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Episode 22



‘’you don’t know what you just asked for. I will totally destroy you oo’’ I muttered playfully. Emanuella rolled her eyes, pulled off her top and effortlessly climbed over me as if I was nothing but an old lover.



‘’then prove it’’ she demanded seductively, rubbing her hands on my chest as I quickly weighed over the consequences in my head. Of course I really can’t say that I was in any relationship at that moment since all I was looking for was just a way to get rid of Jessica. I saw myself as a free man and felt I had every right to do whatever that pleased me with Emmanuella even though she could be another devil in disguise. I truly was a bit skeptical over her motive but luckily I had condoms in my wallet to save the day.


‘’I hope you are not going to attach any emotional thing on this at the end of the day?’’ I asked curiously, but my question kind of left her frowning.


‘’what sort of question did you just ask?. You want to put me off the mood or maybe you really don’t know how to satisfy a woman huh?’’ she breathed. I scoffed, sat upright, kissed her for a while before uneasily carrying her to the bedroom with all my energy. The pretty lady was really heavier than I had expected and I before I could get to the bedroom, I was already gasping heavily for breathe. However we still spent close to two hours in there devouring each other with no holds barred.




‘’finally we did it’’ she breathed as we pulled away from each other after the energy sucking play. I closed my eyes, slowly regaining my strength while a part of me felt guilty over the deed.


‘’I will find a way to get to my friend’s head before the end of the week and by the end of the month she will be as good as a mad woman. Trust me, I know her weak points and I will use it to destroy her’’ she breathed, leaving me as curious as ever over her real reason in wanting to deal with Jessica. It really looked a bit strange that all she needed was just a s£x session with me in order to deal with her friend.


‘’seriously I believe you have other reasons for wanting to deal with Jessica?. It’s not all about trying to help me’’ I asked softly.


‘’well you still have a lot of stories to hear. As time goes you will know everything about me and about your Jessica. How about we meet tomorrow?’’ she asked.



‘’no I don’t think I will be free tomorrow. I have a business to attend to but I must confess you are very sweet’’ I breathed, kissing her. She blushed and closed her eyes. My phone rang that moment, disrupting us.


‘’hey it’s me, Cynthia’’ the caller quickly introduced herself while I quickly sat up, like someone just caught misbehaving on duty.


‘’Cynthia is this your new number” I stammered.


‘’that isn’t necessary. How fast can you get to Emmanuel college?’’ she asked.


‘’I can be there in fifteen minutes’’ I answered quickly.


‘’fine, I’m waiting. Just drive towards the back of the school when you get there’’ she muttered and hung up while I jumped out of the bed, quickly dressing up as Emmanuella strangely carried on a cold look as if she wasn’t happy I was leaving.


‘’so you are really making up with Cynthia after all. Jessica was right’’ she asked. I simply ignored her question, dressed up and rushed out of her apartment with great excitement.


As I headed out to meet Cynthia, I slowly remembered the period she meant nothing to me. What really changed my mindset towards her?’’ I couldn’t help but wonder as I reasoned that she was probably giving me the opportunity to make up with her, something I badly wanted.




[minutes later]


I curiously stared at Cynthia as I approached where she stood waiting for me, wondering why exactly she wanted us to meet there. It really looked a bit strange to me.


‘’Jessica was at my house this morning saying all sorts of rubbish. I won’t tolerate that from her anymore and next time she shows up at my house, she will end up in



jail. Tell her that’’ she said with a slightly raised tone. I couldn’t actually believe she invited me there just to say those words.


‘’but how on earth did she know your house?’’ I stammered.


‘’oh you don’t even know the type of woman you are living with?. I guess you don’t even know she is a human trafficker?’’ she sneered. I couldn’t believe my ears. It just looked like a mere fabrication.


‘’First Emmanuella told me Jessica had no womb and now Cynthia is telling me that she’s a human trafficker as well, can it all be true?’’ I wondered seriously. I took a step closer to Cynthia.


‘’I really don’t know what to say about Jessica but its pretty obvious I made a terrible mistake with her, and I will soon fix it. Yes she is still living with me because her house was truly my cousin’s and she was forced to give it back to the owner. She has nowhere else to stay at the moment. But In few days I will find a way to kick her out’’ I stammered like a little kid.


‘’good for you’’ she shrugged with lack of interest, turned and made to walk away but I quickly held her hand, stopping her instantly. She turned with a frown. Our eyes met.


‘’Cyndy I’m really very glad that you are alive. I just couldn’t believe it when you showed up at my wedding. Trust me it looked as if you spoilt things for me that day but no you saved me like you used to do in the past. Your coming back did a lot of positive things in my life’’ I confessed, hugging her tightly.


Strangely she never forcefully pushed me away nor scolded me for hugging her. Instead after few seconds, she softly broke the hug and walked away without saying anything.


To be continued








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