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Season 2 Episode 39&40



I nervously stared at both Jessica and Jude, praying for Jude to control his feelings and not over react. I couldn’t help but wonder what the poor boy was passing through that moment. Of course he just learnt of how his father was murdered and the murderer was right there before him.


‘’I have to go now. I will be in touch’’ I finally heard him say after what seemed like an eternity. I was happy he acted so matured and calm.


‘’very well then, do take care of yourself’’ I smiled back. He gave Jessica a quick look, turned and left the room.




(Jessica slowly sat down where Jude just vacated, smiled and left her eyes on me for some seconds.)


‘’kelv, see what you just got yourself into by cheating on me. We could have been happy together. We could have conquered the world together. I was very ready to settle down with you but no you felt I wasn’t good enough. You had to cheat on me with a worthless prostitute. Why?’’ she softly asked, searching me with her eyes. I couldn’t believe she had the guts to ask such questions.



‘’you think you are winning right?. I have nothing to say to you now’’ I breathed angrily. She scoffed.


‘’of course what’s there to say huh?. You are going to spend the rest of your life in prison. That’s inevitable, or do you think little Jude will come to the rescue?’’ she asked, laughing softly. It was very obvious she was enjoying it all. I felt like smashing her head to the wall that moment.


‘’listen, Jude is nothing but a little rat to me. I can easily get rid of him whenever I want. I can even make him commit murder with the rage I just saw in him few minutes ago. I can make him spend the rest of his life with you in prison oh and what a happy company he will be for you’’ she threatened and laughed while I bit my lips furiously.


‘’With you guys out of the way, I will simply convert your things to my personal use and equally take back the house your little Jude got from me which of course was rightfully mine. No one will stop me or can you?’’ she opened up freely as if she wasn’t scared of anything. I just couldn’t say a word. Of course I knew she could do it all and yes, I had a hard time controlling my rage. I felt she was maybe trying to talk me into acting violently.


‘’mark my words, I will break free from jail and come after you. Even if I die in the process, I will be very satisfied’’ I threatened seriously, throwing her aback with my threat. She drew back and stared at me with a slightly frightened look. It was obvious she bought my threat even though she quickly covered it up by smiling.


‘’you can’t win in this game Kelvin. You will be too preoccupied battling for your life to even remember dealing with me. Just focus on your pending court case my dear and yes I will pay for your lawyer. I have directed one of my lawyers to help you out but you should know that no lawyer can ever win this kind of case. If I were you, I will simply plead guilty and get a small sentence. I have to go now. I hope you have enough money on you?, because I won’t stress myself coming here to provide food or anything for you. You are now on your own and I have a big task of converting your things to mine’’ she said and stood up.



‘’you don’t have right to any of my things. You are not legally my wife or next of kin. You can’t touch anything’’ I screamed like a drowning man. She laughed softly.


‘’you should worry about Emmanuella’s life first. I heard she’s battling with her life but unfortunately she isn’t going to make it. Worry about that my dear’’ she breathed and walked away while I shook with great fury as all she told me played back in my head.


I couldn’t believe she threatened to make my cousin Jude commit murder. I couldn’t believe she had the power to convert all my things to hers. My blood pressure was so high. It was as if I was going to have a heart attack as I collapsed on the chair with tears in my eyes.


My parents were yet to hear of my present condition and just the thought of it equally pained me greatly.


Jessica was a devil in sheep’s clothing and It seemed i was the only one capable of stopping her, but how do I achieve it?. How do I get out of jail?. How do I set things right?. Moreover Emmanuella’s life was still in danger with Jessica free out there.


I had no time to think more, because three policemen showed up at the room that moment and dragged me to the cell to await my fate. :



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