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Episode 34



‘’you know without evidence, your story has no value. I just wish there is little evidence to back it up’’ I muttered calmly, wondering if she had something to back up her story. She shrugged and drew back.


‘’unfortunately there isn’t anything like that for now but I can get out a confession from her. I can record it for you. Yes I can do it’’ she offered breathlessly, giving me great hope with her words. I stared at her curiously as my heart pounded fast out of excitement.


‘’but more thing’’ she added, drawing closer to me once again as we stared into each other’s eyes with great intensity.


‘’promise me that at the end of the day, after we get Jessica locked up in jail that you will settle down with me’’ she demanded strongly, taking me aback with such blunt demand. I just couldn’t believe myself for some seconds. The shock I felt instantly gave me away. She frowned on seeing how disturbed her demand left me. She dropped her eyes, looking gloomy.


‘’so I’m only good to be fu.cked?. I’m only good for fun right?’’ she asked with a slightly raised tone as her color rapidly changed.


‘’no I beg of you’’ I stammered, not exactly knowing what to say.


‘’yes see your reaction?. You mean I should take the full risk of bringing down Jessica without any reward in the end?. I’m only trying to save your as.s from misery and the best you can do is to reciprocate my gesture by being with me to the very end. I need your presence and protection’’ she pushed on.


I closed my eyes for some seconds as I quickly thought of how to follow up with her. Yes she had a perfect body. She was fun to be with but she was as hell in the same league as Jessica. I just couldn’t imagine her being the mother of my kids.


I badly wanted to know the whole truth about Jessica but it wasn’t going to be at the expense of playing with my future or making the same mistake I made with Jessica.



‘’so what now?’’ I heard her say, interrupting my thoughts. I opened my eyes, drew forward and kissed her, totally surprising her with the kiss.


‘’what was that for?’’ she asked with a look of confusion.


‘’I believe you are a better woman than Jessica. I think it’s better to be with you than her. Yes let’s do this’’ I softly breathed, drawing out a smile of satisfaction from her as she quickly hugged me.


I never meant those words but perhaps she was too gullible or stupid not to realize that the promise I just made wasn’t from my heart unless of course she had her own plans or means of tying me down after getting the confession from her friend.




[Jude’s side of the story continues]


(same Sunday evening)


I was about going to Beauty’s room when my phone rang and it was no other person than my lawyer calling. I nervously picked the call, wondering what the evening call was all about.


‘’good news, my friend has secured his freedom. We managed to pay the ransom and he was released this evening. Meet me at my hotel tomorrow morning, so that we can conclude things’’ he quickly informed me, hanging up instantly while I heaved a sigh of relief. Yes I really felt very relieved, learning that the barrister had been freed because I kind of felt responsible for the whole kidnap thing.


I just couldn’t wait for the next day to arrive and round things up once and for all.


It just was as if a heavy load was suddenly carried off my chest and with that


happy mood, I walked into Beauty’s room, surprising the poor girl with a quick


hug as she opened her room door for me. The affectionate hug really left her


staring at me breathlessly, clueless of what to make of it.


No I had no dirty reason for hugging her so strongly, It was just a happy moment I needed to share with someone like Tracy but unfortunately she wasn’t there at that moment and I just couldn’t imagine what Beauty felt of my action.



To be continued


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