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Season 2 Episode 15&16



’’What’s up with you?. You always appear and disappear like a ghost’’ I smiled broadly, studying the pretty lady keenly. She was the last person I expected to see at that very place but somehow her presence kind of brought up my spirit.



‘’Actually I came here to meet a friend before I spotted you. You don’t look very bright. Hope everything is alright?’’ she asked with a smile. I shrugged and kept quiet for some seconds, bringing up my eyes to meet her gaze.


‘’I kind of searched for you after you mysteriously showed up at my bachelor night’’ I muttered guardedly, trying to start a conversation. She drew back slowly as if I just touched a sensitive topic.


‘’I don’t know but I do feel that you have something to tell me, probably about your friend Jessica’’ I pushed on.


‘’how are you sure about that?’’ she asked, dropping her eyes.


‘’come on, don’t make this hard for me. The truth is that I’m still very skeptical about marrying your friend’’ I muttered slowly.


‘’and you think it’s wise telling me such a secret, knowing full well that I’m Jessica’s friend?’’ she asked with a smile.


‘’what drink should I ask the waiter to bring for you?’’ I asked politely. She breathed deeply.


‘’no need for that, I’m even about returning to my table’’ she answered, fetched a paper from her trouser pocket and dropped it before me.


‘’my phone number and address is in there. Call me but I won’t break my silence for free, you will have to drop something for me’’ she smiled, got up and headed to her table, leaving me wondering how she managed to arrange her phone number and address on the piece of paper as if she knew before hand that she was going to meet me there.


However one thing I felt for sure was that Emmanuella definitely had a story to tell. And she could be all I needed to unravel many things about Jessica.


‘’Or is she setting me up for something else?’’ the question somehow found a way to pop up in my head as well.




[Jude’s side of the story continues]


I had a very restless night at Tracy’s house. I couldn’t sleep a wink because my head battled all night with many thoughts. I really wasn’t happy with the kind of treatment Tracy melted out to me and I had no choice than to make up my mind that very night to leave her house early the next day before the insult gets out of hand.


Yes of course I knew somehow my decision to leave was a bit awkward but I had no choice than to make the decision in order to retain the little pride I had left.


Tracy was nothing else but a young girl and just like most girls her age could be totally unpredictable. She could end up blowing the whole thing out of proportion the next day, something I really couldn’t stand. So I kind of felt it was better to wait for her in school which was a neutral ground and most likely a place to settle with her without getting wholly disgraced.


By 7am, the next day, I took my bath, prepared and got ready to leave. Tracy and her mum were in the kitchen when I walked in on them with the news that I was leaving. Tracy of course appeared less concerned but her mum looked shocked.


‘’why?. I thought you are staying for some days?’’ she asked politely.


‘’no my plan was to see you guys yesterday and leave for my village early today’’ I lied.


‘’I hope it isn’t because of Tracy’s attitude that you are leaving?’’ she asked curiously.


‘’no’’ I stammered, looking down.


‘’by the way what exactly is the cause of the quarrel going on between you guys?’’ she asked, throwing a quick look at Tracy. I couldn’t say a word because there was nothing to say. of course I couldn’t lie before Tracy to avoid being embarrassed.


‘’hmmmm I see no one wants to talk to me. But at least you can stay for breakfast before leaving’’ she demanded while I silently shrugged with resignation.





An hour later, I was on my way back to Owerri with a broken heart and a shattered soul. The only option I had left concerning Tracy was to wait till she shows up for the new semester which was equally going to be our final year in school.


I couldn’t afford losing Tracy but I had no choice than to start planning towards any eventuality.


To be continued below




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