Sat. May 11th, 2024

Episode 49/50


Written by Oluwatosin Odebiyi


‘’I see you are still indecisive. Just forget about it’’ Jessica breathed, breaking away from me. I quickly reached forward and grabbed her hand.


‘’we are getting married. Yes we are’’ I muttered, drawing a smile from her with my words. I swallowed hard as I thought over what I just said.


‘’I hope I’m not forcing you into getting married?. The last thing I want is having a husband who won’t appreciate me’’ she breathed softly, studying me keenly. I smiled and kissed her affectionately.


‘’we will get married my dear but give me a week to surprise you with a very stunning engagement party’’ I promised, leaving her blushing over my words.


Yes things were really happening very fast in my life and that exact moment I just couldn’t tell if I was doing the right thing or not. The only big thing that was making me a bit scared of settling down with Jessica was her past with Jude’s father which I was yet to unravel.


‘’my love you have nothing to worry about. Left for me I wouldn’t want you spending money for any party or engagement celebration. I don’t even want a high society extravagant wedding. What matters to me is being by your side forever and together we will face any obstacle on our path’’ she breathed sweetly, bringing up her lips to kiss me over and over.


Slowly my thoughts wandered to my family and Jude. He was the first in my family I had to tell about my decision to marry Jessica. Of course I had failed him in many ways but at least I also made him a millionaire. That was enough to earn me his forgiveness.




**Jude’s side of the story continues from that same day 2pm, Ibeme Village**



Tracy waited for me in my car while I made my way into Uncle Tony’s vast compound. The compound was undergoing a big renovation and I really had a hard time locating the old man who was extremely pleased to see me.

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‘’wow look at how big you have grown, let’s go inside the house. We have a lot to talk’’ he muttered as he hugged me strongly. I felt some kind of peace as he hugged me. It was as if I was being hugged by my late dad.


‘’you know I’m really disappointed with you. I won’t mince words, you are an adult’’ he breathed as soon as we settled down in his sitting room.


‘’when I heard of your father’s death, I had expected you to return to the US to check out his things and talk with his lawyer. But you did none of it and there wasn’t any way I could reach out to you without having to come back to Nigeria. Tell me, what happened?. Why didn’t you return?’’ he asked quickly. I shook my head, so very much overcome with emotions.


‘’my dad’s death was so unexpected. I was so devastated and broke. I just wasn’t myself and the worst was that he never told me much about his plans or deals. He just shut me out of everything because he wanted me to focus on my studies here in Nigeria. I just had no one to run to. I’m still yet to come to terms with his death’’ I opened up solemnly.


‘’well I really don’t blame you. I believe you made the decision you felt was okay at that time. Anyway your dad’s lawyer is now in charge of his laundry shop and small house. The best help I can offer is to take you with me when returning to the states by January. So you have to start making preparations. You don’t have to worry about anything. I will help as much as I can. I believe your dad’s lawyer will be able to brief you of his finances and equally tell you if he left a will or not.


Please my son stop avoiding people or behaving as if you are alone in this world. Your late father did it very well, see where it got him. You can’t imagine he never told me he was coming back to Nigeria even though we were neighbors. That’s really bad’’ he narrated while I looked down, unable to say a word.



Of course I never expected Uncle Tony to be so concerned about my welfare. He was the last person I expected to help me. Tears of appreciation slowly fell from my eyes.

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