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Season 2 Episode 21&22



’Jude can you please come over to the house?’’ I asked him when I finally found my voice.



‘’you mean your house?, how about Jessica?’’ he asked after a little hesitation.


‘’Jessica isn’t around at the moment, just come let’s talk’’ I answered quickly.


‘’fine I will be there in few minutes’’ he replied and hung up while I fell back on my chair and thought over the news he just broke to me.


What exactly can I do to help out in this situation?, I wondered deeply


Jude showed an hour later looking very troubled and sad. I kind of felt for him as I quickly put myself in his condition.


‘’I really feel responsible for the man’s kidnap. I just don’t know what to do now. I’m so confused’’ he cried after narrating how the lawyer was kidnapped the previous evening. I just couldn’t find my voice. Of course what was there to say? The whole news came as a big shock and surprise to me.


‘’you shouldn’t feel responsible. This isn’t a new thing in this part of the country. People get kidnapped every day; it doesn’t have anything to do with your case he was handling. Unless of course you are suggesting that Jessica had him kidnapped which you very well know isn’t possible. You saw how she washed her hands off your dad’s house?. I believe she has many issues bothering her right now and won’t really try such a thing’’ I said with a smile while he shrugged.


‘’I’m not really accusing Jessica but I kind of feel responsible because if I hadn’t returned to the country with my lawyer he wouldn’t have involved his friend who got kidnapped in his place. Yes you can still help me dig around. You have friends who can be helpful. I really can’t also rule out the possibility of Jessica’s hand being in this because anything is possible these days’’ he said seriously. I laughed.


‘’you are right bro but forget about Jessica. We were busy fighting about Cynthia’s issue yesterday and I believe she wouldn’t do a stupid thing as that’’ I quickly muttered.


‘’I have to leave now. I have to go cool my head. I haven’t been myself since I got the news’’ he suddenly added, taking me by surprise with his sudden decision to



leave. He was yet to even spend up to ten minutes at my house but I kind of kept my feelings to myself.


‘’okay bro, I will dig around and get back to you’’ I promised halfheartedly.




As soon as Jude left, I busied myself with my thoughts as I weighed the possibility of Jessica being involved in the lawyer’s kidnap. But the more I thought about it the more silly it looked to me. I was yet to see anything that linked Jessica to any crime, and for the fact that she willingly left Jude’s house without any fight was enough to vindicate her.


I was still weighing all the possibilities when my phone rang and it was Emmanuela calling once again.


‘’ain’t you coming again or not?, I just left everything waiting for you. Please don’t disappoint me’’ she asked with a slightly raised tone.


‘’I’m on my way, something popped up that delayed me’’ I answered, hung up the call and quickly headed to her house without thinking of the risk involved.


Minutes later, Emmanuella’s house


‘’so what’s up?’’ I asked as I walked into her apartment. She smiled and sat beside me while I slowly studied her, leaving my eyes on her exposed b00bs for some seconds. She just had this kind of b00bs that looked so appealing, that begged to be fondled. I swallowed hungrily as I quickly brought down my eyes.


‘’Jessica spent the night in my apartment. She complained that you are trying to make up with Cynthia and I bet she’s planning something for that girl. But I really don’t know what made her spend the night at my place. I almost fainted with fear when I saw her last night. She just was looking so mean and deadly and I believe she didn’t directly come to my place from your house’’ she explained feebly.


‘’and it’s that all you have to tell me?’’ I asked, frowning.


‘’not really’’ she breathed, smiling seductively.



‘’I know you are just looking for a big excuse not to marry Jessica and I can give you the excuse you need. She told you she was pregnant right?’’ she breathed excitedly while I stared at her, unable to say anything.


‘’what if I tell you that Jessica can never get pregnant huh?. Yes she lost her womb a long time ago after an abortion went badly’’ she added, leaving me extremely shocked.


‘’are you sure you are not lying to me?’’ I asked with great energy.


‘’I’m risking my life by talking to you. You really don’t know half of what Jessica is capable of doing. Yes you are a man, I heard you are a bad boy but you are in no way close to being as bad as my friend and only me can save you from her if we come to an agreement’’ she offered, leaving me extremely stunned.


‘’so what exactly do we need to agree on?’’ I asked faintly.


‘’first thing first. Let’s make love’’ she suddenly proposed while I drew back with disbelief. It looked so real, it looked so un-African.


A woman had never made the first move to me in my life talk more of demanding for s£x without any reservation. I couldn’t just believe it. Somehow my ego instantly swelled up. I just felt like the most eligible bachelor in town.


‘’really?”’ I stammered breathlessly.


‘’oh yea’’ she answered, licking her lips.


To be continued below



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