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Episode 32



I returned to my room to met Beauty eagerly waiting for me. She couldn’t even hide the excitement in her. It was just as if she was my big sister or something.


‘’so what’s up?’’ she asked with great excitement.


‘’nothing much’’ I breathed, looking down.


‘’ I didn’t achieve anything but at least we talked well and her emotions gave her away. She’s still very much in love with me’’ I added, slowly narrating all that transpired between Tracy and I. she listened with great attention.


‘’oh dear, you were too dull. You could have grabbed her when she was a bit indecisive, carried her to her room and made love to her. The opportunity you needed just stared you at the face but you blew it. Sometimes we ladies need just a little fondling and caresses to be on track’’ she breathed quickly. I shrugged, saying nothing.


‘’every lady has a sensitive spot. You could have made the bold move’’ she added with a look of disappointment, making me feel unmanly with her words.


‘’I have never made love to Tracy; we never did it when we were together. So I guess it wouldn’t have worked’’ I confessed, leaving her totally shocked.


‘’you mean you guys haven’t done it before?. But you have been together for so long’’ she asked with disbelief while I shrugged.


‘’oh I see, no wonder’’ she stammered with resignation, leaving me wondering what exactly she was thinking that moment.




[Kelvin’s side of the story continues] (same evening)


Softly I knocked at Emmnuella’s door, as I nervously looked around for the tenth time. I had this feeling that I was being followed for no just reason. Perhaps it was the trauma I passed through at the police station that was still playing with my mind or perhaps the fear of what Jessica would do to me if she was to find out about my affair with her friend.


Emmanuella was just like alcohol to me, I knew having her was very dangerous but I just couldn’t get the urge out of my system. Of course i was very clueless on how it will all end with her. Oh yes I knew our affair would end very abruptly.



The front door soon opened, revealing Emmauella who quickly smiled on seeing me. As usual she was looking pretty hot and s£xy.


‘’ah finally! what a surprise. You haven’t been picking my calls’’ she breathed as she threw herself on me.


‘’I just obtained my freedom from the police. They arrested me over the flimsy excuse that I was in possession of an unlicensed firearm’’ I explained softly.


‘’you really need to get away from Jessica’’ she suddenly breathed, leaving me very curious with her comment.


‘’do you feel Jessica is also behind it?’’ I asked while she shrugged, saying nothing.


‘’I will be leaving town for few days. I want to travel to a quiet city, relax and get myself in order’’ I added, studying her intently as I lowered myself on a sofa. She smiled, drew close and sat on my laps.


‘’that’s great. How about we leave town together?’’ she suddenly suggested. I stared at her suspiciously.


‘’don’t you have a job or something?’’ I asked with a polite tune. She quickly frowned and left my body.


‘’I’m ready to make sacrifices for you. I just like you and I want to help you get away from Jessica’’ she muttered coldly, quickly putting me in a defensive position with her words.


I slowly got up, drew close and held her by the shoulder.


‘’I do find you irresistible but there are many things about you that I’m yet to figure out’’ I breathed, kissing her neck.


‘’let’s do the vacation together. I will tell you everything when we get there’’ she softly offered, turned and faced me as we exchanged hot glances. Few minutes later, we were on her bed, tearing each other apart.




I returned to my house early the next day, to meet Jessica all dressed up. She sighed on seeing me while I smiled, trying hard to appear nice. Of course I never planned spending the night with Emmanuella but the pretty witch never let me go and when we eventually finished ourselves up, I was just too tired to head home.


‘’I can’t believe you slept out. I could have left you at the police cell since you now prefer sleeping out instead of your own house’’ she said angrily while I yawned.


‘’I went to see some friends and we got all boozed up’’ I lied softly.


‘’I know you were with a woman but keep on till I get you guys. I will murder and leave her corpse for you to bury’’ she coldly threatened and walked away, leaving great fear all over me as her words sank in. Of course her words were more like a normal feminine rant but deep down I had this feeling that she meant every word. I needed no one to tell me that I had to be very careful with Emmanuella.


To be continued



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