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Season 2 Episode 35&36



Early the next day I met my lawyer at his hotel room just like he requested and together we headed to barrister Clem’s house. Of course I really was very anxious and nervous at the same time, or should I say overly excited. In no time we got to the barrister’s house.


Just like I expected, barrister Clem was just a shadow of his former self. He looked so pale, malnourished and thin. The bruises on his body equally revealed the hell he passed through at the kidnappers den, even though he appeared calm and composed.


‘’thank God you are back’’ I breathed with excitement, not really knowing what to say while he smiled at me.


‘’I believe someone paid for me to be kidnapped. I saw hell in there. I was beaten every day and night but I thank God for my life. It’s now a thing of the past. I just pray nemesis catches up with them’’ the barrister muttered confidently while I breathed deeply, wondering what made him so sure that someone paid for his kidnap.


‘’anyway Jude we were lucky the kidnappers didn’t do anything with the car and documents in it. Actually after I was released, they left a note on where to get the car and we eventually recovered it with the help of the police’’ he added as he handed a document to my lawyer.


‘’I believe the car and documents I had in my care weren’t of any concern to them’’ he added with a sharp smile.


‘’tomorrow I will inspect and check out the house Jessica handed over to us. By Thursday I will be leaving the country for a medical checkup. When I get back, we will round up everything concerning the property’’ he explained while I shrugged



with resignation because there was nothing really to say. The important thing was that he was back alive and my documents still intact.


‘’I will be leaving the country with him on Thursday. You know I have overstayed more than I planned, but we will still keep in touch every other hour’’ my lawyer slowly chipped in while I shrugged once again.


‘’Thank you for everything. You guys are great’’ I finally stammered after few seconds of silence.




[Kelvin’s side of the story continues]


(Few days later)


[8:11pm Thursday, Emanuella’s apartment.]


As Emmanuella slowly opened the door to her apartment, I playfully tickled her waist, making her turn to face me with laughter.


‘’you are still not tired of my body. Are you?’’ she breathed happily while I stared into her eyes as all we did during the short vacation played back in my head.


Yes the vacation was a success. I got my spirit and old self back. Emmanuella equally was wonderful and if not that the money I budgeted was already exhausted, we would have stayed till the weekend, instead we had to pack and head home that very Thursday.


‘’hope we can do this some other time?’’ she asked hopefully. I silently nodded.


Just that moment, a male neighbor walked up to us with a smile on his face.


‘’oh I guess you haven’t been around?. I even knocked on your door an hour ago?’’ he said to Emmanuella after shaking my hand.


‘’oh I travelled with my boyfriend’’ she replied, winking at me. I blushed.


‘’hope you guys had fun?’’ the male neighbor asked. She laughed.


‘’anyway, I just came to tell you that my son will be celebrating his birthday on Saturday. Chinonso will be a year old on Saturday’’ he announced happily.


‘’oh that’s great. I sure will be there to celebrate with your family’’ she muttered politely while the neighbor smiled and headed outside.




[Emmanuella’s sitting room]




‘’so what now?’’ Emmanuella playfully asked as we held each other in the sitting room. It was just as if she couldn’t stay a second without me.


‘’I have to start leaving now my dear. You know I have Jessica to face tonight. I can’t imagine the kind of fight we will be having this evening’’ I breathed with a solemn look. She softly kissed me, scanning my face with great concern.


‘’just be careful with her okay’’ she breathed. A knock landed on her door before I could reply, taking our attention.


‘’who could it be by this hour?’’ she asked, broke away from me and slowly headed to the door while I waited and watched. But as soon as she opened the door, she gasped and drew back into the room with great fear while the visitor who was dressed in black top and trouser confidently walked in with a smile.


The visitor was no other person than Jessica. I just couldn’t believe it. I wasn’t prepared for such confrontation. And the intriguing thing was that she appeared well composed and calm as if she had everything already figured out.


‘’can anyone please tell me what’s going on here?’’ she asked with a calm smile while Emmanuella ran to me obviously for protection.


My plans with Emmanuella, everything suddenly appeared to come to a hold. Jessica just had this way of being at the top every time. Of course i didn’t know what to do or say.



‘’so you stole the food meant for your elder huh?. how much have you told him?. You just can’t control yourself whenever you see a man. D–n, you just betrayed me girl. You know what comes next right?. You know the rules’’ she shouted at Emmanuella who suddenly held me tightly, like someone being electrocuted.


‘’I’m so dead. She’s going to kill me right now’’ she cried as if she just saw the future, totally surprising me with her outburst. But I had no time to wait because just that moment, Jessica pulled out a pistol from her bag.


‘’I’m sorry, I never intended this to happen but someone has to pay and that person clearly isn’t me. I warned you about this as well kelvin’’ she breathed, aimed and fired without hesitation.


There was silence after the heavy sound of gunshot.


To be continued below




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