Sat. May 11th, 2024

Episode 20



I got a call early Wednesday morning from my lawyer to quickly meet him at Concorde hotel. His voice sounded very strange and distant as if something terrible had happened. I abandoned everything I was doing that morning and quickly headed over to the hotel to meet him, my heart pounding furiously like never before.


On getting to the hotel, my fears were instantly confirmed the moment my eyes fell on him. He looked so shaken like someone who just had an encounter with a ghost.



‘’good morning, what’s up?’’ I asked anxiously.


‘’barrister Clems was kidnapped yesterday evening on our way to his house. The kidnappers must have mistaken him for me because he was the one driving my car while I sat at the passenger’s corner.’’ He explained nervously, leaving my heart blank with the news. I couldn’t believe my ears. I instantly felt cold.


‘’What!, how did it happen?’’ I nervously asked as many thoughts raced through my head.


‘’the kidnappers blocked us in the middle of the street, just before Egbu junction, pushed me out and drove off with him. My new car and documents are all gone. I just don’t know where this leaves us. The police are already on the case and just this morning Clem’s wife called to tell me that the kidnappers used her husband’s phone to contact her. They demanded twenty million naira which we just don’t know how to get. So for now, I will be staying in this hotel until this issue is resolved’’ he explained weakly while I listened silently. I just couldn’t believe it. It sounded so strange. I somehow felt responsible.


‘’but are you suspecting anyone?’’ I finally managed to ask.


‘’no, I just don’t know’’ he answered weakly.




[Kelvin’s side of the story continues from the last episode]


Very early the next day (Wednesday), Jessica returned to the house without any explanation or apology. She just acted as if I had no authority to question her, and I really was too stunned. Of course I equally was very relieved to see her back in one piece but extremely curious at the same time. I badly wanted to know where she went last night and where she slept but she refused offering any explanation to me.


She simply went into the room, undressed, headed to bathroom, took her bath, dressed up and headed out without even saying good morning to me. Of course what she failed to realize was that she was giving me more reason not to marry her



but it was as if she never cared anymore or perhaps she had the confidence that since her things were already in my house that our marriage was inevitable.


By 9:30am, Emmanuela called to break some news to me.


‘’hey your wife showed up at my house yesterday evening, moments after you left. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw her, I was so scared. Can you come over by 10am?, we have a lot to talk. I have some things to tell you’’ she asked quickly and out of curiosity I accepted, forgetting the ugly thing we almost did the last time we were together.


However as I was about heading to Emmanuela’s house by 9:55am, my phone rang again and it was Jude calling this time around. I quickly answered his call with a happy smile, wondering what made him to call me. Yes our relationship wasn’t really going the way I had wanted and I really was ready to do a lot to gain back his trust.


‘’hey bro good morning. I’m really not happy. I just don’t know who to call. I’m just confused’’ he complained like a little kid while the memory of the first time I promised to help him before his father’s grave flashed back in my head.


‘’talk to me Jude, what’s the matter?’’ I asked anxiously.


‘’one of my lawyers was kidnapped yesterday evening. You have to help me, you have to do something for me’’ he stammered while I gasped with disbelief, wondering what exactly I could do to help in the situation as many ideas rushed into my head.


To be continued.



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