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Season 2 Episode 9&10


[9pm, Jude’s bedroom]


‘’my love, make love to me. I need it, our child needs it’’ Pamela begged like a s£x starved young widow as she caressed my chest. I simply lay motionless on the bed while my mind and heart wandered out. All that was on my mind was no one but Tracy.


I just wished I was already in Nigeria to be with her, to explain things to her, to get back her heart. It was something I badly needed to do but unfortunately rushing back home wasn’t an option to me that moment because I was yet to conclude with my dad’s lawyer.


Of course I knew the more time I stayed away from my Tracy, the more her heart would harden towards me, a very good opportunity to push our relationship out of her heart. I couldn’t help but wonder what she was passing through that moment.

Oh yea, I was in a very difficult situation.


‘’why are you so cold to me?. This is your way of punishing me right?’’ I heard Pamela hiss as she softly shook me. I stared at her, unable to say anything.


Yes I kind of felt Pamela really was sincerely in love with me because that could only explain her reason of leaving her comfortable life as a senator’s young wife to be with me, not minding my cold attitude towards her nor my financial situation. She really put herself at great risk by being with me but unfortunately for her she meant nothing much to me.



‘’I never Imagined I would ever beg for s£x in my life’’ I soon heard her sulk as she angrily backed me. I closed my eyes, making no move to apologize or make peace with her.




[Kelvin’s side of the story continues]


‘’there is no need selling the house. You can easily rent it out, unless of course you are hiding something from me’’ I said to Jessica who shrugged and smiled.


‘’I want to sell it and that’s it. I can easily get a better house with the money’’ she said seriously.


‘’I pray our marriage works because I know you will never obey my decisions or take my suggestion in anything. I still don’t know you. I don’t know if I should be relieved or sad for what happened to us yesterday’’ I breathed and headed to my room while she followed me, obviously disturbed by my comment.


‘’I’m sorry dear, from now onwards you will be the one to make all the decisions’’ she pleaded quickly. I turned and stared at her for some seconds.


‘’I should believe that?’’ I asked.


‘’yes yes yes’’ she breathed quickly.




[9pm, Kelvin’s bedroom]


I was busy thinking how to face my parents the next day, when Jessica softly placed her head on my chest.


‘’I wanted to break this news on our wedding night but unfortunately everything was ruined’’ she breathed, kissing my chest softly. I stared at her, eagerly awaiting the news.



‘’I’m pregnant. I’m having your baby’’ she announced happily, leaving a fake smile on my face with the news. Naturally I was supposed to be happy with the news but on the contrary I felt a bit uncomfortable without knowing the reason even though I perfectly hid my real feelings with a smile.


‘’we will soon start a big family. God all my dreams are becoming reality’’ she proclaimed while I closed my eyes, quickly remembering what we did to Cynthia who was the first lady to get pregnant for me. I instantly became nauseous and scared for no reason.


‘’tomorrow, we will break the news to your parents when we get home for Christmas’’ she added joyfully. I just couldn’t say a word.




Early the next day, we travelled to my hometown for Christmas. Of course I was really nervous and afraid to face my people over what happened on my wedding day even though Jessica and I already had a good explanation to give for it.


Somehow I felt my parents may not really buy the lie and that could make matters worse.


However on getting to the village, Jessica took control of the situation by first starting a cry the moment she got down from my car, leaving my parents with no choice than to hug her.


‘’they thought ruining my wedding would make me stop loving your son. They thought bringing the police to intimidate me would kill the love I have for my Kelvin but they got it all wrong. My love for him only increased’’ she sobbed seriously.


‘’the lady in question was your son’s ex girlfriend. She found out we were getting married and brought in the police to stop our wedding, claiming that we tried to kill her. Some ladies are very evil’’ she explained with crocodile tears while my parents who easily bought everything she dished out started cursing Cynthia while I speechlessly looked on.


To be continued below



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