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Episode 45/46


Written by Oluwatosin Odebiyi


**Kelvin’s side of the story continues**


‘’what!!!!, you can’t be serious?, are you?’’ Jessica breathed furiously as she backed away from me. I nodded in affirmative while her eyes boiled with anger.


‘’my God!!! , what are you feeling like?. Do you think you are doing me a favor by marrying me?. You are now giving me conditions huh’’ she fired, holding her head angrily. I tried to hold her hands but she quickly avoided my touch.



‘’my love I’m just trying to be open with you. No man will willingly marry a woman he doesn’t know much about. I can’t even say much about you or defend you comfortably if someone tries questioning me about you’’ I slowly defended myself but she refused to listen to my reason.


‘’I think we should just go our separate ways. It’s over between us Kelvin. You can leave my house now’’ she suddenly muttered, leaving me totally surprised.


‘’come on my love what are you saying?’’ I breathed with disbelief.


‘’yes you heard me right. It’s over between us. Please leave my house now’’ she fired angrily again before heading to her kitchen.


I couldn’t believe myself. I couldn’t believe she could get so angry over my simple request. Perhaps I really wasn’t sensitive or matured with the way I made the demand but that shouldn’t have made her overly furious.


I nervously went after her, joining her in the kitchen.


‘’I’m sorry about my demand. Just forget it’’ I pleaded.


‘’just leave my house, I beg of you. You won’t want me to stab you, would you?’’ she muttered coldly while I backed away cautiously. Of course I knew she was very much capable of stabbing me.


‘’okay I’m leaving but I pray you calm down and think over your decision’’ I advised softly.


‘’I can survive without you Kelvin but the question you should ask yourself is, can you survive without me?’’ she barked. I breathed deeply, shook my head, returned to her room, fetched my things and left her apartment without another word.




I silently drove back to my house as my mind pondered over the events of the past few months. There wasn’t any doubt my life was being controlled by Jessica and that she was way smarter than I imagined. I still was unable to get to the root of



what really led to my uncle’s death or how much she stole from him but on the contrary I was being held hostage by her charms without realizing it.


‘’What kind of marriage was I even expecting to get?’’. I wondered.


As I slowly approached a small bar, close to the street leading to my house, my phone rang and I thought it was Jessica calling to apologize. I grabbed my phone with my right hand, taking my eyes off the road for a second to check out the caller but to my extreme surprise the number I saw on my screen was Cynthia’s phone number.


I quickly pulled up my car at the corner of the road and stopped to check if the number was really hers because after the last scare I had some time back when I tried the dead girl’s number, Jessica had suggested I delete the number from my phone which I did even though it was still saved in my head.


I nervously answered the call but unfortunately the line went dead as soon as I pressed the receive button. Quickly I dialed back the number but to my surprise an automated voice response told me that the number was switched off. I tried again and again, getting the same response.


It was just like a dream. I was totally confused. I didn’t know what to make out of it. I slowly left my car and went into the bar few steps away to drink and calm my nerves. I couldn’t help but imagine who was playing the nasty trick on me.


Could it be Jessica?, because she was the person that burnt Cynthia’s phone and probably saved the sim card or could it be that Cynthia is still alive and have retrieved her line?’’ I wondered miserably as I drank myself to stupor. —————————————-


I left the bar an hour later, totally drunk and it really was by God’s grace that I got home safely. However another shock was at home waiting for me.


The moment I parked my car and was about entering my house, my gateman came rushing towards me with a piece of paper.



‘’oga, some policemen were here an hour ago looking for you’’ he stammered in Pidgin English. I froze with fear as the word police hit my ears.


‘’they said you should call this number as soon as you can’’ he added, offering the paper to me. I grabbed the paper and stared at it with great fear.


Deep down, I felt my end was near.



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