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Season 2 Episode 17&18



I couldn’t believe myself. It just looked like a dream. I couldn’t believe Jessica could really do what she just did without a single argument. My lawyers equally weren’t expecting such move from her. And for a minute the whole room was dead quiet as if a ghost just passed by. Barrister Clems finally broke the silence in the room after quickly going through the documents.



‘’everything here appears fine to me. Thank you madam for doing the right thing but we will still reach out to you if we need anything else’’ he quickly muttered, but his statement kind of provoked Jessica who quickly flared up.


‘’there is nothing else to reach me out for. I just gave you guys a house that was bought for me just for peace to reign, simply leave my house right now. I don’t want to see you guys ever again’’ she shouted, jumping on her feet and leaving us very worried with her sudden change of attitude. Kelvin couldn’t even utter a word, of course what was there to say though?.


‘’we have to leave now’’ barrister Clems said to me, standing up with his friend. I quickly joined them and together we left the house without another word.


I really was so overjoyed in getting back my dad’s house but equally somehow disturbed over the comment Jessica made about giving back what was duly hers just for peace to reign.


‘’could my dad have given her the house as I gift?’’ I couldn’t help but wonder over and over.


‘’I will first have to check the authenticity of the documents before we move to the next procedure. I will contact you in two days. Just relax things are really working out much more than we hoped’’ barrister Clems, said to me as we headed back to his office, breaking into my thoughts. I couldn’t say anything to him, instead I smiled quietly.




[Kelvin’s side of the story continues]


I couldn’t believe myself as Jessica simply handed over the house documents without any fight nor argument. It was as if she already had it all planned out. To me what she did was simply wonderful even though she never carried me on with her plans. And as soon as Jude and his lawyers left, I went after her at the bedroom.


‘’my dear what just happened?’’ I asked with a smile, sitting beside her on the bed.



‘’what do you want to hear now huh?’’ she breathed coldly.


‘’my dear’’ I muttered softly, touching her right hand.


‘’you wanted me to do the right thing and I just did. I did it for you. Hope you are now happy??’’ she asked with a raised tone, putting me off with her attitude. But I still appeared calm.


‘’yes but you know, you could have carried me along with your plans. I still don’t


know how you got the house at the first place or your relationship with Jude’s


father. I keep hearing a different story every day. Can’t you just tell me the whole


truth once and for all?’’ I demanded softly. She eyed me and hissed.


‘’just let me be, please I beg of you’’ she shouted, turned and faced the wall, really annoying me with her strange response.


She never uttered any other word to me that morning no matter how hard I tried to make her talk and there wasn’t any doubt she was very hurt over what she did. However what I couldn’t figure out was the reason why she easily gave up the house without a fight. A house she was planning earlier to sell. Of course she said she did it for me but somehow I felt she was lying. Her attitude that morning was nothing but a big mystery to me and I resolved that moment to pay a visit to Emmanuella to hear what she had to say.




4pm same day, I found myself on my way to Emmanuela’s house for a date. I had called her earlier requesting to see her and just like I feared she asked me to come over to her house by 4pm.


‘’ hope I won’t be facing the worst by visiting her?’’ I couldn’t help but wonder.


To be continued.




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