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[Cynthia’s side of the story continues]


Early the next day, as I headed out of my house on my way to the police station, a car quickly pulled up in front of me, blocking my part. My heart jumped in fear as I wondered what was going on.


Luckily I didn’t have to wait long to see Jessica jump out of the passenger’s corner with a very mean look. At first I thought she wanted to attack or harm me but all she did was to grab my hair while I faintly struggled to free myself from her strong grip.


Of course I was a bit terrified because I knew what she was capable of.



‘’listen I don’t know why you are snooping around over something that doesn’t concern you. Kelvin already dumped you and I see no reason why you should get involved in his affair again. Stay out of my business or you will end up dead. I’m not joking and I won’t warn you again’’ she threatened, pushed me backwards and headed back to her car which quickly sped away.


It really took me a while to recover myself. I never expected such action from Jessica and I needed no one to tell me that she could have killed me with that opportunity supposing she wanted. I just couldn’t believe it all happened and with that nervous state, I quickly reached for my phone and called Lydia, (my god mother’s cousin, who equally was a high ranking officer with the state police command. She was the officer who backed me up when I stopped Kelvin’s wedding with Jessica.)


‘’I’m not at work today; you can come over to my house. I hope you are fine?, you sound disturbed’’ she said to me with great concern,.


‘’very well, I will be at your house in few minutes’’ I muttered and hung up.




[9:21am, Lydia’s house]


(Cynthia and Lydia are seen discussing seriously)


‘’so that’s the new development my dear. I never imagined myself being in this situation’’ I breathed softly after narrating everything concerning Kelvin’s current situation to her. She listened very calmly, heaving a big sigh when I was done.


‘’I guess on Monday I will have to talk with the officers in charge of Kelvin’s case. It’s obvious they didn’t pay much attention to the details of the case or covering up their incompetence. According to you, the crime weapon wasn’t found on Kelvin, in his car or at Emmanuella’s house and there wasn’t a way he would have shot the girl, left her to dispose the weapon and returned on time for a neighbor to catch him standing over the girl. It’s quite obvious someone else shot the girl but proving it is going to be difficult. I believe the officers in charge of the case equally knew that and had to peg the crime on Kelvin instead of appearing clueless. Well I pray the girl survives and talk’’ she muttered intelligently.



‘’that’s the problem, Emmanuella is very vulnerable at the hospital. She is being watched over by a young confused girl. Anyone could easily take her out at the hospital. We need someone to watch over her’’ I pushed on breathlessly.


‘’that’s going to be hard’’ Lydia muttered, looking down.


‘’all I need is just a police woman to watch over her. The officer doesn’t need to be in uniform. I can pay for her time’’ I added pleadingly, leaving Lydia greatly surprised with my energy.


‘’come on, are you still in love with Kelvin?, don’t tell me you are?’’ she asked curiously but before I could answer, my phone rang, interrupting us.


I fetched my phone from my handbag and was surprised to see that it was Emmanuella’s sister calling. My heart froze as I nervously answered the call, thinking something bad had happened.


‘’my sister just woke up, I can’t believe it. You can come and see things for yourself’’ she announced happily, leaving me stunned momentarily.


‘’I will be right there in a jiffy’’ I breathed with great relief, hung up and stared back at Lydia whose eyes were on me.


‘’Emanuella just woke up, let’s go see her. Perhaps she can tell us everything’’ I said with great excitement.


‘’fine, let me dress up’’ Lydia replied quickly.


[Federal medical center Owerri]


With great excitement Lydia and I walked up to Emmanuelle’s bed. Yes we had a great difficulty convincing the nurses on duty to allow us see the poor lady which they reluctantly did. But unfortunately when we got to the bed, Emmanuella was very much asleep.



‘’I couldn’t believe it when she opened her eyes. I immediately called the nurses before calling you’’ Emmanuella’s sister softly informed me while I nodded in appreciation.


‘’was she able to say something to you?’’ I asked the poor girl who shook her head.


‘’she was too weak to talk’’ she answered as we all stared at the sleeping lady.


After watching over her for about twenty minutes, she lazily opened her eyes again, drawing us up with great excitement.


‘’she’s up again’’ the young girl muttered happily while I drew closer and stared at Emmanuella who surprisingly left her eyes on me and tried saying something which was very incoherent. Her voice was too low to be heard.


The little sister instantly placed her left ear on her mouth and listened with great interest, frowning swiftly.


‘’did you get what she’s saying?’’ I asked quickly.


‘’she is saying,


{‘She shot me, my friend shot me’, get her’.}


‘’I can’t get the other words. Is she referring to you?, are you the friend?’’ the little girl asked suspiciously.








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