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‘’how about we follow them to Kelvin’s house?. We can go with your car’’ I asked Lydia who shrugged in resignation.


‘’okay if you say so’’ she breathed.




Twenty minutes later we arrived at Kelvin’s house with our hopes up. I couldn’t wait for Jessica to be arrested and put behind bars, I just felt like growing wings and flying to wherever she was to grab her. But then as we watched the policemen move into the building, I couldn’t help but believe in Lydia’s prediction. Jessica wasn’t a stupid woman and the last thing she would do was to sit back and wait for the police to arrest her. She had enough time to escape and I knew if it was the case that we all could still be in danger.


The ASP and his men soon emerged from the building, sweating profusely. The look on their faces clearly showed how disappointed they were. Of course Jessica wasn’t with them and I couldn’t help but imagine the next step they were going to take in finding her.


‘’I said it. Jessica must have left town during the weekend. I knew coming here was going to be fruitless’’ Lydia muttered with a smile before alighting to join her colleagues. I dutifully followed her out of curiosity.


‘’no one is in the house apart from the gate man. He said the last time he saw Jessica was on Saturday evening’’ the ASP said to us, wiping sweat from his forehead.


‘’so what next?’’ I asked.


‘’we will have to map out plans to capture her but first you will have to follow us to my office and bail Mr. Kelvin since you are now the person representing him’’ the officer said with a shrug.


‘’well let’s go get Kelvin first. We can worry about Jessica later’’ Lydia breathed with a smile.


[Kelvin’s side of the story continues]


[1pm, state police headquarters Owerri]


I nervously sat in the cell as I counted the hours, praying and begging God to help me out. I couldn’t imagine spending another day in the horrible place. I couldn’t imagine what was going to be my fate supposing the police fail to get the truth out of Emmanuella. I was so hopeful and scared at the same time.


My heart kept pounding furiously as I nervously waited to be called out.


After what seemed like an eternity, a police corporal came to fetch me and I couldn’t help but pray for it to be my last moment in that terrible place.


The smile on Cynthia’s face as I was led into the ASP’s office was enough to assure me that all was well. I heaved a sigh of relief as tears of joy filled my eyes.


‘’Mr. Kelvin you are a very lucky man and your God really performed a very big miracle for you. Try staying out of trouble from now onwards and always make yourself available to us. We have gotten all we needed to free you and Miss Cynthia bailed you out. So you are free to leave’’ the ASP said softly while I swallowed hard as I stared at Cynthia with gratefulness..


Who would have thought that a lady I watched as she almost died the previous year was going to help me out in such a way. Who would have thought that Cynthia of all people was going to sacrifice her time and life to make sure that I wasn’t thrown in prison? Of course it was her opportunity to get back at me, to see me pay for all I did to her, but what did she do instead?, she kept aside the past and still fought for my freedom.


I just didn’t know what to say to her, how to appreciate her. I just didn’t. All I did was just to stare at her without saying anything.




[An hour later, at kelvin’s house]


‘’I have done my part and escorted you back to your house, our business is over. Just patch up what’s left of your life. I’m leaving’’ Cynthia suddenly said as we



walked into my sitting room. I silently stared at her for few minutes before bravely drawing close to her.


‘’thank you for everything Cynthia, I do owe you a lot. How about you stay with me here?. Please’’ I begged softly. She instantly frowned.


‘’and what’s the meaning of that?. Please I only helped you to secure your freedom and that’s it. You don’t have any right to demand anything else from me’’ she fired coldly.


‘’but I don’t want you to leave. I’m ready to patch up my life and start all over again but I can’t do it alone. I need you’’ I begged desperately.


‘’I don’t love you anymore Kelvin. All I feel now for you is nothing but pity and I can’t go into a relationship out of pity. I can’t’’ she muttered, leaving me so pained with her words.


Yes I wasn’t expecting a quick acceptance from her but then I was very hopeful. I was very desperate to have her back.


‘’please I beg of you. This is coming from my heart. I have nothing but my heart which I’m offering once again to you’’ I begged while she sighed.


‘’the last time you offered your heart to me, I took it like mine and nursed it with all my strength but what did you do in the end?. You took it away from me and gave it to another woman to damage. Just patch up what’s left of it. I’m leaving’’ she shouted and headed to the door.


‘’please don’t walk away Cynthia. I’m kneeling for you’’ I begged, throwing away the remaining pride in me as I knelt down for her. She turned and froze for a while as her eyes ran all through me. I instantly had great hope that she finally was convinced but to my dismay she shook her head and left the room, leaving me kneeling.

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‘’I don’t love you anymore Kelvin. All I feel now for you is nothing but pity and I can’t go into a relationship out of pity’’ her words rang in my head again and again.



To be continued..












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