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Episode 14



I knew making up with Tracy was never going to be easy but I never expected her to lock me out of her house without at least first listening to my own version of the story nor considering the long journey I took to get to her house. I stood outside the compound like a stranded man, so clueless on what next to do. Of course I couldn’t just start going back to where I came from. I had to stay put for a while and pray for a miracle to happen.


For up to four hours, I stood under the cold weather, which soon gave way for a not too painful sunlight, yet Tracy refused to change her mind and speak to me. It was as if she even thought I had gone back to where I came from. And I really had the urge to shout her name until she was forced to come out but unfortunately I had no strength for such a thing because I was already very tired, hungry and weak. Moreover such action could easily be misinterpreted in the quiet neighborhood.


By 4pm, when I was about giving up on my quest and leaving the neighborhood, Tracy’s mother luckily showed up at the gate with her car. She stopped the moment she saw me and beckoned on me to come forward.


‘’Jude is that you?. Are you just coming?. Why are you sitting outside?’’ she asked curiously. I heaved a sigh of relief as I realized that Tracy was probably yet say badly about me to her mum.


‘’I just got here ma, Tracy doesn’t want to talk to me’’ I stammered, not knowing what else to say.


‘’get into my car then’’ she offered, opening the passenger’s door for me. I quickly jumped in, forcing out an innocent smile while praying in my heart for Tracy not to tell the real cause of our fight to her mum when she asks for an explanation.



The gate was soon thrown open and in few seconds, we were inside the big house. Of course you can’t imagine Tracy’s surprise on seeing me with her mother. She looked so shocked and angry.


‘’Tracy dear what did Jude do to you?. Why did you leave him outside or were you not aware of his presence?’’ her mother asked her as she settled down in the living room. I just couldn’t breathe as I fearfully waited for Tracy’s reply but luckily she said nothing.


‘’mum just stay out of this please. I don’t want to talk about it with anyone’’ she finally muttered coldly and walked out on her mum, really surprising the old woman.


‘’what has gotten into her?’’ she asked me with a drawn face while I shrugged.


‘’I heard you travelled out of the country, when did you return?’’ she slowly asked me, making me feel a bit at home with the question, in no time we started chatting like mother and son.


[Later in the evening after supper]


I went out in search of Tracy to see if I could talk to her again. Luckily I found her at the backyard, busy with her phone.


‘’Trey dear’’ I stammered, sitting beside her. She stared at me for a while, sighed and kept quiet.


‘’I’m sorry for everything and I’m here to explain. I just want you to listen please’’ I stammered fearfully.


‘’I don’t want to talk to you Jude. You are just lucky I didn’t tell my family what you did. You should respect yourself and back away. It’s over between us and nothing will change that. You can stay here if you want’’ she coldly replied, stood up and walked out on me.




[Kelvin’s side of the story continues]



I really had a lot to think after Jude showed up at my house the previous day. I was caught in between helping him out, being neutral or standing by Jessica. Of course I knew Jessica’s hands weren’t clean but I still couldn’t figure out anything strong to pin her with crime. She was just always ahead of me and somehow I feared for my cousin’s safety even though I had a little reservation about that. I believed if Jessica had wanted to harm him, she would have done it months ago when no one would have noticed.


Setting up a new wedding date with Jessica was another thing that bugged my mind. I really wasn’t eager to marry her like I was the previous year and I just was scared of what her reaction would be if I was to tell her the truth. Moreover she was already living with me, something I wasn’t happy about and then Cynthia’s reappearance was another thing I just couldn’t easily live with.


I just really can’t tell what exactly I was feeling for Cynthia. It was a bit of fear, likeness, regrets and passion. I always looked forward to seeing her without knowing the reason. Her changed look equally made me more attracted to her.


I was in this state of mind when I headed out to the bar, down the street to drink a little. I barely had settled down when a familiar looking lady walked up and sat opposite me on the same table. I stared at her for some seconds as my memory did a quick work of bringing up her file in my head.


‘’Emmanuela’’ I stammered


‘’Yes Mr. Kelvin. Happy new year’’ she muttered with a killing smile..


To be Continued..


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