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Episode 16


[Kelvin’s side of the story continues]


Over the next few days, I strongly restrained myself from calling Emmanuelle to learn all I felt she wanted to tell me. I just couldn’t get myself to call her because I was a little bit scared of jumping into things and making the same mistake I made with Jessica. I kind of felt Emmanuelle had a hidden motive behind her sweet offer; moreover everything about her was a bit weird. However on Saturday morning, I fought off my reservations and called her on phone for the first time.


‘’hmmm finally you called’’ she giggled happily after I introduced myself.


‘’I’m sorry dear, I have been busy. So how do we see again?’’ I asked, expecting her to mention somewhere public but to my surprise she asked me to come over to her house.


‘’I gave you my house address. If you want us to see, simply come over to my house this evening’’ she answered, leaving me totally speechless for some seconds.


‘’ok then, I will be there by 4pm’’ I finally muttered and hung up while a thousand and one thoughts raced through my head.


‘’Kelvin you have to be careful. This lady is probably up to no good’’ I couldn’t help but advice myself over and over. And so Instead of making the visit by 4pm, I



stayed back at my house and watched TV. Of course curiosity always leads one to danger more than anything. I was definitely yet to get out of my present predicament and couldn’t afford letting down my guard once again.




[Jude’s side of the story continues]


The next few days were extremely uneventful and boring. I couldn’t do anything than to think about my Tracy every single time I was alone. My world simply looked empty and useless. I just had nothing to look up to anymore.


The next Monday, my lawyer gave me a call, inviting me to an office along Wethral road. I hurried over to meet him there, so anxious to proceed with the pending cases at hand.


At the office I was introduced to another lawyer who I was told would be in the best position to help me.


‘’Jude meet my brother barrister Clems Chike. I just briefed him about your situation and he offered to assist us in every possible way. Now concerning the lady in question, do you have any new information about her?’’ my lawyer introduced his friend before asking with a serious look.


‘’’yes she’s is now living with my cousin. I can take you guys to meet her very early tomorrow before she leaves the house’’ I quickly answered.


‘’good, that settles it. Tomorrow we will go and have a chat with her’’ he added while his friend nodded.


By 8am the next day, my lawyer and his partner barrister Clems were already seated in Kelvin’s sitting room. Kelvin sat a distance away, looking very frightened like a cornered rat while I kept a straight face, avoiding his eyes. Seriously supposing he wasn’t very close to me, I would have thought he had a hand in everything.



Jessica soon showed up from the bedroom, clutching a brown big envelope and looking very serious.


‘’My name is barrister Clems. I’m here to represent my client Jude. I got a very touching report from him about his father’s death and missing properties and we are here to peacefully ask you to return everything his dad left in your care. That’s all we came for. We are not here to investigate or cause trouble unless of course you want it to go the difficult way. We already have every necessary documents relating to the transactions Jude’s father did with you and we believe as a very smart lady you wouldn’t want us visiting the court over this trivial issue’’ barrister Clems said seriously without wasting any time. Jessica breathed deeply, threw a quick look at Kelvin before shrugging.


‘’you guys have no slightest idea the kind of relationship I had with Jude’s father. I didn’t steal anything from anyone but I get it. No one would believe me and I know it’s because of the house. So for peace to reign, here are the house documents, they are all in my name but you can have it. I’m not contesting anything with you guys. Take the documents and take possession of the house. I don’t need it’’ she breathed, quickly handing over the brown envelope to barrister Clems who opened it with shaking hands while we looked on with great shock and surprise.


It was so easy. I just couldn’t believe it was all real. Somehow I felt Jessica was up to something else but what could that be??


To be continued.


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