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Episode 36



Jessica smiled evilly as she lowered the gun while I heaved a sigh of relief thinking she only fired a warning shot. I never knew Emmanuella was hit until she fell heavily on my body with a soft groan.


‘’she shot me. I’m dying’’ she groaned as I nervously grabbed her. I just didn’t know what to do that moment as I softly laid her on the floor to see where she was shot and how badly she was hurt.


There was blood all over her chest and in no time my hands were covered with her blood. There wasn’t any doubt the bullet went through her chest.


I threw an angry look towards Jessica’s direction but to my surprise she wasn’t there any longer. She just vanished. It was as if she was never there in the first place. I couldn’t believe myself as I returned my attention to the dying girl.


‘’I’m dying. I don’t want to die’’ Emmanuella cried weakly as I weighed the options before me. A part of me felt like abandoning her and running away but I just couldn’t do it because the memory of what happened with Cynthia was still



very fresh in my head. Moreover a neighbor just saw us together and so running away would make me look extremely guilty.

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I was still battling with my thoughts when the neighbor we met earlier showed up at the door. He stared at the scene for some seconds before screaming and running in to probably check things .


‘’what happened?. I heard the scream and gunshot that followed. Why did you shoot her?’’’ he stupidly asked while I gasped with disbelief over his question.


‘’I didn’t shoot her. Someone else did. Let’s take her to the hospital first’’ I stammered as he stared at me suspiciously before shrugging in resignation. In no time the sitting room was filled with concerned neighbors. Of course I was the main suspect and there was nothing I could do about it.


Luckily no one laid a finger on me, everyone was just concerned in taking the dying girl to the hospital and in few minutes we were at federal medical center owerri where the doctors at the emergency unit battled to save her life but the look on their faces clearly showed that all we needed for Emmanuella to survive was nothing but a miracle. She was really shot at a fatal area and she already lost a lot of blood.


However I never had time to worry about Emmanuella because I had a lot to worry about myself as the police showed up to take me in for questioning. And that was it, another straight ticket to jail.


[2am, state police headquarters]


‘’I now recognize you. You had a case the previous week with us?. What’s up with you and crime?. And the funny thing is that you always claim to be innocent” the police inspector who took me from the hospital asked as he led me to an empty office. The look on his face clearly showed that he already had pronounced me guilty.


‘’you got to believe me officer. I had no reason to shoot the poor girl, moreover no gun was found on me. We just got back from a vacation and my girlfriend showed up and shot her’’ I feebly defended myself.



‘’this case is too big for me to handle. You have to wait for my superiors to come and take over. Just pray she doesn’t die because that’s the only way you can escape prison. I’m speaking from experience. Moreover you already have a bad record’’ he added, shook his head, left the room and locked the door.


I fell with my knees on the floor as the reality of the grave situation I was in played before me. I could be charged for murder or manslaughter if the poor girl dies and with the look of things she was definitely going to die.


Jessica equally wasn’t there to help me out this time around because she was the mastermind of the whole thing. She perfectly ruined me at the right time and to think that she warned me.


‘’no God noooooooooo’’ I cried miserably.


To be continued



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