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Season 2 Episode 3&4



‘’so what’s up with you?’’ I slowly asked Pamela as we drank tea together minutes later. She breathed deeply and shrugged. I couldn’t help but wonder what was going through her mind that moment. Of course there wasn’t any need rushing things because we had a whole lot of time to spend together.


‘’you know Jude, being without you for this long was nothing but hell. I simply was counting the days. Trust me it isn’t easy being a woman’’ she muttered with a smile. I smiled back, wondering what next to say.


I really was in a messy situation with her. She was having my child and about dumping her husband who took away poverty from her life, a husband who made her a refined lady with big taste. Of course I knew such move could get both of us killed, especially if the man gets to know about my identity.


Secondly I wasn’t in love with her. In fact I was yet to find the real definition of what I actually felt for her. Then how about my Tracy?, who was at the corner with all her trust and hopes on me. I just was a guy living for the moment. I was plainly uncertain of how my tomorrow would end.


‘’what are you thinking’’ Pamela soon asked curiously, breaking into my thoughts.


I forced out a smile.


‘’nothing much, just thinking about your future’’ I muttered.


‘’of course my future is with you. I’m already putting finishing touches to my divorce plan. I’m just taking my time’’ she breathed quickly, her eyes filled with excitement. I reached forward and held her hand.


‘’how about you don’t divorce your husband?, We can continue being lovers for the rest of our lives. I have my Tracy that I want to marry and you have a husband that is willing to do anything for you. Divorcing him could lead to a whole lot of things. He could end up killing both of us’’ I suddenly proposed, shaking her with my words.


To be sincere I never planned saying those words to her. I never thought of such plan before that moment. It simply came into my head and I poured it out instantly.


Pamela instantly withdrew her hand from my grasp, quickly coloring up.


‘’no’’ she breathed with great energy.


‘’I want you all for myself. I can end my marriage with the senator anytime I chose and he isn’t going to do about it. He can’t afford committing murder here in U.S’’ she breathed defiantly.


‘’how about me?. I have a life. I have a future. I belong to Nigeria. Nigeria is my home and I plan staying there’’ I pushed on.


‘’because of Tracy right?’’ she asked, tears quickly forming in her eyes. It was just as if I shattered her hopes with my proposal.


‘’how about your son?. Are you going to ruin his future because of your feelings for Tracy? Will you be able to look him in the face tomorrow and tell him that you abandoned him because of a woman?’’ she asked. I looked down, so indecisive, so clueless.


Luckily my dad’s lawyer knocked and walked in on us that moment. Of course he was extremely surprised to see me with a pregnant lady but he never gave out his feelings.


‘’I’m sorry, I never knew you had a guest’’ he muttered politely while I threw a searching look at Pamela who was equally surprised to see the lawyer walk in.


‘’please excuse us for a minute’’ I smiled to the lawyer, stood up and led Pamela to my bedroom.


‘’wait for me here. We still have a lot to talk’’ I asked of her, politely gave her a nervous peck, grabbed my late dad’s suitcase and headed back to the sitting room to meet the lawyer.


‘’so where do we start now?’’ the lawyer asked with a smile as his eyes fell on the suitcase. I breathed deeply.


‘’thanks for taking care of my dad’s properties in my absence but please before we talk about his business here in Virginia, first check out the contents of this suitcase



and tell me what you think of it. I believe a lady scammed and killed my dad back in Nigeria and I want you to help me. This suitcase has been with me for months now’’ I quickly requested while the young lawyer briefly searched me with his eyes before taking the suitcase from me.


I suddenly felt at peace.


‘’thank you Uncle Tony’’ I breathed.


‘’hmmm there are a whole lots of documents in here. I will have to take the suitcase to my office to thoroughly study everything. I will help you get to the bottom of this case. I help you out even if it means going back to Nigeria with you’’ the lawyer assured me, leaving a big smile on my face.


‘’you will hear from me in few days. But if you are in need of any urgent assistance, you can call me up anytime’’ he added, stood up and left with a smile.


After few seconds, I returned to my room to be with Pamela who was patiently waiting for me.


‘’so what was that all about?’’ she asked curiously.


‘’my late dad’s lawyer’’ I simply answered, sitting beside her on the bed. She softly held my hand.


‘’I have made up my mind to divorce my husband. I can’t continue living like this. If you don’t want your child, it’s fine by me, I rather be a single mother than have your child for my husband’’ she muttered seriously, leaving me totally shocked.


To be continued below




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