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Season 2 Episode 19&20


[Kelvin’s side of the story continues]


I caressed and kissed Emanuella for some seconds before getting control of my emotions, softly I pushed her off me.


‘’I’m sorry, I have to leave’’ I stammered. She looked down and backed me, perhaps out of embarrassment or something else.


‘’I guess we got carried away right?’’ she breathed slowly.


‘’yea and I have to leave now. I will call you later’’ I replied and headed towards the bedroom door.


‘’stop’’ she suddenly breathed, grabbing my hand. I stopped and stared at her curiously.


‘’how about Jessica’s story?, are you not interested anymore?’’ she asked softly. I shrugged, breathing heavily.


‘’I will call you when I get home. We can arrange another date but for now I have to go’’ I replied with a smile while she softly released my hand.


‘’alright then, I will wait for your call’’ she muttered with resignation. I nodded, turned and left without another word.


However as I drove home that fateful evening, I couldn’t help but imagine all I would have done with her body using the opportunity I had. Her succulent lips, b00bs, as.s and body just couldn’t get out of my head. I really had the urge of going back to her to finish what we started. I badly felt like having rough s£x with



her. She just had the kind of body I needed to release all tensions in me with one great eruption.


I couldn’t just get her out of my mind that evening and somehow I felt I messed up by running away like a coward instead of tasting all she offered with great energy.


On getting to my house, I met Jessica in the sitting room probably waiting for me.


‘’hi dear’’ I greeted, drew close and pecked her, quickly remembering her behavior that pushed me out of the house earlier.


‘’where went you?. You were with a woman huh?. You smell so different’’ she suddenly flared up, sitting up with a worried look. I stared back at her with great guilt as I quickly wondered if she was pulling my legs or simply asking something she was very sure of.


‘’what do you mean?’’ I asked defensively.


‘’I knew it. You were with Cynthia right?. I suspected it. I knew since she showed up you haven’t been yourself. You have been trying to make up with her. Just smell yourself. Her stench is all over you’’ she shouted, stood up and headed to the bedroom. I just didn’t know what to do or say that moment. I never expected such outburst from her neither did I expect her to accuse Cynthia of anything.


She soon showed up at the sitting room once again, this time around she was dressed up like someone on her way out.


‘’this rubbish stops today. Cynthia must pay for all the pain she is causing me. She will face me tonight’’ she shouted as she headed towards the door, forcing me to stop her by grabbing her left hand.


‘’where do you think you are going?. I hope your head is still okay?. I left the house because of you earlier, because of your character. You weren’t talking to me, you were acting strange and I had to leave to cool the anger in me. I’m now back home and what did I get from you?. Accusation. What made you think that I still have something to do with Cynthia?. Someone that will gladly kill me with any chance she gets huh?. So where the hell are you going?. You served me no



lunch today and instead of serving my dinner you are heading out on a silly mission.’’ I shouted at her with all my strength. She bit her lips for some seconds, drew back and slapped me, totally taking me by surprise.


‘’don’t try lying to me Kelvin. If you weren’t with Cynthia who then were you with?. The scent coming from your body, from your shirt belongs to no other person than Cynthia. I’m very sure of that because the scent is distinctively familiar’’ she pushed on.


I couldn’t believe she slapped me. I just felt like hitting her back but something held me.


’Cynthia is only trying to get back at me but she doesn’t know that I’m ready for her. I know all the tricks and she just stepped on a very dangerous snake. Just get the f.uck out of my way’’ she hissed, walked past me and headed out of the sitting room.


A minute later, I heard the sound of her car as she drove out of my compound. I couldn’t help but imagine where she was exactly going to that very moment because I believed she really didn’t know where Cynthia was currently living or does she?..


I tried calling Cynthia’s old line to warn her but it was switched off. I was left with no choice than to stay back at home and wait for Jessica to return. Unfortunately she never returned that night.


To be continued below




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