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[Cynthia’s side of the story]


As soon as Jude left my house that fateful Friday morning, I went into my bedroom to cry out my heart. Of course I had no justification crying for a guy who ripped out my heart and threw away without sympathy. I had no reason to feel anything for him but regrettably I still did. I still had feelings for him, something I just didn’t know how to stop. Kelvin definitely deserved all that was happening to him. He deserved to rot in jail for the rest of his life but then he never deserved suffering the heat all alone without his partner in crime.


Kelvin and I were really so happy together. I had this great imagination of our future. I sacrificed a lot for him, I obeyed him as if he was my God, I served him with everything I got, I allowed him to rule over me. I offered my body to him in a platter but what did I get in the end?. He dumped me with the first chance he got with the excuse that I wasn’t sophisticated. He felt I was no match for Jessica in everything. Perhaps he was right but he destroyed my happy life with that decision. I was pregnant and expectant of a wonderful future but what did I get?, I found myself dumped out in a cold night, I found myself lying in a refuse dump, under a heavy rain.


Hmmmmmm, that was a very terrible experience. I slowly closed my eyes as the memory of that fateful evening played back in my head.


‘’ That fateful day, Jessica invited me to her apartment for us to settle things amicably and as a naive young woman; I believed her, not knowing that she had other plans for me. She attacked me in her house, in Kelvin’s presence and the d–n idiot couldn’t do a thing to help me out. She easily knocked me out and left me for dead in a refuse dump. I woke up that night not knowing where I was or what was happening for about thirty minutes.


The stench of the whole place, the heavy downpour and the blood I lost all made it terrible for me. I finally managed to get up and luckily ran into a group of policemen at a roadblock. The policemen of course thought at first that I was a mad woman as I made my way to their van. And that was how I survived. I was taken to the hospital and my family contacted. Unfortunately I lost my pregnancy and it was a very nasty experience. My god mother, a lady of questionable



character finally had to offer her help once again and this time around I accepted her help because I had nothing more to lose.


Within few weeks I found myself in Italy. I stayed with her for a couple of months before returning to the country to run her hotel. That was how I survived Kelvin and Jessica but the painful part of it all was that I was unable to forget Kelvin no matter how hard I tried. I equally tried to take down the bi.tch called Jessica but she proved too powerful for me and I had no choice than to back down and wait for the right opportunity’’.


‘’should I now help Kelvin or leave him to his fate?’’ I wondered over and over as more tears dropped from my eyes. Even though my relationship with him ended a long time ago, I still felt as if part of him was still inside me. Perhaps it was because of the pregnancy I lost or something else but only ladies that had passed through something similar would understand exactly how I felt.




[Jude’s side of the story continues]


‘’trey’’ I breathed as we hugged strongly but unfortunately it was as if my voice brought her back to her senses, she quickly pulled away from me, breathing deeply.


‘’that’s it Jude. Please don’t start having silly ideas’’ she stammered, trying hard to appear cold. I quickly and courageously grabbed her right hand, drew her to my side once again, held her head strongly and kissed her quickly. She struggled, broke away from me and lashed out a quick slap on my face.


‘’don’t you ever dare try that again. Imagine I was even feeling sympathy for you but a guy will always be a guy. Look at you, how quickly you switched your emotions to kiss me’’ she fired angrily.


‘’I’m sorry trey but you still got to listen to me. We shouldn’t continue like this’’ I stammered. She rolled her eyes and backed me without making an effort to walk away.



‘’let’s go to your room and talk please. Just give me a listening ear this once and if when I’m done you still feel that you don’t want me back, I will never disturb you again’’ I begged strongly. She turned, searched me with her eyes for some seconds before shrugging.


‘’very well then, but I assure you that nothing will ever change my mind to take you back. Anyway I won’t die if I listen to you this once since you already promised to let me be afterwards’’ she added with a smile while I swallowed hard as I quickly tried to crack up some things in my head because I really wasn’t prepared for her that moment and it was an opportunity I wasn’t supposed to flop on.


‘’Oh dear me’’ I breathed as we headed to her room together.





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