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Season 2 Episode 37&38



Very early the next morning, I was dragged to the same office I was questioned (over the gun possession issue) the previous week. (The annoying police inspector I dealt with the previous week and two ASP officers were there just like the last time I was there). You can’t imagine the grin on their faces when they recognized me.


‘’you again?’’ the inspector asked with disbelief. I shrugged, clueless on how to face them. I just couldn’t help but pray for my case to be transferred to another set of officers.


‘’I thought the lady that bailed you last week was your fiancée, how come you went on a vacation immediately after getting your bail with this new lady that was shot, I mean according to what you told my colleague yesterday?’’ he asked seriously as I sat on a bench while the other officers exchanged glances. I needed no telling that I was ruined. The look on their faces clearly showed that they didn’t



buy my story. Of course i was already pronounced guilty by officers who were supposed to carry out a detailed investigation.


‘’I didn’t shoot the girl. My fiancée, the lady that bailed me out the previous week did. She caught the girl and I, shot her and ran away. The more you guys are delaying to get her, the more time you are giving her to escape’’ I breathed nervously, throwing the room into a sharp silence with my outburst.


‘’you better be sure about what you are saying because we are going to your house right now before heading to the crime scene. We are yet to recover the crime weapon and you better cooperate with us very well’’ the inspector slowly added while I shrugged in acceptance. In few minutes we were at my house.


[Kelvin’s house]


The officers with me cautiously advanced to my front door, taking every safety precaution as one of them knocked at the door. My sound system was playing inside, clearly showing that someone was at home.


My heart pounded furiously as I wondered what Jessica was up to. But to my surprise she answered the door and stared at us with a look of surprise, like someone who wasn’t aware of what was happening. She was really a pretty good actor and oh yes I never even expected to see her at my house. I thought she fled the city after shooting the poor girl, so seeing her that very morning really got me disoriented.


‘’madam we are here to question you over an attempt on Miss Emmanuella Odek’s life yesterday evening. She was fatally shot at her residence’’ the ASP with us addressed Jessica calmly, expertly studying her reaction.


‘’Emmanuella Odek is my friend. Who shot her and why is my husband on cuffs?. I thought we already bailed him last week. Why arrest him again’’ she asked with a slightly raised tone, getting me angry with her pretense.


‘’I think you are getting things wrong here madam. Your man was with the lady when she was shot and neighbors said he was the only one seen with her before she was shot but he put up a good defense claiming that you caught him with your



friend, snapped and shot the girl’’ the officer slowly added while Jessica’s color instantly changed.


‘’what!, you mean not only did he cheat on me, he also accused me of such dishonorable thing?. I have suffered’’ she cried, reached forward and slapped me with great fury before the officers could stop her. her act was pretty convincing and I knew the officers bought it.


‘’so then where were you yesterday evening’’ the officer asked.


‘’I was at a friend’s birthday party. I was at Ify’s birthday party. She’s a radio presenter with heartland fm. Most of my friends were there; even the wife of the state commissioner for information was there. You can ask all of them. I was at the party from 5pm till midnight’’ she defended quickly.


‘’you can take their contacts from my phone if you want’’ she quickly offered, surprising the officer with her well calculated replies.


‘’how about we search the house again for the gun used in shooting the girl?’’ he asked politely.


‘’sure of course you can search everywhere’’ she accepted as the other policemen quickly ransacked the whole house while the senior officer quickly went through her phone and copied some numbers which he called with his own phone.




After about ten minutes, the officers searching the house came out sweating.


‘’we couldn’t find anything sir’’ they all said to the senior officer who shrugged and me.


‘’your woman’s alibi equally checked out. The three people I called said she was at the party. So you see Mr. Kelvin, all you have left is for miss Emmanuella to survive and talk or else you could be charged for first degree or second degree murder depending on your level of cooperation’’ the officer said to me, apologized to Jessica and headed back to the station with me.




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