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Episode 40



I really can’t fully describe how I felt the moment I heard Jessica’s voice disrupting the serious conversation I was having with Kelvin. I felt cold, angry and nervous at the same time. I had the urge to attack her right there but just couldn’t.


It really was with great strength that I managed to control my feelings, pick up myself and leave the room without exchanging words with her. But then as I walked away I felt like a coward. I kind of felt ashamed of myself for being unable to confront her like a man. In fact my head kept coming up with different ideas and excuses as I made my way to Cynthia’s house that very morning.



Convincing Cynthia to help out in my cousin’s case was another difficult task I was clueless on how to pull through. Of course Kelvin badly needed her help and it was my duty to make it possible without even having the slightest idea on how to make it happen. The only thing I relied on that very moment was luck. I knew Cynthia had a good heart but then Kelvin really wronged her greatly and she had every right to refuse helping out.


Lastly Emmanuell’s case was another difficult task I knew not how to follow. I equally had to check her up to know the condition of her health and also find a way to watch over her in case Jessica tries to make another move on her life. I really needed help badly.




Cynthia’s house


‘’hello please is Cynthia around?’’ I politely asked the young lady who answered Cynthia’s door. She stared at me curiously, hesitating to give an answer.


‘’my name is Jude, I’m Kelvin’s cousin. Just tell her, she will understand’’ I added convincingly with a smile. The young lady breathed deeply and shrugged.


‘’very well then, just wait here. I will be back shortly’’ she muttered, left the door and headed back into the house. She returned a minute later and ushered me into the sitting room where Cynthia was waiting curiously with a smile.


‘’hmmmm Jude what brought you here?’’ she asked pleasantly. I smiled back at her as I settled down on a sofa.


‘’actually Kelvin sent me here. He is in trouble once again and we badly need your help. Anyway just keep calm and listen to the story I’m about to tell you’’ I quickly added as her smile turned into a quick frown. Fortunately she kept calm and listened to all I had to tell her. I hid nothing as I narrated everything the way Kelvin did. She patiently listened until I was done.


‘’I’m really sorry over the death of your dad and how he was coldly murdered but how does this concern me?. What can I do for you guys?’’ she asked swiftly.



‘’Kelvin is all alone right now. He needs you. His parents are not yet aware of his present predicament. You can also help talk to some of your police friends and make them view the case from our angle. Emamnuella is still battling for her life and she is very vulnerable at the hospital. Anything can happen to her there. Just forget the past and visit Kelvin at the police station. I believe he has a lot to tell you. Don’t just let your feelings cloud your good sense of judgment. Don’t let Jessica win over everything. Remember what she did to you’’ I breathed convincingly while she kept quiet for a while as she battled with her feelings.


‘’alright I will have to think over it and see what I can do to help. I will get back to you soonest’’ she finally assured me, leaving a smile of satisfaction on my face as I stood up to leave.


‘’don’t tell me you are leaving without even eating anything?. Don’t make me


angry, you have to eat something’’ she pressed playfully while I shrugged and sat down once again. Of course I was very hungry.




[later in the day, Jude’s hostel]


As I headed to my room around 1:57pm after a very busy morning, everything Kelvin told me hours ago slowly played back in my head, especially the story of how my father was killed. It was just as if I witnessed the whole scene as it played out that fateful night.


Once again I felt like a coward for walking away from Jessica at the police station instead of confronting her. I just felt as if I had failed my father over again. Tears quickly formed in my eyes as I made my way to the staircase with my head bent to hide my eyes but unfortunately I collided with someone who was heading out.


‘’ouch please try to look when walking?’’ I heard Tracy scream as my shoulder hit her. I nervously threw a quick look at her, apologizing quickly while she surprisingly stared at my eyes with a look of concern as she noticed the tears in them.



‘’I’m so sorry, I wasn’t looking. Hope you weren’t badly hurt?’’ I stammered, quickly looking away to avoid her gaze. She hesitantly stood as if she wanted to ask me something but couldn’t while I bravely tried to move on.


‘’wait’’ I suddenly heard her breathe, stopping me with her words as she took a step towards me with great concern. I turned and stared back at her, wondering the reason she asked me to wait. Our eyes met once again as I trembled deep inside. I felt something I had never felt in a long while.


‘’why are you in tears by this time of the day?. It’s so weird. What happened?’’ she asked with great concern as if she forgot we really weren’t in good terms.


‘’I just found out how my dad was killed. My cousin told me everything this morning. Jessica coldly killed my father’’ I painfully breathed as more tears showed up in my eyes. I couldn’t help but notice how colored up she instantly became.


‘’you should be strong Jude’’ she softly breathed after a little silence, drew closer and threw herself on me, surprising me with a hug that gave me much hope.


She hugged me tightly, saying many unspoken words with it.


I couldn’t believe she actually hugged me. I couldn’t help but feel the power of true love.


[Love song plays in the background Lol]


To be continued











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