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‘’we are here to get some of Kelvin’s things and I advise you let us into the house. Thank God you very much know my record. I’m not soft like Kelvin and I won’t mind strangling you here right now, so better let us have our way’’ Joe chipped in seriously, gaining back Jessica’s attention with his words. For the first time, I noticed a little show of fear in her. It was very obvious she bought Joe’s threat.

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‘’what do you want to take from the house?’’ she asked, trying hard to regain her defiant composure.


‘’it’s none of your business my dear, I will stay here with you while Cynthia goes in to get the stuffs’’ he replied with a cold smile.


‘’no I can’t accept that’’ she breathed.


‘’really?, so you want me to use force on you then?. The last thing I want is to spend another day in prison because that place is very horrible and to avoid that from happening, I will do everything not to get back there, including killing you just to get the things we came here for. You know we are very much alike and you also know how it feels when someone stands in your way. So I beg you for the last time, let Cynthia into the house’’ Joe breathed seriously while Jessica shrugged.


‘’okay you have five minutes’’ she said to me. I smiled, nodded at Joe and quickly went into the living room, from there I headed straight to Kelvin’s room.


I had no difficulty in getting Kelvin’s clothes, bag and other personal stuff he asked me to get and you can’t imagine the look on Jessica’s face when I walked out of the apartment with the load. I couldn’t help but notice how she strained her eyes to see what I got from the house. I simply smiled at her and walked away with Joe. Of course I was happy I came with Joe. He was so very helpful


‘’so where next?’’ he softly asked as we headed out.


‘’first we will head to my house to drop off Kelvin’s things, then we head to the hospital to check on Emmanuella’’ I breathed.


‘’you are such a wondrous lady you know. I can’t imagine you are making these sacrifices for my friend, even after knowing that he not only cheated on you with



Jessica but with Emmanuella as well. You are really a rare gem’’ he praised while I smiled.


Oh yes I knew I left everything in the hands of God but then I equally was surprised at myself, very surprised with the way I was carrying out the assignment as if my life depended on it.


On getting to the hospital we had a little difficulty locating Emmanuella, however a nurse helped us out after we tipped her handsomely.


‘’you know some guys can be so ruthless, imagine shooting his girlfriend for no just reason. Probably they quarreled or something but that didn’t justify him shooting her and endangering the poor girl’s life. The bullet was successfully removed hours ago but she’s still very unstable. Her family members just left minutes ago, leaving behind this young girl to watch over her’’ the nurse said as she pointed to a young girl when we got to the unit Emmanuella was kept.


‘’I have to go now. I guess you will be alright from here?. You know I can’t do much to help out. I have been avoiding anything that will make me interact with the police’’ Joe said softly.


‘’yea I do understand. Thanks for everything’’ I replied with a smile. He breathed deeply, took a quick look at the girl before walking away.


I stared at the beautiful young lady who silently watched over her sister with tears in her eyes. She was in a crowded hospital but yet looked very lonely. She looked nothing more than twenty three years old. The exact age of my sister who watched over me when I was bedridden months back. I couldn’t believe Jessica was still free out there after creating so much havoc and misery. I softly walked up to the girl with a forced smile and gently touched her right shoulder. She stared at me curiously.


‘’hey my name is Cynthia. I’m Emmanuella’s friend’’ I lied softly as more tears dropped from the poor girl’s eyes.


‘’thanks for coming, none of her friends has even called nor asked of her. You are so kind to stop by’’ she breathed, touching me with those simple words. I gently squatted by her side.



‘’we will watch over her together. I’m here to stay. If you need anything, just tell me. How long have you been here?’’ I asked curiously.


‘’I arrived here with some members of our family by 10am, others have left and it’s my duty to watch over her till she either dies or recovers. Have you heard anything about the guy that shot her?. I hope he will pay for this madness?’’ she asked with great hope while I swallowed hard unable to say anything.


Of course I couldn’t tell her that I wasn’t really her sister’s friend. I couldn’t tell her that the guy they all presumed to be guilty actually sent me to take care of things. But then we all had a common interest. We all needed Emmanuella to survive.


It was such a touching moment.


To be continued..






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