worry brother, I will do my best. We will fight this out’’ I heard Jude assure me strongly, putting a light of hope over me. I breathed deeply, closing my eyes as I prayed inwardly.



‘’’oh that’s so touching’’ I suddenly heard Jessica’s voice mutter as if it was in a dream. I opened my eyes to see her standing before us.


Jude froze and turned white like someone who just saw a ghost while I stared at her with slight fear as I wondered what she came to do. She was the last person I was expecting to see and of course I knew she wasn’t there for a friendly visit.


I couldn’t imagine how a murderer could be allowed to walk so freely.


To be continued




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