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Episode 42


Tracy was extremely happy to see me. The joy in her eyes as we hugged each other at her house was quite indescribable.


‘’I never believed it when you told me you were coming. You can’t imagine how much I missed you’’ she breathed with great joy while I smiled, hugging her tightly..


I really was happy to see that her leg was quickly getting back in shape and I believed in few weeks she would be perfectly okay.


Nothing spectacular happened throughout the rest of the day. We simply spend the


evening chatting and joking like we used to do in the past. However around


6:22pm when she left me to prepare dinner, Pamela called with her own problem.


‘’I plan coming to Owerri tomorrow’’ she informed me as soon as I answered her call.


‘’what for?’’ I asked.


‘’to see you of course’’ she replied quickly.


‘’I travelled to Enugu today. I’m currently at my girlfriend’s house’’ I informed her truthfully. She kept quiet for a while.


‘’have you told her about us?’’ she asked.


‘’no I haven’t’’ I replied slowly.



‘’fine can you come to Abuja tomorrow?. It’s very important’’ she demanded.


‘’can’t you tell me the issue on phone?’’ I asked.


‘’no it’s a long story and I’m almost through with my arrangement in leaving the country but I still need you for some things. It’s very important we meet’’ she replied, sounding very genuine. I breathed deeply, deep in thoughts.


‘’oh Pamela I don’t know’’ I muttered indecisively.


‘’come over on Sunday, I’m expecting you ’’ she added and hung.


I dropped my phone to see Tracy staring at me. I was so occupied with the call that I never noticed when she walked in. I equally didn’t know how much she heard. I panicked.


‘’who were you talking with?’’ she asked while I quickly thought of the best answer to give.


‘’my cousin’’ I lied with fear, watching her reaction. She shrugged, came forward, sat beside me and offered me a saucer filled with fried meat.


‘’so what’s up with you and your cousin?’’ she asked. I breathed deeply, shaking my head.


‘’I don’t trust the guy. He isn’t being totally honest with me’’ I confessed while she shrugged, saying nothing.


**Kelvin’s side of the story continues**


I nervously went through all the pages of the diary but couldn’t find any other helpful write-ups. I nervously went back to my room, packed the documents back into the suitcase, hid the bag and went back to my sitting room to think.


I couldn’t believe Jessica’s house could equally be one of my uncle’s properties. I bit my lips in anger as I cursed my uncle in my mind. I just found it hard to believe that he could so much trust an outsider to the extent of giving her access to his



investments while ignoring his relatives who were in the best position to protect his wealth.


With the look of things, only Jessica knew how much the man was worth. Only Jessica had access to everything he had apart from his building in the village. I felt totally disgusted and angry. I never knew my uncle could be so stupid unless of course there was another explanation to the whole affair.


I made up my mind to confront Jessica the way I did the last time when she finally admitted knowing my uncle. I felt I could get her to talk again since she already felt that I was on her side. It was something I had to do even though I had no idea what I was going to do with the information because she already had a strong rope round my neck.


By 3:30pm that fateful day, I arrived at Jessica’s house with lots of ideas in my head. Jessica on the other hand wasn’t too pleased to see me.


‘’you showed up late why?’’ she queried seriously.


‘’I’m sorry. I just had a lot of things to do’’ I replied




I never questioned her, till later in the evening when we were almost through with dinner. I reached for her hand, smiled and looked firmly at her.


‘’I believe we are into many things together. And I thought by now that we won’t be having any secret’’ I breathed while she nodded, returning my gaze.


‘’my cousin Jude told me something this evening that shook my mind a great deal. It seems like the boy has a lot of information in his head and because he believes that I’m helping him by getting close to you, he keeps on feeding me with information concerning you’’ I breathed while she nodded, urging me to continue.


‘’he revealed to me that his father acquired a red bungalow within this vicinity and I just want to know if the house he’s talking about is this one?. Apart from Jude,



you are the only other person that knows a lot about my late uncle. So tell me, is this house my uncle’s property?’’ I asked, watching her keenly.


Jessica quickly grew cold. For the first time she appeared totally disturbed and disoriented. I bet she wasn’t expecting such question from me. However she quickly forced out a smile.


‘’I believe your young cousin is confused. I think it’s time we meet face to face so that I can answer all his questions. Please I won’t like to discuss any issue concerning your late uncle again’’ she answered, left the table and headed to her room as if she was in rage.


Something made me to follow her and as soon as I got to her room door, I overheard her speaking on phone.


‘’barrister we need to talk. Yes it’s urgent and it’s concerning the house. I’m coming over right away’’ I heard her say.


To be continued…



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