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Episode 12


[Kelvin’s side of the story continues]


As I headed home after the dramatic encounter with Cynthia, I couldn’t help but go through the events that led to that moment. I couldn’t believe that my simple quest to help out a cousin who lost his father could totally change my life, turning it to a long script that had no sign of ending soon.


‘’you really f–k.ed up with Cynthia. Hmmmm I just don’t know what to advice my man’’ Joe had stammered when I returned to his sitting room after speaking with Cynthia.


Cynthia’s first demand really was a tough thing to accomplish and I just didn’t know how to go about it. But then for her to ask of such a thing, for her to ask me to do away with Jessica could definitely mean that she’s still interested in me’’ I reasoned as I slowly drove home.


‘’dear Lord help me’’ I prayed as I drove into my compound only to see a big truck filled with Jessica’s things right inside my compound. Four young men were busy offloading the truck while Jessica watched on with both hands on her waist. I couldn’t believe my eyes.


‘’what’s the meaning of this?’’ I barked as I jumped out of my car, surprising the young men who quickly threw a quick look at Jessica. Of course she never told me she was bringing in her things that very day. She simply took the decision on her own, something I very much hated about her.


Sensing danger, she quickly smiled, drew forward and hugged me. I eyed her angrily, battling hard to suppress the urge to push her violently away. Of course I knew the dangers of acting in anger and I wasn’t ready to face another drama.



‘’come on my love. I’m just bringing in my things as your wife, in order to free my house for the plans we are making for it’’ she explained calmly while I swallowed hard.


‘’what’s up with you?. Where went you?. I hope you didn’t go searching for Cynthia or something?” she asked accusingly. I stared at her, my anger quickly turning into surprise as I wondered what made her ask the question.


‘’what?, why bring up Cynthia’s matter now?’’ I stammered. She scoffed, backing away from me.


‘’I know men, sometimes you guys act like kids’’ she breathed, shrugged, turned and joined the men moving her things to my house while I silently stood and thought of how to follow her up as Cynthia’s demand rang in my head over and over.


‘’how do I send her away?. How do I end all these?. Can I really live with this woman as my wife?. Dear Lord, I’m just a confused man’’ I breathed solemnly. Yes Jessica had her own plans for me, Cynthia equally had her own plans well prepared but instead of having my own plans; I was right in the middle like a confused lost cow.




[Jude’s side of the story continues]


[9pm, 4th January , Jude’s bedroom]


I smiled at Pamela who was lying beside me as my head boiled with many thoughts. I caressed her face for some seconds before breathing deeply.


‘’you look so happy’’ she breathed, studying me keenly.


‘’in two days time, I will be heading back to Nigeria with my dad’s lawyer to settle the pending issues I have back in Nigeria once and for all’’ I slowly explained. She sat up with a curious look. It was as if she never expected such words from me.


‘’but why? Why this January?’’ she asked quickly.


‘’the lawyer is travelling to see his family in Nigeria and wants to use the opportunity to settle my case. I didn’t fix the date, he did himself. You saw when he came in earlier today?. That was the news he brought’’ I calmly explained to her. She shook her head as she probably tried to figure out what else to say. It was obvious she was far from happy with the news.


‘’so when are you coming back?’’ she asked softly.


‘’I don’t know yet but it could be next year. I have to round up my studies as well. You see that’s the reason why you should go back to your husband. You can’t rush me to do things that I’m not yet ready to do’’ I explained softly.


‘’I will wait for you Jude. I will go back to my husband, but I will be with him only for some months. Once I have my child, I will come looking for you. Even if you are hiding in Nigeria, I will find you’’ she said seriously while I shrugged, unable to say anything.


The only thing I was really looking forward to was returning to Nigeria to settle my father’s mysterious case and equally settle with my Tracy even though I knew making peace with Tracy was now almost impossible because she probably had already erased me from her heart. I couldn’t help but wonder what her New Year resolutions were. Of course I knew I would make the list but in a very bad way.


I couldn’t believe I could survive staying for weeks without speaking with her.


January 6th, I landed back in Nigeria with my lawyer. Oh yea, I was so filled with excitement and great energy.


To be continued



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