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Season 2 Episode 23&24


[8pm, Kelvin’s bedroom]


Jessica hummed a song as she walked into my bedroom from the bathroom with a towel tied round her mid-section. I left my eyes on her as my mind quickly wandered to all I recently heard about her.


‘’d–n, could the stories all be true?’’ I wondered as I watched her drop the towel and stand unclad before the wall mirror. The more I thought of it, the more irritating her presence became.


‘’why are you staring at me like that?’’ I soon heard her ask. I quickly dropped my eyes, searching for a good topic to bring up.


‘’one of the lawyers that accompanied my cousin Jude to meet you here on Tuesday was kidnapped ’’ I slowly informed her, keenly observing her reaction.


‘’good for him, good for them’’ she muttered with lack of interest, dropping a sigh at the same time. I stared at her silently, clueless of what to make of her reaction. Of course she showed nothing but indifference, something that really left me more confused. She never displayed any deceitful shock or concern.


‘’I plan meeting our priest tomorrow for the wedding issue. You know we have to do this before my pregnancy become noticeable’’ she muttered, changing the topic while I frowned as the word pregnancy hit my ears.


‘’I’m yet to see your pregnancy test result. How are you sure about it?’’ I asked.


This time around it was her turn to stare at me with great curiosity.


‘’what?’’ she sort of exclaimed with a raised tone.

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‘’Jessica I’m really not sure about this anymore. I don’t want to rush this anymore. Let’s just plan for the baby. We can get married later. I also think living with you at the moment is a sin’’ I stammered, trying hard to appear polite but just like I wanted, she clearly understood the message I was trying to pass. She simply kept quiet for a while, dressed up and sat on the bed, leaving her eyes on me.



‘’I understand we haven’t been enjoying our relationship lately and we have been quarrelling as well but that shouldn’t make you say those hurtful words to me. I don’t want to have a child outside wedlock and I equally have nowhere else to go’’ she said with a very gentle tone. But her tone and sudden change of character had no effect on me


‘’I just said my mind for now, so please do work towards it and stop making decisions on your own’’ I said seriously, sighed and faced the wall without saying another word to her. She simply sat on the bed for few minutes before leaving the room.


I never cared to check on her, nor bothered to check where she slept. Of course I had to harden my mind in order to make her very uncomfortable with me.


But unfortunately for me, very early the next day about twenty mobile policemen stormed my house without warning, taking me totally by surprise. I really couldn’t know what to make of the early morning show of force as I stared deep at the tall inspector standing at my front door. Jessica soon backed me up, by appearing by my side.


‘’we are here to search your house Mr. Kelvin and I advise you give us all the cooperation we need’’ the tall officer said with a very low tone as his eyes quickly searched my face. I couldn’t just believe my ears.


‘’for what reason are you searching my house?. You can’t just wake up a man and start searching his house’’ I demanded furiously.


‘’we are working on orders sir. A lawyer who had a new case with your family was just kidnapped. So simply allow us to search your house, we will quietly leave once we are done. If you have any problem with it, you can petition the commissioner of police’’ he said with a slightly polite tone. Of course I knew he wasn’t going to take no for an answer. He already was determined to carry on with his assignment no matter the obstacle.


‘’so you think I have something to do with the lawyer’s kidnap?’’ I stammered.



‘’if you really had nothing to do with it, you will have no reason not to allow us search your house and leave’’ he replied a cold smile.


’do you have any search warrant?’’ Jessica asked quickly.


‘’madam, I wouldn’t ask that question, If I were you’’ he answered her as he nodded to his men who quickly pushed through and stormed every section of my house while my heart furiously pounded with fear as I waited for them to finish up with the impromptu search.


‘’don’t worry my love, I’m calling my lawyer right away’’ Jessica assured me as she dialed a number with her phone.


Five minutes later, two policemen searching my bedroom showed up with my well hidden gun, a gun I hid perfectly well. I couldn’t believe it and the last time I even used the weapon was the night some hoodlums broke into my house the previous year.


The inspector smiled as his eyes fell on the weapon.


‘’hmmmm well, well, well, I believe this gun is yours Mr. Kelvin?. Do you have any license or permit for the firearm?’’ the tall officer asked with brightened eyes. It was very obvious he was happy his men found something to hold me. I swallowed hard, unable to say anything.


‘’you have to follow us to the station to explain your role in kidnapping barrister Clems and explain how you got the gun’’ he chuckled as his men quickly handcuffed me.


To be continued below





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