Sat. May 11th, 2024

Episode 30



‘’what really broke you guys up?. You guys were too good for that s–t?’’ Beauty asked curiously as we ate fried plantain in her room. I shrugged, quickly forming up a reasonable explanation in my head.


‘’actually there was this girl i met some months back. We just got attracted to each other without any difficulty. The spark was just there and we wasted no time in hitting it off. It really was a onetime thing but the bad stench of the affair never left my body no matter how hard i tried to hide it from Tracy. The girl was just into me that she wouldn’t take no for an answer. I finally had to tell her about Tracy but instead of backing off; she befriended Tracy on facebook and told her about our illicit affair. Tracy got mad at me and till today, refused to listen to me’’ I explained softly, hiding the big details from her.


‘’that’s so bad. You cheated on your girl and hid it from her. She has every right to be mad at you’’ she muttered with a smile.


‘’yes I know but she is just overdoing it’’ I added solemnly.


‘’supposing Tracy did the same to you, would you forgive her?’’ she curiously asked, taking me by surprise with the question. I kept quiet as I thought about it. Of course I wasn’t sure I was going to forgive Tracy if she did the same to me but I was a guy and she was a woman. Things like that aren’t supposed to be weighed the same way. Men of course could cheat out of mistake or perhaps out of lust with no feelings whatever, but for a lady to cheat she must have feelings for the new man. I could be wrong but that was exactly what I reasoned that moment.



‘’anyway Tracy is also too full of herself. Maybe you cheated on her because she wasn’t properly satisfying you’’ she quickly added, probably in order for me not to feel bad. I smiled gratefully.


‘’thanks, I never knew you could be such a good friend’’ I muttered with a smile.


She blushed.


‘’whenever you need anyone to talk to, feel free to come around’’ she offered politely.


‘’oh thanks very much’’ I breathed, blushing at the same time.


‘’so how about your boyfriend?’’ I asked, trying to change the topic. She shrugged.


‘’boyfriend?. I have no student boyfriend because it makes no sense. What I need right now is a guy above my level. A guy who can take good care of me. A guy who has something doing and unfortunately I haven’t met any, so I’m single’’ she answered with a very funny tone that made me laugh.


‘’I haven’t laughed this much in a while. I thank God for giving me the courage to walk up to your room’’ I confessed. She rolled her eyes.


‘’you can’t imagine how many times I had the urge to come over to your room last year but couldn’t summon the courage. There was this Telenovela Tracy do watch in your room every evening as of mid last year. I was following the movie at home but missed it when I left for school. I had to always cover my ears with my pillow whenever i heard the soundtrack of the movie.’’ She confessed while I stared at her with disbelief.


‘’but no one would have sent you out supposing you came over’’ I muttered.


‘’yes but your Tracy acts weird sometimes’’ she replied, looking down.


‘’but since you are here and you guys are not together, let’s go to your room then’’ she suddenly suggested with bright eyes while I nodded in agreement.





Five minutes later Beauty and I headed to my room, giggling like close friends. It just looked as if we had been friends for so long. However as I unlocked my room door, Tracy suddenly appeared from her room and headed towards the staircase after throwing a very long look at Beauty. I never anticipated on her busting up on us that very evening and I felt that perhaps she heard our voice and simply wanted to see things for herself by pretending to be heading downstairs by that hour.


We ignored each other but deep down I was really pained.


To be continued.


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