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Season 2 Episode 11


[Kelvin’s side of the story continues]



‘’I’m sorry Joe but I will have to leave now. I can’t stand this despicable man any longer’’ Cynthia politely said to Joe, snatching her hand from my grasp before me and Joe couldn’t say anything to stop her.


I quickly ran after her, so eager to make peace with her. Of course it was an opportunity of a life time, I never knew when such opportunity would come again and so I had to make good use of the one available at the moment.


I blocked Cynthia before she could get to the gate, leaving her with no choice than to stare into my eyes once again.


‘’Cynthia’’ I breathed with great pain, trying hard to come up with something tangible as quickly as possible.


‘’Cynthia’’ I stammered nervously, as I struggled to create some appeasing words to sooth her anger.

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‘’you have changed so much’’ was all I could finally mutter. Cynthia scoffed, eyeing me seriously.


‘’of course I have changed. I’m now a different lady. I’m no longer the Cynthia you used to know’’ she replied rudely.


I left my eyes on her as I desperately struggled to get more words out of my mouth. Yes I just didn’t know how she did it but she was just so sophisticated, so polished and more beautiful than she used to be. The transformation in her was something seen only in movies. I couldn’t believe how she changed so much under the space of few months.


‘’Cynthia things were never as it seemed to be’’ I confessed, dropping my eyes.


‘’yes I never wanted the pregnancy at first but I never wanted to kill you because of it. Believe me’’ I struggled to say while she surprisingly listened.


‘’I never planned anything with Jessica. In fact on that very day, I was very much surprised to see you leave my house the moment I returned from Joe’s gym even



though it was a big relief to me. Jessica invited me to her house later in the evening and on getting there I was extremely shocked to meet you there. Of course I was even scared you guys had some bad plans for me and before I could get to terms on what was happening, you two started fighting and she knocked you out’’ I breathed as sweat drenched my body.


‘’what was I to do?. I was confused and scared. I tried everything to revive you but you appeared dead to us and I was so scared of taking you to the hospital because I knew I would only end up in jail. No one would believe my story just as you are now finding it difficult to believe. Moreover I already had a bad record with the police and I just was so overwhelmed with fear that very night.


Jessica suggested we dump your body and believe me it looked like the only way out that very moment. Perhaps it was all she planned before she invited you to her house but I knew nothing of it. I was forced to dump your body out in the cold night thinking that you were dead and believe me my conscience never remained the same after that very night and I just couldn’t face your family. I had to stay away’’ I confessed with all my heart.


‘’I had to plan a quick wedding with Jessica because it was the only way to keep our secret and equally clear my name from money laundering and fraudulent transactions I did in the past which you are very much aware of. The police have been on my neck all through the later part of last year and Jessica asked me to marry her for her to use her connections to shield me. That’s it, that’s the simple truth. I never tried to kill you in order to marry Jessica’’ I breathed seriously. Cynthia drew back, surprisingly touched by my story. Somehow I felt she still had some amount of love for me which really gave me hope.


‘’even if all you told me were true, I still can’t get my heart to accept what you did to me’’ she stammered, growing pale.


‘’I know just give me the opportunity to amend things’’ I asked eagerly.


‘’fine, first thing first, get Jessica out of your life and then we can talk’’ she muttered, breathed deeply and walked past me without another word, leaving me totally dazed and speechless.


‘’how on earth do I achieve her first demand?’’


To be continued below




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