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Episode 50


‘’how did it go?’’ Tracy asked anxiously as soon as I joined her in my car minutes after my little discussion with Uncle Tony.


‘’well it went well. He wants me to go back to the states with him on January. He wants to assist me in meeting my dad’s lawyer who is in a better position to tell me the real situation of things concerning my late dad’s will, if he had any’’ I replied, breathing deeply. She smiled and reached for my hand.


‘’I believe things will only get better from now on. Uncle Tony could be the angel you have been waiting for all along’’ she added softly.


‘’I really hope so my dear. But I still have to meet Kelvin. We have some things to discuss’’ I muttered, switching on my car engine.




Later in the evening we arrived at Kelvin’s house but unfortunately he wasn’t around. I called him on phone, telling him of my presence. He quickly begged me to wait for him.


‘’please just give me fifteen minutes, I will be there’’ he pleaded, leaving me with no choice than to wait for him.


Kelvin arrived at his house twenty minutes later, sweating profusely. I stared at him with surprise because I knew his car had a functioning A.C.


‘’I’m just coming from the village. I met with Uncle Tony’’ I explained quickly while he nodded, throwing a quick smile at Tracy who politely greeted him.



‘’yes I heard he’s back in the country. I never knew you guys were close’’ he replied. I shrugged silently.


‘’let’s talk in my room. I have something important to tell you’’ he added, leading the way to his room. I slowly followed him.


On getting to his room, he stopped and faced me with a serious look.


‘’I have some shocking news for you Jude’’ he muttered, looking down like a frightened man. My heart leapt.


‘’The police and EFCC are closing in on me. I don’t know who snitched on me. I’m in trouble and I just have two options available right now. The first is leaving the country, but you know I can’t survive for long out of the country without any means of livelihood; moreover my friends could still end up in jail, Including you Jude’’ he poured out, almost giving me a heart attack with his words.


‘’the second option is to marry Jessica and have her deal with my case. She has the power, friends and means to back me up. Moreover she used to be a banker and knows all the tricks involved in the banking sector’’ he added softly, while his eyes watched my reaction.


I was deeply shaken by all I just heard but I really wasn’t surprised about the second option he just told me. Jessica was definitely a smart lady and somehow I felt she was behind the present predicament. I felt she would rather throw my cousin in jail than see him survive without her.


‘’I’m going to marry Jessica and our marriage could happen anytime from now. I’m looking towards the last week of December though. I know I have failed you but you have to understand our situation. I can’t watch my friends and I rot in jail after all we have achieved. Just make good use of the money you have already and try as much as possible to live a low life for now because I really don’t know where what’s happening to me is coming from’’ he breathed solemnly.


I really was supposed to be angry with him but somehow I placed myself in his position and saw how much he really was suffering, though he probably caused it all by making the mistake of allowing his lust get over his head.



‘’you know I won’t be at your wedding but I wish you luck’’ I softly muttered. He nodded, drew back and fetched my late father’s suitcase.


‘’please keep it safe. You can’t trust such vital thing in my care anymore. I believe Jessica knows a lot about your dad’s death but I still have no strong evidence to back up my claim. You have to go now because my house could still be under surveillance by the police’’ he advised. I nodded, gave him one last look and left his room.


I returned to the sitting room to meet Tracy who gave me a surprised look as soon as her eyes feel on the suitcase.


‘’let’s get out of here’’ I managed to mutter. She asked no questions, instead quickly followed me to my car.


‘’my cousin is getting married to Jessica’’ I announced as soon we were alone in my car.


‘’what!!!!!’’ she screamed.


‘’I pray he doesn’t end up dead like my dad. He really was good to me, no matter his shortcomings’’ I said to Tracy who couldn’t believe her ears.


However the new problem I had was where to keep my suitcase safe.


To be continued….



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