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‘’first of all tell me, how did you find out the real truth about your dad’s death?’’ Tracy curiously asked as soon as we settled down in her room. I shrugged.


‘’do you really want to know?’’ I asked with a forced smile while she nodded quickly. I breathed deeply, before slowly telling her the whole story the way Kelvin narrated to me. She listened with great interest.


‘’hmmmm that lady is really something else and I have this feeling you are next in her list’’ she slowly breathed when I was done. I stared at her with surprise, wondering why she made such a comment.


‘’yes nau, don’t look at me that way, okay just figure this out. You showed up with your lawyer and she gave back the house without any fight, strangely your lawyer got kidnapped the very next day and when he finally got his freedom after paying a huge ransom, what did he do?, he travelled out of the country with the other



lawyer, leaving you on your own for the meantime. Isn’t it a bit suspicious?’’ she asked. I shrugged.


‘’okay let’s continue, your cousin Kelvin somehow discovered the truth and ends up in police cell. What now will stop her from making a new move on you?, or do you think she will just let you go?. My dear to catch a criminal, you have to think like a criminal. I believe she gave up the house easily, either to cover something up or to take you unawares, so you got to be very careful this time’’


She summarized quickly while I smiled in admiration. Yes her reason was quite revealing but awkward at the same time. I felt Jessica had no reason to risk everything in coming after me. I felt she was just a drowning woman desperately trying to get away with her crimes and so the last thing she would do was to make new plans for me. Nevertheless I still appreciated Tracy’s advice which showed that she still was very much concerned in my well being.


‘’you see that’s the more reason I strongly want to make up with you. I want you back in my life. With a lady like you by my side, I won’t have anything to fear. I really don’t know what Pamela told you about us but believe me you are the woman I want to be with for the rest of my life’’ I pressured strongly. Tracy closed her eyes while I stared at her hopefully.


She soon opened her eyes and breathed deeply.


‘’listen Jude I don’t want to continue fighting with you but just know that I will never accept you back in my life. I deserve the best. I deserve the best for my life, for my future. I can’t come back to you out of sympathy or what I feel because in few years, whatever we feel for each other may disappear and we could end up regretting things.


You have already started a family with another lady, the best you could do for her and the child is to be with them. Every child deserves the best and I won’t be happy standing in the path of the child’s happiness. I have a new guy and even though I’m not yet in love with him, I will make it work. So please forget about me and stop haunting my conscience’’ she suddenly begged, spoiling my mood with those painful but truthful words.


‘’but you promised to listen to my own side of the story’’ I protested.



‘’what’s there to say Jude?. Another lie huh?. Come on you can’t deny that another lady is pregnant for you and that’s the root of my decision and not that you cheated on me’’ she pushed on, leaving me totally demoralized. I just didn’t know what to say next.


‘’how about a kiss please’’ I heard myself beg. She smiled faintly.


‘’a kiss will make you happy?, very well then’’ she breathed, drew forward and kissed me softly but strangely the kiss had no emotion, no passion, no current. It was just so cold and lifeless.


‘’let’s make this work please’’ I breathed faintly.


[Kelvin’s side of the story]


By 3:30pm, I was brought out of the cell to meet my visitor who turned out to be Cynthia. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I wasn’t expecting to see her that day or even the next. Her action just showed me the kind of lady she truly was. For a moment I couldn’t find my voice to talk.


‘’just look at you Kelvin. Look at the life you happily chose for yourself. Your cousin did a pretty good job of convincing me to come here. So here I’m’’ she breathed softly as her eyes ran over me.


‘’you got to help me please. I don’t know if I will ever leave this place but don’t let Jessica get away with this. The only witness I have is now battling with her life at federal medical center. Please try and convince the police to watch over her and also find a way to inform my dad of my current situation. Jessica threatened to take my properties. The things we labored over the years for. Please help me’’ I begged solemnly. Of course I was ashamed of my present condition but had no choice than to live with it.


‘’so you now know that we labored together but back then you never appreciated me. You used me as your s£x object and tossed me without any sympathy. Why should I now help you?’’ she asked softly as tears slowly formed in her eyes.



‘’after all you did to me, I can’t imagine, I’m still crying for you. I will help. Let God just be the judge’’ she breathed solemnly while I heaved a sigh of relief.


To be continued




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